How Many Calories Are in Your Favorite Valentine's Treats?

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Whether you're single, taken, or somewhere in-between this Valentine's Day, one thing is for certain: You're bound to be bombarded with chocolate. From the office candy jar, to the red and pink display in the grocery store, there's no escaping decadent truffles, chocolate-covered strawberries, and other pretty, sugary delights. The good news is that it you can have your chocolate and eat it, too, as long as you know what to choose! If you had a choice between three pieces of Godiva chocolate or five Hershey's Kisses, which would be the slimmer pick?
The Winner: Hershey's Kisses!

Five Hershey's Kisses will only set you back 112 calories, 6.7 grams of fat, and 12.9 grams of sugar, whereas three pieces of Godiva chocolate will cost you 220 calories, 13 grams of fat, and 19 grams of sugar. Since the Godiva chocolates are filled with cream and other sugary extras, they pack in double the amount of calories and fat. In general, try to avoid any candy that's ''filled'' with anything, and opt for dark chocolate for maximum antioxidant benefits (just don't plow through the whole box in one sitting!). When choosing dark chocolate, try to get the kind that's at least 70% cocoa, and avoid varieties with artificial flavorings, colorings, or preservatives.

But the Valentine's Day treats don't just include chocolates. There are a slew of other heart-themed sweets to look out for. Here are 20 common Valentine's confections you might come across—and what they'll cost you, calorie-wise!
Valentine's Treat Calories Fat Sugar
Panera Heart Cookie (1 cookie) 420 21 g 27 g
Target Mini Cupcakes (3 cupcakes) 350 17 g 40 g
Krispy Kreme Heart Donut  (1 donut) 300 16 g 19 g
Entenmann's Golden Cupcake (1 cupcake) 290 14 g 33 g
Little Debbie Be My Valentine Snack Cake (1 cake) 290 13 g 27 g
Hershey's Marshmallow Heart (1 king-sized heart) 240 7 g 35 g
Frosted Pillsbury Fun-Fetti Cupcake (1 cupcake) 200 5 g 22.5 g
Harry & David Chocolate-Covered Cherries (4 cherries) 190 10 g 13 g
Harry & David Raspberry Shortbread Cookies (2 cookies) 170 9 g 9 g
Nestle Valentine Brownie Bites (3 mini brownies) 170 9 g 18 g
Reese's Peanut Butter Heart (1 heart) 170 10 g 16 g
Butterfinger Heart (1 heart) 160 8 g 18 g
Jelly Belly Valentine Mix (1.5 oz) 160 3 g 29 g
Chocolate-Covered Strawberry (average) (1 berry) 140 8 g 15 g
M&Ms Valentine's Fun-Size Pack (1 pouch) 140 5 g 18 g
Snickers Valentine Minis (4 pieces) 130 6 g 15g
Trolli Valentine's Gummy Candies (13 pieces) 130 0 g 24 g
Pillsbury Valentine Sugar Cookies (2 cookies) 120 6 g 8 g
Target Valentine Fruit Snacks (1 pouch) 80 0 g 14 g
Brach's Conversation Heart Candies (11 pieces) 60 0 g 14 g

Do you eat chocolate around Valentine's Day? What's your favorite kind?


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Most of that stuff listed is rubbish and a lot of them use fake sugars so I refuse to even use them. Our go-to Chocolate is Lindt Excellence 90% Supreme Dark chocolate bars - Each serving (4 squares, but we usually are more than satisfied with only 1 or 2 squares, and a bar is 2.5 servings by their standards - which works out to about 12 servings for us, one square!!) - so one serving (their serving 4 squares) is equal to 240 calories, 12 grams carbohydrates (5 g fiber and 3 g sugar!), 22 g fat only 13 g is saturated and none is trans fat - so that means the remainder 9 grams is a healthier mono or polyunsaturated (not specified). And 4 g of protein. So it's a very satisfying chocolate. We might go nuts and eat 3 or 4 squares but then find ourselves only "craving" (any!!) chocolate far less often, maybe once or twice a week. I can eat a square or two of this - especially with a nice cup of oolong or other tea, and I'm set...can walk through aisles and aisles of junky halloween or saturnalia or valentine day candies and not be tempted at all, even with free giveaways. Yes!!!!
For Valentines Day Dove puts out these WONDERFUL truffle hearts - and I can really go crazy on them! But a week ago my hubby bought me a box, and I made it last a full week by limiting myself to one a day, except the last day when there were four left - and I shared with my hubby! Fortunately they'll be gone from the stores soon. Report
My boyfriend put on his dating profile not to leave chocolate unattended if you didn't want it eaten. Definitely a trigger food in my house. I love it too... I got my Valentines and myself Striiv pedometers for Valentine's Day. Hopefully we'll get use out of them. Report
I too love chocolate and I will buy my self some at the after holiday sales....then I put it in the drawers in the refrigerator and allow myself one piece a day every couple of days. The box is not where it is regularly seen and it will last a long time. This will work for some people, but if you are not a resister don't try it.

I also allow my self a couple of dk chocolate covered almonds and a handful of fruit and nut mix every day. Again I don't keep them where I have to go to them, not where they are right near where you are most of the time. I need the cranberries, but they are unfortunately generally very over sweetened. I like tart. I look for lines with out added salt and sugar overload. Why do raisons a other dried fruit peices need to be incrusted in sugar? They are already sweet enough but unfortunately for us it makes processing faster and cheaper for the packaging company---and a lot of americans are sugar addicted starting with lots of oversweetened cereals, juices and softdrinks, and comercially prepared snack foods we Americans are getting used to as children with evidence seen in the rising overweight child statistics. Unfortunately these established patterns can be very hard to change. Don't forget to read and compare ingredient labels and unfortunately the better products withot the sugar shortcut are usually more expensive, but generally worth it for our benefit. Report
Whitman Sampler !!! But, Hershy Minature Asst. are just as good. I keep them in the freezer until I need a fix !!! Report
Lindt Chocolate is best! Plus it's made in my home state of New Hampshire! Report
I love all chocolate, but I like to treat myself with a little dark chocolate Dove each day. Report
My favorite chocolate candy is Russell Stover, sugar free, toffee squares!
Oh how delicious--- tastes like Heath bars but fewer calories...
These are "two bite" pieces wrapped in green foil. I buy mine at Walgreens. Report
My new fav - very expensive so I eat very little of it - is Sinless raw food gourmet raw vegan sugar free chocolate. If you want to REALLY taste chocolate, this is the way, not encumbered by sugar and dairy! It has136 cals for half a bar (I eat a third, and that satisfies me). It has probiotics in it too! Report
I miss my candy, but it just isn't worth it and I've gotten out of the habit. Don't buy it or have it in the house anymore. Report
my pick is one piece of good candy and enjoy and not just eat low calorie candy to have several kisses Report
Sorry, but if I had an option between a piece of Godiva chocolate or a Hershey;s kiss, the Godiva would win every time. Nothing against Hershey's chocolate, but there's something a whole lot better about a Godiva truffle. Neither will be an issue for me, however, as I'm not likely to be presented with either choice. LOL! Report
Alter Eco's organic Fair Trade chocolate with toffee is the bomb! And the iron % in all their chocolate beats all others, hands down. Don't even get me started on the taste, it's HEAVENLY! Report
My newest all time fav. is TRADER JOE'S 72% CACAO DARK CHOCOLATE! I use to not like Dark, but after my resent detoxing, it tates GREAT!! Report
a day without chocolate is like a day without sunshine, IMHO Report
Today is my seventieth birthday and I am cooking up a large dinner(corned beef and all the vege's)for some of my friends and of course myself and my Hubby.I am doing good losing the weight and am exercising everyday.I love chocolate especially snacks and I too love the Giaradelli chocolates in the little squares.My hubby bought a large bag of them at Costco and I try to be good but sometimes I slip,today I will have at least two of them(love the caramel the best)but I remember these little goodies when I count up my calories for the day and so then it isn't so bad,having eaten two of them.Probably won't work out in my art studio tonight depends on when our friends leave.Hubby has severe COPD and is trying not to catch a cold but it may happen anyway.Well hope everyone has a fun day,CLinOregon Report
It does not have to be Valentine's Day to eat chocolate! Report
I am not a huge chocolate eater, but I like the dark chocolates from Lindt's and Ghirardelli. I especially have a weakness for truffles! 1 or 2 a day don't seem to wreck my weight loss. Report
I too like the conversation hearts. A little sweets every now & then is okay, but I do not have to have a lot of sugar. Report
I have liked the Ghiradelli chocolates recently. I cannot eat just part of a bar, so more likely buy the bag of squares when I get it. Right now I cannot do that because it just sets me off on a chocolate binge. I have also looked at the Lindt (I think I had a bar of it, but it was some time ago so can't remember if I bought it or not) in the bags, but resisted for now. My preference is the dark chocolate. Report
I have boycotted everything Hershey and their subsidiaries since they fired all American workers and sent their jobs to Mexico. Only in Hershey,Pa is there any manufacturing done in U.S. Speaking with my wallet is a treat for me!! No calories and I keep my money in our country! Report
Not a big Chocolate fan BUT love Lindt Truffle (the black one). Since the're hard to find portion control is relatively easy,
Never found a Hershey Kiss I liked :( Report
Can not stand Valentine's please just give me NOTHING it has to be one of the most lame holidays out there. It goes way back to child hood hated getting and giving valentine cards to every kid in the class so very lame. Report
Many of these treats you're comparing apples to oranges. Candy treats to baked goods for instance and only giving the sugar grams. It's important to realize that a baked good contains a great deal more carbohydrates than sugar. You need the total carbohydrate count. Yes, it's important to understand how much added refined sugar we may be indulging in, but carbohydrates are just energy in the end.
I also agree about indulgences having to satisfy. If a heart shaped donut will give you pleasure, go for it. And no one says you have to eat the "serving size" as dictated. It's Valentine's Day after all, share it with someone you love.
Hershey kisses don't win if the chocolate isn't chocolatey enough. One square of my favorite 72% cacao dark chocolate would only be 55 calories 5 carbs and 5 grams fat. It's much more satisfying than half a bag of kisses. Report
Love the DARK Hersey Kiss. So good and portion controlled too! Report
Interesting. Despite my username, I really don't eat a lot of chocolate, but when I do, I enjoy a little bit of quality chocolate. I'm surprised by the calorie count for the chocolate covered strawberry. If an extra large strawberry has 8 calories, one of the colossal ones probably has about/may have 12. To get to 140 calories you'd add almost one ounce of chocolate! But, I've never had one of the "pre-made" dipped strawberries so who knows, with the extras added on and all. Anyway, thanks for another great article SP. Report
who needs candy for Valentines day anyways? And if you have to have it, dont matter what kind you eat. As always, do it in moteration....Give me flowers and I'm happy... Happy Valentines Day everyone... !! Report
This list is very surprising. I'm not concerned about too much chocolate around. I bought some 85% Dark Chocolate on Friday and I can eat with some nut butter. Even with a intense like of chocolate I can stay away from the special Valentine pieces. Christmas is my splurge time if you call it that lol. Thanks for the information. Enjoy Valentine's Day because we LOVE ourselves too! :))) Report
Life is filled with temptation masked as good things. If something is a trigger food for you, stay away. But if you can enjoy it in moderation, go for it. Sometimes, I recognize that if I don't satisfy a particular craving, I'll "eat around it," to the point I overeat bad choices. I would have been better off to simply have a single serving of what I craved in the first place. Report
The only chocolate that I really indulge in is Endangered Species 88% Dark Chocolate individually wrapped squares. This is the most amazing chocolate that I have ever had! There's practically no sugar, no strange ingredients, no animal products or milk derivatives and instead of tasting bitter, it has an almost fruity taste. I eat one square as slow as can be and feel satisfied. 4 squares equals a serving, but I rarely spoil myself that much. =P Report
I know Anything chocolate will get me in trouble!
I will steer clear of goodies, except, my gluten free dairy free hot cocoa! Report
if I were to indulge and treat myself I would end up eating a whole bag of whatever sweets I treated myself too. I am partial to chocolate..almost any kind. after my Christmas treats were gone I havent bought anything..still going strong not keeping them in the house...even though my other half constantly wants something in the house at all times. so far ive won the battle. Report
with my willpower, it is best to stay away... Report
My fiance and I are going to see a silent movie with live music on Valentine's Day, and will likely be skipping the calorie-intensive romantic dinner. But if he does get me chocolates, I'd rather have just a few Godiva or Lindt truffles. If you're going to indulge, might was well enjoy high-quality calories! Report
I ate about 8 large handfuls of cinnamon hearts the other day. It is 60 calories for 25 hearts. Oh well, I don't eat candy any other time of year. Report
Hubby loves to "feed" me conversation hearts - making me read them too. (I know, so sweet.) So I'm glad I can get by with 11 of them since it usually stops after the first 3-4!

Dark Chocolate is yummy, but so rich I only care for 1 piece vs hershey kisses. I agree - go for the quality with chocolate! Report
I *lovelovelove* conversation hearts! So glad they come in for the least calories on this list. Now I know I can indulge a little in one of my favorite Valentine's treats this year. :) Report
Pretty Mich if its chcolate or a baked good, I lose it. Someone told me once that it is easier to resist the first bite than it is to go chasing after it for the rest of the day. It is so true. 5 Hershey's kisses would have me eating 50! It just sets me off to a binge. I'm better of not eating any. But when I do, I would rather have homemade chocolate chip cookies than anything else... Report
I'm not a fan of sweet treats. But a good piece of chocolate does taste good once in a while. No to Hershey kisses. that is just junk candy to me.
I will indulge in a chocolate martini or one of the new chocolate mixed drinks as an after dinner treat on a special occasion. All the calories in chocolate are not worth my giving up fantastic delicious food for. Report
I agree with Chiasma - Hershey Kisses just don't satisfy my chocolate craving. I've never been a fan of Hershey's chocolate. The mouth-feel lacks the smoothness of many other chocolates. I'll stick to my high quality dark chocolates in moderation, thanks. My new favorite is Equal Exchange Very Dark Chocolate (71%) from Whole Foods. Report
I am not able to eat any chocolate without it setting off a binge. However, I have found I can eat raw chocolate with stevia or other non-sugar sweeteners, and this blog has inspired me to Be Prepared for 14th by buying myself a heart-shaped raw chocolate gift ! Report
I give up Chocolate for Lent - so no problem this year. Plus I never eat any of these treats - good info Happy Valentines Day Report
I love chocolate, mainly dark - letting it melt in my mouth; Oh - the joy! Now, I try to eat a bit of chocolate, once a week, it satisfies my hunger for it, I buy a smaller portion! I have to eat it all - that is my weakness. Report
Hershey Kisses, yuk! No calories in them for me, as I won't eat them, haha. My DH has just brought me a bouquet of lilies. Now that's my idea of a Valentine gift. Mwah for him. Report
I love dark chocolate. The others do not tempt me. Dove is the best. I budget my calories for a 50 calorie dark chocolate treat a few times a week. It is really the only sweet that I go looking for. Report
I still think 1 heart of Dove Dark Chocolate beats all those candies! 42 calories, very satisfying and much less sugar than your average piece of chocolate! Report
For me it isn't worth eating any of that stuff. ugh. Report
I've grown a bit. If I decide that I absolutely want it after discussing the pros and cons with myself then I have it. I just regulate the amount I have and adjust my other intake to accomodate it. For me its better than stressing and regretting. in the end I am more successful because I decided. My decisions are becoming better and better. Report
For me it isn't worth eating any of that stuff. ugh. Report
The problem with this is that we're not machines. I'm much more likely to be satisfied by 3 rich Godiva truffles than I am by 5 bland Hershey's Kisses (and therefore much less likely to binge). I say go for quality. Report