Goal Board Leads to Huge Breakthrough!

By , SparkPeople Blogger
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Last week I finally got it. The big lightbulb went on.

I used to set goals based on the number on the scale. Rewards for pounds lost. Consequences for pounds gained. It's a horrible roller coaster that does not encourage caring for myself. In fact, it's based on self-hate.

Last week, I set up a goal board with stars and fun rewards for CARING ACTIONS like meditating, making good food choices, and having positive self-thoughts. Well, what a major shift in how that feels! I'm loving myself and caring for myself and being rewarded for those positive actions. I "earned" 24 stars and got a new bike bell. I feel so happy thinking about what I can do on my list to care for my well-being and earn stars each day. I'm not focused on starving myself for a number on the scale. It happens that I lost 4 lbs last week with all the self-care but that is just a side effect of my new perspective.

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