Healthy, Homemade Gifts: Chocolate Spoons

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You might say that chocolate isn't a "healthy" gift. We disagree. Everything is fine in moderation, and dark chocolate (at least 70%) contains antioxidants.

Studies have found that dark chocolate helps prevent heart disease and cancer, and has also been shown to improve mood by boosting the brain chemical serotonin. Some even consider chocolate an effective diet food, claiming that a chunk of chocolate before meals diminishes your appetite.

Just be choosy about your chocolate and monitor your portions. That's one reason we love these chocolate spoons. They're easy to make and are instantly portion controlled.

Chocolate spoons
What you need:
  • 10 Spoons (pick up mismatched ones at the thrift store)
  • 1 cup semisweet or dark chocolate*
  • Fun extras: crushed peppermint candy, melted white chocolate, sprinkles, shredded coconut
  • Waxed paper
  • Plastic wrap
  • Ribbon

    Melt chocolate in the microwave. Set timer for 2 minutes or so, taking care to stir every 30 seconds or so.

    Spread out a sheet of waxed paper. Dip clean, dry spoons into the chocolate, then place them on the waxed paper. Allow the spoons to cool slightly, then dip them in the chocolate again. Repeat until chocolate reaches the desired thickness on the spoon. While they're still warm, add the "extras" if you're using them. Place spoons in the fridge to set. Once firm and cool, wrap each one in plastic wrap and tie with a ribbon.

    Calories: 43.6 calories, 2.3 g fat (extras not included; you'll only use about 1/2 cup of chocolate.)
    *Dark chocolate contains at least 70% cacao.

    What's your favorite chocolate combination? Recently, I've become fond of the orange-dark chocolate combination. Would you make these spoons to give to someone?

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    I made these for my son for Christmas, and he loved them. Report
    yummy! gonna have to try that =) looks cute too. Report
    My daughter made something similar to give out to her friends. She dipped candy canes in chocolate to stir in hot drinks or to enjoy alone. I thought it was cute. Too bad it adds the unwanted empty calories, carbs and sugars. Report
    easy to them Report
    This is a great idea to do with your Grandchildren Report
    The combo I love is dark chocolate and mint...ummmm good! Those spoons sound yummy!!! Report
    These spoons seem like an excellent idea. Report
    great idea. Report
    i am so glad to see a recipe for these! Report
    I've seen these at craft fairs made with plastic spoons. Report
    Oh Yum! My only challenge is to avoid tasting the chocolate to make certain it's up to my standards. ;) Report
    This is a very cute idea and they are great for office gifts. I've rec'd a few and i love to use them with my coffee. Report
    What a great idea! Report
    I know quite a few people who would really enjoy this as a pick me up after dinner. Sounds good....and I can't wait to make some and send them to my family. Report
    Mmmm, yummy... I don't drink coffee and didn't think I needed this article. But, after reading all the comments, I am going to definitely try making these. Report
    how cool! I freeze yogert with a spoon in them, it would be a nice treat to have a chocolate spoon for an added surprise in the yogert
    Ginger Report
    I made these last year using different kinds of chocolate and different colors. I made some using white chocolate and crushed candycane (peppermint bark), use different colors of chocolate from the craft stores to make them festive. Even adding different flavors (mocha,maple,etc.) added to the white chocolate,etc. You are only limited by your imagination. and....oh yea, don't lick your fingers no matter how tempting it is. Those calories add up! LOL Report
    These are really fun and a great idea! They do look really good in baskets, mugs or just a "bouquet" of them! I may have to make some this year!! Thanks for the reminder!! Report
    I think I will try these. Yummmmmmmmmy Report
    I like to give these with a festive holiday coffee blend or hot cocoa and a cheap coffee cup from the dollar store. Report
    Anything chocolate and I am there! Have gotten these as gifts and loved them. I will definitely make some to give away! Report
    Great idea to use thrift store spoons instead of plastic ones! Go green when possible. Report
    did this with my Girl Scout troop. loved it!! Report
    This is a great idea! I have seen them in stores but never thought about making them. Thanks Report
    Sounds great and simple. I'm gonna try white chocolate and crushed candy cane. Report
    I love all of you crafty people!! Report
    My roommate and I made these a couple of years ago. We added flavours like Irish cream and cinnamon that come in little bottles at bulk food stores. We put them in small bag wrapped with ribbon and gave them to friends and family for Christmas Report
    I love it, for myself. Chocolate portion control! Report
    This looks YUMMY!! Report
    I got one of these for Christmas a couple years ago! Report
    What a fun idea! I think these would make great stocking stuffers. Report
    i was planning on making these for people on my christmas list this year, along with other coffee-themed gifts (a grinder, good beans, cute christmas mugs, and flavored syrups) Report
    This sounds good. Report
    Awesome idea. I'll try it for the kids at church! Report
    I've always loved the ones that you stir in with your coffee. But I think I may try these for our family Christmas get together. I've got 7 young neices and nephews and I think this would be a bit hit for the kids, especially with sprinkles on them! Report
    This is a great idea for portion problem. All things in moderation - including moderation. I could have one of these each day if I wanted. Love it! Report
    This is such a greta idea! I love homemade gifts! Report
    I like adding mini marshmallows to the chocolate on the spoon as it is cooling. I also stir in a few drops of different flavored extracts such as almond or vanilla, etc. to the chocolate right after melting it. Report
    Great idea may try this Report
    I've seen these given as gifts and sold at craft fairs. I never thought of how smart that would be until now! Report
    What another homemade Christmas idea. I love these but,I never tried to make them before,just think about all the different combo's of flavor you can make! I'll be adding this to my shopping list:) Report
    Imagine chopped fresh cherries sprinkled on when they're in season!YUM Report
    This is a cute idea!!! I LOVE it! :D Report
    I like making these with a sprinkling of crushed peppermint on top. I've used them as hot chocolate stir-ins (depending on the amounts of chocolate/liquid, you may not even need to add hot chocolate mix!) or sometimes even as a lollipop-type treat. :) Report
    Now this one I am going to try! It would satisfy the chocolate urge but not be too many calories! thanks for sharing! Report
    Saran wrap is a brand of plastic wrap. Report
    I guess I'm plain ignorant........what is plastic wrap? You mean like saran wrap? Or is there some decorative type? Like cellofane? I'm sure I can figure something out and this is something I will definitely make this year!!! Thank you for the simple, delicious idea. Report
    Good idea and portion controlled. Yea! Report
    Oh, and I think adding crushed almond pieces would be yummy. Report
    And then you just eat these like a lollipop? Hmm... this could be fun (and delicious) to make! Report
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