Great News: The Spark Solution is Now in Stores! (Help Us Spread the Word)

By , SparkPeople Founder & CEO
Today is a pretty big day here at SparkPeople. Our new book, The Spark Solution: A Comprehensive Two-Week Diet Program to Fast Track Weight Loss and Total Body Health, is officially available. WooHoo!

This isn’t our first book, but this is a major first for us: For the first time ever, we have published the very best advice, tips and tricks from our "Success Stories"--more than 100 members who've lost weight and kept it off using to accomplish their goals. These members know that how you start to lose weight is the most important indicator of long-term weight loss. They shared their struggles and successes so that you can learn from their experiences and remove the guesswork from weight loss.

To celebrate the release of The Spark Solution in stores, we're giving the first 1,000 people who buy the book in a store a special BONUS gift. Why are we asking you to buy in a store? We think this book has serious potential to change lives, but to do that we are asking for your help to reach the best-sellers list. When people buy our book in a store, we have a better chance of getting on the best-sellers list, and impacting even more people!

Be sure to look for The Spark Solution on the “new arrivals” table at your bookstore – new arrivals are usually discounted! We've heard that Barnes and Noble will have it on display in the front of the store throughout the month of May, so keep an eye out for it!
SparkPeople wouldn't exist without you--and members just like you are The Spark Solution. They shared their stories so that you and others can lose weight, end the yo-yo diet cycle, and keep it off this time.

As extra motivation to reach your goals, I’m so excited to tell you about “The Spark Solution Challenge.” Starting May 13, we’ll be hosting this challenge in the PRIVATE Spark Solution SparkTeam. Members will read the book and follow the two-week program together, sharing tips, advice, struggles and WooHoos! You can lose up to 5 pounds in just 14 days by following this plan – what’s holding you back?

How to Join The Spark Solution Challenge:
Get your copy of the book today, so you can join us on Monday, May 13 as we go through the program together. After filling out the "gifts with order" form, you'll be added to the team, which is where the challenge will center.

Don't miss out: Pick up your copy where books are sold--and as a way to say thanks, we'll send you a BONUS gift. The first 1,000 people to buy the book in stores and complete the order form will get an autographed card from me (SparkGuy!), complete with space for you to track your goals to keep them within sight as you progress through The Spark Solution program.
You will also receive these gifts with your purchase:
You are just 14 days away from your healthiest, happiest self. We want to help you get there and celebrate your successes with the SparkPeople community. Try The Spark Solution Program for 2 weeks and experience what it’s like to meet your goals!
Your support of this book means so much to me and the entire SparkPeople team.

Speaking of how important member support is, I want to share this amazing vlog (video blog) from Shelli (MOSTMOM1). She has been trying out the program for the last six weeks, with amazing results, and she explains why everyone needs this book.

Thanks for your help in spreading the word that The Spark Solution really works!

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Hi, NABISKERS. I am sorry for the confusion. To get your gifts and join the team, go to the Spark Solution page (click the link above for "gifts with order") and you'll get them. :) Report
I was so excited re receive my pre-ordered copy yesterday, but a little dismayed that the "bonus gifts" offered with it (which was WHY I pre-ordered) were not included. What's up with that?? Makes me want to return it and run to the store so I can get my DVD's, coaching and Spark Points!! Report
For AFOOT62 I find that the exercise videos on Spark are very much oriented to what women do in terms of exercise, but they also are not very much of a fit for men. Glad you pointed that out about the Spark Solution. Glenn Report
I bought the book today at a Barnes and Noble store. Came home, filled out the form on this site and received the points and confirmation for the other gifts. The book looks good! Report
Buying the book in store or on-line should make no difference. Report
I ordered the book on my nook. I really want to join the challenge on Monday...Can I not do that if I didn't buy the book in stores??? Please help!!! Report
I ordered the book on my nook. I really want to join the challenge on Monday...Can I not do that if I didn't buy the book in stores??? Please help!!! Report
I pre-ordered my copy March 1. I have yet to receive a notice from Amazon that it is on its way. I went to the Amazon site and checked my account, and they say it is estimated to arrive between May 13-17. At that rate, I'm not sure I'll have it before the challenge starts, which is disappointing to say the least. I certainly won't have time to read any of it. I don't have any devices like the Kindle so that I could download a copy immediately. Is there any chance this challenge will run again so that those of us who still don't have our books can participate from the beginning? Report
I preordered and am still waiting for my copy to arrive. Today, perhaps. Just hope I get it in time to read some before the May 13 group start. Report
I boght this for my NOOK. I got the points and the gifts. Thanks, SP. Now to vent! When SP and Mr. Downey will you ever acknowledge in any of your motivational books that many of your members are testosterone humans and not estrogen??? Had I known this e-book was just for women I would never have purchased it. Is it beyond your editors creative limits to do a book that has equal amounts of info for both sexes? Or, may the heavens split, actually do a similar book for Spark-Men?? Right now I'm just over half-way thru the e-book. Sorry nothing but chick-related weight loss and exercise info. PLEASE, at least next time you offer a book, let your buying fans know which sex its aimed at!!! Report
If I bought the download for my NOOK how do I get my 500 sparkpoints? Report
This book sounds great!! Are there many vegetarian options for the recipes?? Report
Wow, loved the video!! Very well done. Report
Bought mine today at Chapters in Canada!!! Yeah, can't wait til Monday to join the team!! Report
I can't wait to get mine! And of course I love Shelli (MOSTMOM1) and she makes you want to Spark up! Wooh! Wooh! Report
Yesterday Barnes & Noble said my order was sent. Report
My copy is on it's way!!!! Report
Got mine yesterday.

Let the SPARK begin!

Wishing everyone the best on this journey. Report
Can't wait to get my copy! Report
I just got an e-mail from Amazon that my copy was finally being shipped (I pre-ordered) - so excited! Report
I follow a vegan diet. Would the book be appropriate for me? Report
I'm so ready. I went to Barnes and Noble and got my copy today. Gotta break this plateau. Report
I am so excited to get the new Sparkpeople book. It should be at my door today!!!!! Report
I just bought the book today and am looking forward to really losing weight! This will be a true challenge. Report
All purchases are eligible for 500 SparkPoints and gifts. (While supplies last for everything except the SparkPoints, which we will always award.)
The additional bookmark applies to in-store purchases only (not online or e-book downloads). Report
I got mine today. Right on time. Glanced thru it and see a lot of good useful information in it. Also great recipes I want to try! Report
Info on the challenge is coming soon, via the team. Join the team and you'll get a SparkMail about it. Report
I just received mine on nook this morning. I am so excited to read it and get started Report
I pre-ordered the book on my nook. How can I join the challenge? Report
What an awesome testimonial !!! Report
I can't wait to read it, maybe it will help me get myself back on track and get back down to my goal weight. I only have about 5 pounds to lose but I have been stuck for a while. Report
Totally Inspired, book should be at my house today as I pre-ordered it. THANKS! Report
I bought it for my Kindle this morning. Do I still get the other bonus gifts? The dvd's and such? And if so how do they know where to send it?? Report
I preordered the book from Amazon. Does that count as buying it in a store? Seems to me if it doesn't it isn't fair. Report
Received book yesterday in the mail and I was thrilled. Exactly what I was looking forward to using. Going on a trip to CA and plan to read it cover to cover, while Bob drives. Should serve me well when we arrive. Report
I hope my copy arrives today. But I have been enjoying the DVDs and the Sparkcoaching! Report
:( Still waiting for my Pre-ordered copy! Report
got mine om my Kindle this morning Report
ARTSYGIRL5: The book is available on! :) Report
Really looking forward to this new book. Thanks for all the time and effort needed to write it. Report
Will the book be in Canada or purchased on Report