How Are Your New Year's Resolutions Going?

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You might have noticed that it's been a while since my last blog. No, I didn't give up writing for dailySpark, but rather I took some time off after the birth of my second child. Now that I'm getting back into the swing of things, I've decided to set some health and fitness goals for the year. I know I'm a little late for New Year's resolutions, but better late than never, right?

It's tough to take time and think about the things you want to accomplish when you're so busy with changing diapers, early morning (and late evening) feedings, and all of the things that come along with a newborn. I'm sure all of you moms out there can relate. But I've realized that by taking some time for myself, I'm actually a better mom, a more focused person, and a good example to my kids. So here are my goals for the year, in no particular order:

1. Make a new healthy recipe for my family at least 3 times a month. I'm always stumped about what to cook and really want to expand on what we eat. Throughout the year I'll be sharing recipes I find and will be asking for your ideas of dishes that 2-year olds and adults will both enjoy.

2. Decrease my body fat. I'm not sure by how much (because I have no clue what it currently is), but I know it's higher than I want it to be. I think body fat is a much better guide than weight, which is really just a number.

3. Spend at least 10 minutes each day doing something for myself (outside of exercising). Easier said than done with 2 little ones.

4. Train for a fall marathon, with a goal to complete it in less than 4:20. My fastest is 4:27 which might not seem like a big difference, but that's going to be a big stretch for me.

5. Take time each day to be grateful for everything I have.

From time to time I'll be blogging about these goals, giving a status update of how things are going. Now that I've said them publicly for the whole world to see, there's no backing out! I'm ready to make 2009 the best year yet!

Have you set health and fitness goals for the year? What are some of yours, and how are they going so far?

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My goal is to lose 55 more pounds. To get back on track with my exercises. Try to get my family in to an exercise habit. I would really enjoy training for a marathon. Be a more organized person so i will not feel overwhamed with everthing. Just to be happy. Report
My goals is to lose 80 pounds, start my own business,enter a walkathon. I can't run I have had 2 knee replacements. That's it for now. Report
I did not really make any but had a goal to stay the course to make better decisions for my like in eating. Yes, I'm so proud to say that I am still doing that. Report
Sparks New You Boot Camp opened my eyes to how work outs can benefit my body besides the weight factor. I didn't lose that much, but I totally blew away some inches! So I'm working on losing inches in the waist & building inces (muscle) every where else. Report
One of my new years resolutions was to give up in January I wasn't doing so well but so far in February I haven't had any so I'm proud of myself. Hopefully I can keep it up! Report
I don't like to say "new year" resolution because it gets me in the mind set (some how) that I only have o do something (ie loose weight) for a year. So my new lifestyle change is going great. Report
My resolution was to stay with sparkpeople again this year. It really seems to help. My husbands even on the bandwagon with me. Yeah! Report
My resolution was to floss every day. I didn't really keep up with that one, unfortunately. Actually... this just reminded me to go do it right now!

I also made a resolution to get to 100 pushups and 200 situps, and I am making progress on that one. Report
Doing great & havent stopped yet!!I'm really committed to me!! Report
I just keep learning MORE and MORE being a SPARKER. Report
Welcome back, Jen! The only goal I set was to get on track with my eating and exercise - and stay there! So far I've lost 7 pounds. Report
I don't make resolutions, but I did make and am following through with my goals. I rarely ever kept any resolutions so I quit making them. SP is fantastic as it keeps me on target with my goals, so who needs resolutions. Report
1. Focus on reducing my overall size more than watching the numbers on the scale, though this has been more difficult than I anticipated. My office is doing our own version of the Biggest Loser and I thought it would be fun and motivating to compete. Boy was I wrong! I don't lose weight as quickly as others, though I am one of the few who are are exercising so I'm looking smaller, which is my ultimate goal but it's still hard not to want the numbers on the scale to drop....faster!

2. Became more fiscally fit. I made an appointment with a financial advisor and have started collecting all the data and information that he needs.

3. For everyday I bring my lunch to work, I put $3 in a special savings account. For every weekend day that I don't go out to lunch at a restaurant, I add $5.

4. Use the money from above to buy a bike and do a century ride next November.

5. Schedule a weekend date night with my husband the first of every month and keep it! We keep on saying, we need a night alone, we need a night away, but something always comes up. Now on the first I look at the calendar, schedule the date (written ink) and don't change it for anything or anyone! Report
Congratulations on your second child! I made a bunch of resolutions, but I set my expectations too high for myself (as usual) so I didn't reach most of them. I'm re-evaluating my resolutions this month, and trying again. Report
Congratulations on your new little one! I don't really do resolutions, but I did make some themes and goals for this year.

Themes for 2009:

Goals for 2009:
*Work on worrying less about the things I cannot control
*Nuture relationship with my husband. We did just spend a year apart.
*Improve my relationship with God. Attend church at least 3x month.
*Unplug- limit internet use at work, no internet or TV at least 2 evenings a week- (paint & read more -see book list). Increase to 4 evenings a week by Dec.
*Find a good therapist for me & start working on me
*Get pregnant and have a healthy pregnancy
*Cook at home more- at least 4x week- plan meals on Sunday
*Explore alternatives to running-- try spinning, pilates, swimming
*Get second opinion on the hip (& being told not to run)
*Improve posture- increase core work- try 30 day shred!
*Improve family connections- Visit my Grandma at least 1x mo, talk to my brother at least 3x mo, try harder with other sibling relationships
*Do more with friends
*Remodel bathroom & pay for it out of pocket
*Replace my 1991 Honda

It's a long list, but it is doable and I'm already starting to make some progress.
I don't exactly make resolutions anymore. I do analyze my life regularly and when decision has to be made, I gather as much information as I can, and once I make a decision, I DO it.

On your ten minutes for yourself, yes, that can be very difficult. (I had 6 children.) However, what I did was to nap with "the baby" everyday. My "nap" was lying down with the intercom turned on to the room where the other kids were playing. I advised them to only let me know if something important happened. ----- Of course, there was the afternoon where one child kept chattering to me, so I finally said only to let me know if someone was bleeding. A slight pause, and then I heard, " the truck is bleeding!" (A red truck.) I figured I better get up and go socialize with the kids at that point!!! Report
I don't make resolutions anymore. But I do have a goal to maintain my current weight. I'd be interested in recipes for adults and 2 yr olds too. Mine eats way too many starches and carbs. He's active enough I'm not too worried, but I'd like him to eat a bit healthier. Report
l read your blog and enjoyed the reading , as l have trouble knowing what to cook night after night for my family , lm going to put your goal of cooking a new healthy recipe three times a month into my life's goals
Thank-you for the goal Report
Yes, I have set some new goals and would like to have this be the year I reach by goal weight.n Mostly within a good bmi and get toned to feel heathly. I want to be able to do most things at my age and beyond. Report
I don't believe in setting myself up for such a fall.. I just am trying to make this a healthy lifestyle change all year..little steps, smarter choices and eating to fuel the body with a lil fun on the side :) MODERATION.. Report
I plan on becoming more organized by writing everything down. I have noticed in the past that this has helped me and created normalcy in my life. Report
Reducing stress level... I am still working on it. Report
I just commented about this on another blog, but I started taking a raw foods class at the beginning of the year. I'm half-way through the class now and it's really changing how I look at food, prepare food, and shop for food. I love it! Report
On my 3 major objectives, I was on the dot with weight loss goal, went over the budget with finance; exercise goal was going great until I started with nose bleeds and like domino effect, my meds had to be cut to half the dose since they sustain bleeds from vascular dilation. So, I would say success with one, 3/4's with exercise and finaces need re-visiting!! Report
I don't make resolutions anymore either. I always set goals for myself, reassess my progress on them, and if necessary, make changes suitable to accomplishing the goals. This is an easier process for me and doesn't seem as "strict" as using the term New Year's Resolution. Report
My resolutions in the past have always failed because if I let something go for a day, or a couple of days, or a week, I'd say "screw it!" and out the window that resolution would go. So my resolutions for this year are:

1. Stick with things by not being so hard on myself. It takes time (I've heard anywhere from 30 days on these boards to 90 elsewhere) to break a habit and form a new one. So I won't beat myself out when I don't do things perfectly and I won't put such high expectations for myself. No, I won't start out working out 60 minutes a day. I'll start by working out 30 minutes or 40 minutes a day. I don't want to burn out!
2. In the past year I have found a spirituality I didn't have before. I need to continue praying to my spirit and journaling and doing things that make me feel connected to my higher power and that also help me figure out my purpose, direction, and the things I really enjoy in life.
3. Lose 50 lbs by 2010.
4. Have a summer job I ENJOY this summer by putting time in now to apply to jobs I want. Have a NEW job and have moved by this fall.

So far 1 and 2 have been pretty good- I have had ups and downs with exercising, sometimes going anywhere from 1-4 days without, but I just start exercising again. I am continuing to journal and using the book "Simple Abundance." I also hope to start attending a Unitarian church in my city. Three is okay- I've lost and gained back four lbs about four times... I think currently I am down 3 lbs. Trying not to beat myself up (see #1!) Getting off the ice cream is hard!!

The only one I am behind in is #4... and this was a good reminder to me to get back on it! I really loved this post and good luck everyone with your goals! Report
I don't make resolutions..I just set goals..that word just seems "easier" to me...but I would like to expand on my food choices, loose about 30 lbs and increase my energy level...and to get a social life!!!!!!!!! Report
At the beginning of the year I decided that 2009 was the year I'd have a cleaner, healthier diet and take better care of myself.

I said I would:
Cook the majority of my meals at home
Steer clear of eating anything if I don't know what's in it
Drink at least 8 cups of water daily
Weigh and measure my food
Take my vitamins daily
Exercise for at least 30 minutes a day

I am very proud to report that I've been successful in 5 of these 6 areas. I've truly developed a new love of food and cooking! I'm even writing a cook book. I've been learning all sorts of trips and tricks with regard to preparation and keeping my kitchen stocked in order to eat healthy every day.

I keep fresh & frozen fruit and vegetables on hand for snacks and quick meal additions. My daughter and I use cooking to spend quality time because she loves to help when I'm baking or working on a new recipe. I have not eaten out AT ALL to date. Every meal I've eaten has been at home. Even at church or social functions I make sure to pack an orange or 2 in my purse and eat BEFORE I go so I'm not tempted.

I drink my water, I take my vitamins, I eat right. The only thing I DON'T do is get 30 minutes of exercise daily! UGH! I don't know why this is all of a sudden so hard for me! At one point it had become second nature. Report
I have set six long range goals for 2009. I am struggling with two of them. One is to walk my dog every day in spite of the weather and the weather is winning. Our town does not enforce shoveling regulations so the streets are where we have to walk because the sidewalks are under tons of snow. The streets are dangerous at night and icy and snowy as well and I am afraid of getting hit or falling down with the dog. The other is to eat consciously. I have to remind myself everytime I go to put a bite in my mouth that I need to savor it and to account for it and to chew it well. I am a fast-volume eater, so this is extremely difficult for me. I start out well in the morning and by evening, I have forgotten. I need to put the goal up in the kitchen so I can see it from my seat!

I have set six long range goals for 2009. I am struggling with two of them. One is to walk my dog every day in spite of the weather and the weather is winning. Our town does not enforce shoveling regulations so the streets are where we have to walk because the sidewalks are under tons of snow. The streets are dangerous at night and icy and snowy as well and I am afraid of getting hit or falling down with the dog. The other is to eat consciously. I have to remind myself everytime I go to put a bite in my mouth that I need to savor it and to account for it and to chew it well. I am a fast-volume eater, so this is extremely difficult for me. I start out well in the morning and by evening, I have forgotten. I need to put the goal up in the kitchen so I can see it from my seat!

I made a resolution to work out my abs once a week for two months, then move up to twice a week. So far I am sticking to it, and am considering moving up to twice a week already! Report
My goal is to run a half marathon on May 3rd, and so far I've stuck pretty darn well to the program. I've also started keeping track of my food intake, which has been eye-opening experience, even for someone like me, who has always prided herself on making good, healthy choices. I also fill a cooler with pre-planned meals and turn down eating out with co-workers now. Report
I set a goal this year to run in my first 5k... and run the whole thing. This is a goal that I have wanted to do for a while and I found the run that I wanted and started to train for it at the beginning of this month. March 7th isn't that far away and I am running a 12 minute mile so far and am hoping to get down to a 10 minute mile before the run. Report
Thank God I'm with Dandelionwine- as committed as ever. I am trying to focus on eating healthy rather than just the numbers. Tracking my daily nutrition here is very helpful as is the community. Report
I am also doing well... the no coke for 4 weeks 2 days is the biggest for me and most important.. and have lost 10 more lbs since... Your article is good and came at a good time to ekep us all motivated and on track!! :O)
I am as committed as ever! This is going to be the year it all comes together!
I Love the Support I get from Sparks Friends.
Thank you Report
I am hoping to shave a few minutes off of my time for last yeasr 5k (47 minutes) I was rocking the heavy double streoller (35 pounds with no kids in it) This year I am borrowing a friend'
s sit and stand and hope by lessoning the weight I can improve my speed. Plus I am doing a learn to jog program to help me kick it up a notch. Report
Thank you for your blog! I am also a mother of two little ones (3 months and almost 3 years) and it seems we have many of the same goals. Although I'm aiming for a 5k, not a marathon. It's nice to know there are other mommies out there just like me, because sometimes it feels like I'm the only one dealing with certain issues. Good Luck with your goals! Report
Yes, I have set some fitness goals for myself this year. The two that are most important to me are completing 5-5ks this year and being able to run/walk (combination of both) 20 miles under 4 hours and still be able to walk the next day by the end of this year. I don't think I've ever done more than 15 and I was pretty soar the next few days so I think I should be able to accomplish 5 more miles and by the end of the year I should be comfortable with completing the 20. Report
I'm doing fine on my goals and your comments help my Spark continue to grow. Thank you.

Ken Report
I'm doing ok with my resolutions...

2008 Resolutions - Entering 14th consecutive month.:
- Drink no soda, diet or regular.
- Eat no fast food/junk food from a franchise with a red-headed mascot (McD, BK, Wendy's)

2009 Resolution - Entering second consecutive month:
- Reducing caffeine by 50+% by choosing decaf coffee or blending reg & decaf. Last year I was drinking on average 6-8 cups of regular coffee every day - yikes!

Good article. Report
My new year's COMMITTMENTS are going very well! I have lost a total of 12 lbs, and my other committments are going well also. Report
Wow you we are all on track. 09 will be the year we light the spark! Report
This year it's all about me. As a wife, mom, daughter (my mother lives with me) and grandmother, I do for others. Now it's my turn. In spite of hitting a very early plateau, this is the longest I've managed to stay on a get-healthier plan and lose weight plan. Therefore, I can easily say I am doing well with my New Year's Resolutions. A weight loss of 12 pounds has improved my confidence, allowed me to wear some clothes I've not worn in 2 years, and increased my energy level. With 85 pounds to go, I am excited to see the positives of sticking to my Resolutions. Report
When my children were newborn and 21 mos old, I had to take the 21 month old into the shower with me and put the new baby in the swing in the bathroom! LOL Finding 10 mins a day for yourself is VERY challenging! Good luck! Report
I'm doing good so far I gave up diet dr pepper and haven't had one since Jan 1. I have done my arm and leg exercise every morning still Jan 1. a few times it has been hard on get the exercise in but I decided if I do them right before I get in the shower I will do them.
Donna Report
I gave up chocolate, candy, and sweets. So far so good!! Report
My goals are doing very well, and I haven't lost the momentum! Report
I am doing a lot of busy goals that do not include weight loss but do increase my weight loss. confussed! I am getting my finances in order. Adjusting my 401 k plan at work. Taking a look at how I spend my money monthly and cutting back where needed. These do not seem like weight loss goals but they keep my mind busy and my hands busy in the pm and keep me from eating. I also am looking into goals of decorating my house which is always hard for me and I am not one for clutter and have difficulty knowing the difference from clutter to decorating. These goals have increased my satisfaction with life and decreased my over eating with worry about finances and boredom. Report
One of my goals was to be 100% on my streaks and so far I am...Yeah!! Report