How Healthy are the Presidential Candidates?

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According to this recent article in the New York Times, all four of the major candidates for President and Vice-President in this year’s election have released much less information about their current and past health issues to the public than “normal.”

And, as you can see from glancing through the article, it looks like all of the candidates have some issues that any voter who wants to cast a well-informed vote would probably like to know a little more about.

What do you think about this? Is it reasonable for candidates to want to keep some of their personal health information confidential, or do voters have a right to know everything?

Personally, I also wonder how much the negative tone of this current campaign has influenced the candidates to limit the amount of personal information they reveal. It seems like this year’s campaign has been dominated even more than usual by character assassination, vague innuendos, and “guilt by association” tactics–often at the expense of looking at how the candidates actually differ on real issues. This seems pretty sad, considering all the real problems we have to deal with as a society.

Would you feel safe revealing personal health information or even saying what you really think about the issues, in this kind of political atmosphere, where every word you say is likely to be taken out of context, blown out of proportion, and used against you?

Maybe another question we should be asking is: “How healthy is our political climate?” And who’s responsible for all this negativity?

Whatever's going on here, I'm just glad that I've got my blood pressure problems and emotional eating under good control right now, lol. Otherwise, a lot of what passes for political debate these days would probably send both through the roof.

How do you feel about all this?

Candidate photos:

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Hooray for the Jedi Squirrels! May The Force be with them! Fighting the Dark Side! May we all remember to stay strong in 'the Light' Report
I think we have a right to now if there is a major health issue. Lessons learn from Ronald Regan....

The squirrels are funny. Report
Unless it is something that would keep them from making judgement calls, I think that part of there life should be private. If there is something like severe signs of dementia showing or starting to show,then yes, and they should step down. Report
I think the squirrels should be president trio.

I mean, what country would mess with them? And everyone would adore them.

They seem healthy to me. And just in case, there are still two left over.

Squirrel Trio 2008!!! Report
Everyone has a right to privacy.
We, the "little" people only need to know if they have any health problems that can potentially effect their ability to serve as our country's president for the next 4 years. Report
I don't want to know whether they've had a vasectomy, but I DO want to know if they're living with any major (terminal or not) illness/disease/disorder, etc. that could potentially interfere with their ability to do the job.... THAT MUCH, I think the voters have a right to know. Report
I don't think we have a right to know all of the health issues that a candidate may have, but I do think it would be important to know if they have a lifethreatening condition or lifestyle Report
LOL. Lightsaber dueling squirrels are sure to brighten anyone's day. Report
I am thankful that I recently purchased a DVR. So I can fast forward through the campaign commercials. If you base your vote on the commercials, you never know if the information was accurate. I suggest doing your own research and fingering through the muck and lies to find a valid basis of opinion. Like this article says, health is important, but the atmosphere isn't a welcoming one. Being open about everything in this mindsight is hard, but maybe a President should be strong enough to handle the criticism and say what needs to be said. Just a thought. Report
I know. Isn't that a hilarious photo! Imagine the squirrels are candidates. :) Report
I kind of think the squirrel picture is out of place for this type of article.

As a presidential hopeful I don't believe it is necessary to reveal any health issues unless it were a terminal illness. All else should remain private. They should be most healthy is almost all ways to serve for a full 4 years. Report
My strongest feeling is: I can't wait until this election is finally over.

And what's with the squirrel picture? Cute. Report
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