'I Got Tired of Being the Big Girl'*

By , SparkPeople Blogger
Meet Chris Kramer, a SparkPeople.com member (username ChrisKenandkids) who lost 73 pounds! Here's how she did it. Plus, find out how she fuels up for her favorite sport: taekwondo.

How old are you?  43
How long have you been a SparkPeople member? Since September 2009, but really active since January 2011.
How did you find SparkPeople? My sister found the site and became a member. She suggested I check it out. I was doing Weight Watchers at the time I signed up and wasn't ready to make the change until 2011.
What is your favorite feature on SparkPeople? I love SparkRecipes, and I like meeting other members through the SparkPeople Community.
How much weight have you lost? I've lost 42 pounds since becoming serious about weight loss in 2011, and I'm 73 pounds down from my heaviest weight (233 lbs).
How long did it take to lose the weight? It took seven months for me to lose 42 pounds on SparkPeople.
What was your light bulb moment that made you decide to lose weight? I became a black belt in tae kwon do and finally got tired of being the ''big girl'' in the group. I started really tracking on SparkPeople and Weight Watchers together and realized that even though I was within my ''points'' for Weight Watchers, I was still over my calories on SparkPeople. Then I got serious. I decided I was going to work out seven days a week along with really tracking on SparkPeople.
What was your biggest obstacle while trying to lose weight? Being kind to myself and really believing I deserved to be thin and happy. Also getting used to true portion sizes and realizing my body didn't NEED the amount of food I was eating.
What does your weekly exercise schedule look like? I work out six or seven days a week, mostly going to tae kwon do and using workout DVDs at home. I've done P90X twice, and I started Insanity, but then switched to a long distance walking program for the summer (for a 50-mile charity walk). Sometimes I go to the gym and use the treadmill or elliptical for straight cardio. I usually work out after work and right before dinner. 
What is your favorite way to exercise? I love to work out at home. The Bob Harper DVDs are my favorite at-home workouts, and I make a point to go to tae kwon do twice a week most weeks. It's a fantastic stress reliever!
Do you have any personal fitness goals coming up?  My latest goal is to train for the next tae kwon do tournament in a couple of weeks. I will also be testing for my next level of black belt in December. Then I might do a P90X/Insanity hybrid workout program.
What does a typical day of food look like for you? I start most days with a smoothie, including milk, protein powder, frozen fruit, and powdered peanut butter.
Lunch is usually a salad with chicken, ham, or turkey and I vary what I put in it. I like to top it with sunflower seeds, olives, and feta cheese.
Dinner is usually a SparkRecipes recipe. I've switched to ground turkey instead of ground beef for most of the meals I make. I also use whole-wheat pasta or quinoa, and add some sort of veggie to everything. We also eat a lot of chicken.
Snack choices are: Greek yogurt, almonds, fresh fruit, celery with Laughing Cow cheese, Vitatops muffin tops or Fiber One 90-calorie bars. I almost never eat bread anymore (once my favorite) and when I do, it's whole wheat. 
How does this compare to the way you ate before your transformation? I used to eat a lot more than I needed to, and almost none of it was healthy. Almost no fruits or vegetables and mostly pizza, nachos, Chinese food, fast food and anything packaged. Snacks were usually carb-loaded and not healthy at all. When I did have a home cooked meal, I ALWAYS had second helpings and used to let my husband fill my plate for me. He used to make MY plate the same amount as his! He's six inches taller than me! I didn't need that much food!
What is your favorite healthy food?  I'm learning to LOVE spicy foods. And I'm trying new vegetables more often. I've found that I DO like veggies (not a fan of most) in certain ways. Like fresh asparagus instead of frozen, etc. I've always loved fruit, and I've come to prefer Chobani Greek yogurt for more protein.
What is your favorite treat food? I love Fiber One brownies or Vitatops Vitacakes (50 calories) for a little chocolate taste. I like Weight Watchers ice cream sandwiches and bars, too.
Who is your biggest inspiration? My sister, Laurie. She lost a lot of weight using SparkPeople, too, and we've been getting our families on the healthy eating bandwagon together.

Do you have a personal mantra/saying/quote that you live by that you'd like to share? I like to tell people that healthy living and losing weight for good takes a ''moment''—the moment when you get to the point where you're so sick of being unhealthy and overweight that you'll do anything it takes to get healthy. You have to be a little selfish and take care of yourself first. Once you're happy and accept yourself for who you are, you will be successful.

*Weight loss results will vary from person to person. No individual result should be seen as a typical result of following the SparkPeople program.

Has Chris inspired you? What tips from her journey can you apply to your own life?

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REDROBIN47 3/19/2018
What an inspiration. Congratulations and great job. You look fabulous. Report
DRLMAZ 7/3/2017
I can relate - Thanks for sharing Report
Chris, I am 36 and I lost 35 lbs over 2014. I have the same feeling- I am tired of being "the big girl". However this year I had gone back to my old unhealthy eating habits and have gained 15 lbs back. Your story is inspiring me to get motivated and I have homework out DVDs too. I am putting a workout in right now- two miles power walking and an hour of yoga. Thank you! Report
Thank you for sharing your stories. I am a big girl who for health purposes need to lose a lot of weight. Your support will be greatly appreciated. Report
Thank you so so much for sharing !! I really feel like I am going no where . you motivated me to keep moving !! Report
Thanks Chris for sharing...this helps motivate me and show me that I can do it!! God bless! Report
Thank you for sharing your story. I am at the beginning of my journey, when I read what you eat now and think, "I could never do that!" But then I think of where you started, and it inspires me to make the changes to get there. Keep up the good work! Report
Thanks for sharing your success story is great you are an inspiration! God bless.. Report
Thanks so much for sharing!
I agree that you need to get to that point of wanting to be healthy as you put it:
"the moment when you get to the point where you're so sick of being unhealthy and overweight that you'll do anything it takes to get healthy."
I may be at that point now...I am sick and tired of being unhealthy and I am tired of being overweight.
Thanks for the encouragement to get with the program! Report
You are a great inspiration. Thank you for sharing your story, I hope I will be able to do the same in 6 months. Report
Thank you for sharing! I especially like that you emphasized that you have to be a little selfish and take care of yourself first. Way to go! Report
Chris, what an awesome story!!! You are an inspiration!!! Well done!! Report
You look great. Keep up the good work Report
My goal is to lose 100 by the end of next May (2014). I, too, do not want to be the big girl, and in this case, I want to look good for my daughter's wedding! I am 10 pounds down!! Good job, Chris! Report
Congratuations - you look incredible! Report
Thank you for sharing your story! It's Sunday night and Success stories like yours help me stay the course!! Report
I'm another 'big girl' at 5'11'' and almost 220 lbs. I was drawn to your story because those were the exact words that I said a couple weeks ago. I was in exercise class and I looked around and realized I was the largest person in the class. Although we all like to stand out at times, this isn't how I want to be viewed. I've gotten in to the habit of exercising; now I need to get the food in check. I finally want to be able to see the muscles that I've been busy building that are under a layer of fat. Congrats to you - I hope you are really proud of what you've accomplished. Report
What resonated with me most was her comment "my body didnt need the amount of food I was eating". We all know this, but sometimes it takes the obvious to make things click (especially as I feel deprived by not eating certain things). Report
Great motivational story. That could be me. I'm also 43 and I'm too that point realizing it's really now that I do this once and for all. Thanks for being bold and posting your story. God Bless you and your family and keep up the good work. Never go back! Report
Thanks for sharing... I pray I have had that moment as of today. I am sick and tired of saying on Monday I will start this diet, or that diet. Well it is Thursday, and I am starting. Today!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you and congratulations. I'm finding it so hard and am so ashamed of my lack of discipline: you inspire me to do better. Your sample meals are simple and make me think "I can do that". Keep it up: it's the best gift to you and to others. Report
You are inspiring. I was doing Sarkpeople 2 years ago, lost 25 lbs and did a marathon again. My insurance pays for Weight Watchers, and I started doing that, too. It was too hard to track in both, so I just did Weight Watchers and stopped losing weight. I don't think points works well for me, I want to know the calories and nutrition content. I'm back on Spark people and losing weight again and eating healthy foods. I used to be an athlete, so I'm trying to get the fitness activities added. Thank you for your inspiring story.
Your story of success has been an inspiration to me! I just joined Spark today and have found the tools to really helpful for tracking calories, recipes, video, motivation, and more. I am hoping to lose 30-40 pounds by June, and no longer be a "big girl," too! Report
Wow! You are so inspiring!! Your story really hits home for me. My situation is so similar to where you stared. Thank you for sharing, you are truly an inspiration. Report
Thanks for the inspiration! Report
You lost so much! Are you very tall? Fantastic! Report
You look wonderful.. it does inspire me to get going.Thank you for your story Report
It has been an inspiration reading how successful you have been. Congratulations you look wonderful. Report
Thank you so much for sharing your story and congratulations on your success! Report
Thank you for sharing your story. It inspires me to keep up the good hard. Congrats! Report
Congratulations and thank you for sharing your story. Right now I am in a place where I am tired of hearing myself say that I want to lose weight and live a more healthy lifestyle. I became a member of Sparkpeople last year and I am just now becoming more serious about it. Report
Hi. Thank you for your story & encouragement. I am starting today (1/1/2013) to get serious about losing this 40 pounds. I've been slim for over 45 years. When I wanted to lose 5 pounds, I started "counting points" with Weight Watchers. Wow! I started obsessing about food.............And here I am. 5 sizes larger & 40 pounds heavier. I will continue to check in with you.......................for inspiration. Congratulations. Report
I can so relate to the situation with your husband filling your plate. My husband use to do the same thing too me. Now I have gotten into the habit of using a salad plate and fork. This helps me with portion size. Report
Great inspiration, thank you so much for sharing. I too, am a big girl and I have been big for about 10 years. I am seriously losing weight on Spark people and I love the support here. Happy 2013! Report
Hello there, thank you for sharing your story and yes just like others are saying the title had me reeled in. I do get tired of being the big girl in everything that I do, with families, friends, just people in general. Gaining confidence is key, thanks for offering motivation to keep going!! Report
Thanks soo much for posting I'm tired of being big and not be able to do alot I used to love to go dancing and don't like to go anymore. You look great and I hope to do the same. Report
Great Work! You look like an entirely different person in your photo. I was inspired to read your story because we are roughly the same age and I am aiming to lose 47 pounds in roughly 6.5 months. Also I appreciated your point on being physically active (martial arts) but still being overweight. I think a lot of people don't get that those two things can actually go together. Thanks for sharing and being my inspiration for Day 2 on SparkPeople. Report
"I'm tired of being the big girl." really struck a chord.
Thank you for sharing this!! I've been on SparkPeople from 2010 but today is the first day back since December 2010. I too am tired of being a BIG GIRL!!! Report
Great inspiration! I am trying to get back on track (again!) and this has been most helpful! Report
Thank you! I've been faltering lately, and your story reminded me of why I want to do this--for good, this time! Report
I want to take a moment to thank you for sharing ..I am ashamed of my self for not doing better sooner but I'm getting there...Great story and I deserve to be thin.You look great ! Report
Very proud of you!!!! You've come a long way and I hope you're proud of yourself! So cool to see you in the daily spark!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! woo hoo! Report
Congratulations!!! Being told twice within 1 month that people knew people who were "big girls" like me was my rock bottom moment and I joined Sparkpeople a week later. I am now down 65 pounds with 15 to go. Report
You look fabulous. Congratulations on a job well done. Keep those goals a-coming! Report
wow...good for you! Def an inspiration to me. Thanks for sharing :) Report
I am happy to come across your success story. I have been struggling with my motivation nothing seems to be coming off. Everyone is telling to give up after 40 almost impossible to lose weight. Thank You for proving them wrong. Getting up from this chair and going to the gym. Keep up the good work. Report
A story of inspiration! You're Awesome! I working my way to a thinner, happier me. Report
Congratulations. Very inspiring! Report
Congrats on your accomplishments :) your story touched me. Almost had me in tears when you said… that your hardest obstacle was “””Being kind to myself and really believing I deserved to be thin and happy. Also getting used to true portion sizes and realizing my body didn't NEED the amount of food I was eating.”” I can so relate. Keep up the good work ;) Report
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