Go Red for Women on Friday, February 5th

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I've never really thought of myself as having heart disease until early last year when I wrote a blog about the Go Red for Women campaign. A few months earlier my doctor mentioned how proud she was of me that I had been able to keep my heart disease in check. What--me, Nancy Howard have heart disease even with all the changes I have made?

Wait a minute, in the course of 5 years I have dropped 80 pounds and kept it off. My diet is the healthiest it's ever been in my entire life. I am a faithful runner/gym goer pounding the pavement at least 5 days every week and I still fall in the heart disease category?

I should not be too surprised as there is a strong family history on both my maternal and paternal side, but the stigma remains with me. I know my health is what it is, but it still makes me wonder if I will ever be able to accept this fate.

I have totally revamped my lifestyle, unfortunately my hypertension remains to be a problem. I have had a 6 year history of hypertension--AKA high blood pressure, and regardless of all the healthy measures I have taken and have integrated into my life, it remains a condition that requires medical intervention. Thankfully, my blood pressure is under control with the use of an anti-hypertensive prescription and for that I am grateful.

So on Friday, February 5th I will proudly don my red attire to promote awareness to the dangers heart disease poses in women. The Go Red for Women campaign is a mission led by the American Heart Association each February to help make us all, men and women alike, aware that heart disease is not just a "man's disease." It is, and remains to be, the leading cause of death here in the United States and while we are making progress, more must be done.

This month SparkPeople is conducting the Healthy Heart Challenge. This challenge is for men and women, young and old. If you are looking for a way to take the focus off just losing weight, consider popping on over and share your own challenges with heart disease. And don't forget to wear red on Friday to show your support for this great cause.

Do you or have you suffered from heart disease? What measures are you taking to beat this disease? Are you going to wear red on Friday to show your solidarity to help promote this worthy cause?

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My mother died from a heart attack at age 58 when I was 17, so I certainly am aware of heart disease and don't want to get it. Report
I don't have heart problems, but hubby does so I wear red for him! Report
Didn't go anywhere to wear red. Report
Well I am sorry I missed out on this day. I do however have paroxysmial atrial tachycardia. It is a pain and I am on Verapamil XR 360 mg. a day. It is not so much bothersome as it has in the past but I do know I need to quit smoking to better my chances of the small attacks I have. I found out my son 16 has a heart murmur and I am trying to get him to eat healthy so no further heart problems arise. Report
We were having a blizzard in the MidAtlantic, but I wore my red slipper socks with the black fake fur on Friday. My heart is still strong, but I do have mitral regurg as a result of bacterial endocarditis about 20 years ago. My dear friend HM died unexpectedly a few years ago during heart surgery to replace her mitral valve, and I miss her tremendously. Let's take care of our tickers -- and stay young at heart! Report
I wore RED on Friday! Report
You go girl! you look AWESOME! I know you can & will do it! Someday I will too! Report
I wore the red scrub top I save for Christmas, St. Valentine's Day and when the Phillies won the World Series.
Despite my reminders, a lot of people forgot to wear red today.
However, enough of us remembered so visitors to our Nursing Home noticed us in red and asked what was up.
We told them. Report
I will be wearing red . Both my parents and my brother died from heart disease. My sister had a heart attack at 33 and two of my younger brothers have had bypasses. I hope that I will now be following in their footsteps. Report
Thanks for your blog. i have on red. Yes, I also have factors that put me at a higher risk for heart disease. Report
Yep! I wore a red T shirt to the gym & a red scrunchie in my hair! Report
I am wearing red today! I also have a red water bottle i use regularly, does that count? lol

Last spring my dad had a heart attack, and had to have surgery for a quadruple bypass. He made it through just fine, like I knew he would, and is now on a fairly strict diet. He also has digestive issues, and it has been an interesting task for him, balancing out a heart-healthy diet with a colon-healthy diet. He has my stepmom to make sure he eats right, and he is doing very well. Report
I wore a red shirt today in memory of my dad who died of heart disease. In April, my husband had a heart attack and open heart surgery and triple bypass. We have adjusted salt intake, fat intake and exercise. This has been a hard process but it only gets easier each day. Along with that goes depression because he cant do all the things or eat the things he used to so it's a dominoe affect. There is so much heart disease now days and I dont want to be or have him be another statistic. Report
Thank you all for wearing red today to bring attention to heart disease.

I miss my dear friend who went to bed one nite in Dec and just didn't wake up due to a heart attack, she was only in her 40s and left behind a young son. Hopefully awareness will save many from the same fate. Report
i wore a red bracelet today Report
I am wearing red today. It was required for work but I have known many wonderful people who have had heart problems. I have lost some good people to this as well. For them I will wear red today and remember them all. Report
In January, I saw my best friend from high school for the first time in about twenty years and learned she had a heart attack 1 1/2 years ago when she was 54 years old. I'm wearing red today. Report
I'm wearing red today! My grandma had heart disease, though she still lived to be 91 & would've gone longer but for cancer. I think the fact that she kept active was key. Report
I have not been diagnosed but heart problems run in the family So I am losing weight and getting in shape to do all I can to prevent any future problem. Report
I have been diagnosed with chongestive heart failure--I am in a "good" place right now and want to get healthy and get this weight off. I am wearing red today. Report
Of course I am wearing red today. I have high blood pressure but I keep it under control by take my meds everyday and trying to live healthy. Report
I wore my Red today as well! Although I'm not affected by heart disease, these are the reasons why! I am thankful for those who have gone on before me in support of such causes. Proudly, I'm representing! Report
I wore RED today ! Report
I WILL wear red today. I am a very strong believer in Go Red for Women. My blessed mother passed away from heart disease, although she took care of herself, heart disease was very prevalent in her family history. She lived to be over 85 years old. One of the reasons she lived so long was that she was aware of heart disease and took measures to control it. My sisters ( and brothers (2)) all 5 of us are very aware and huge supporters of Go Red For Women and the American Heart Association. I say GO RED FOR WOMEN and be proud to wear red!!!!! Report
Seems like a great reason to pull out my red corduroy pants!!! Report
I'm wearing red today. :) Report
I never thought about heart problems but I had a TIA in 2004. Not because I had cholesterol problems or any heart problems. I have Lupus and sometimes people who have this get a blood clotting factor. I am now on a blood thinner but that does not mean the problem will go away. It is a shame when your total number are under 140 and you still get this problem. I go to the gym and if I can't make it I do in home walking with Leslie Sansone. I have 3 of her workouts. Report
My biggest scare is getting diabetes. I've never really thought about heart disease...so I am definitely wearing red tomorrow as a way to bring awareness of this deadly disease. Your story has enlightened me and I will be sure to spread the word!! Report
I'm totally prepared with a bright red sweat shirt - and just had my nails painted deep red.
Next month it will be a year that Mom passed with congestive heart failure. The last image she saw of me was a photo I had taken and had emailed to her of me dressed in a gown as I volunteered at the local Heart Ball for the Am. Heart Association. Something I never would have done 3 years ago. I'm hoping the choices I'm making now will keep me from what she suffered the last years of her life. Saturday, as I dress up again that will be on my mind. Mom won't get to see a picture of me all dressed up - but when she looks down from heaven will see me. Report
I have the perfect red sweater to wear tomorrow. Thank you for blogging about this important issue. Report
I have heart disease on both sides of my family and my father passed away at 45 yrs old. His heart just stopped! Since 2001, I have been working out! I work out as much as possible. I only had one lapse, my final year of dental school and now Im working towards my final goal. I CAN DO THIS. Ive removed 50 lbs and now I'm gonna make it to 140. I will wear red!

Lets beat the number one killer of women!

Take care,

Tamm Report
Wearing red shirt tomorrow, and passing the word!
Blessings! Report
My red shirt is ready to go under my scrub top tomorrow.

I work on a cardiac floor and we are all wearing red in honor of women's heart health. Report
I was told I do not have heart disease, but I have a pacemaker defibrillator for Arrythmia. So you can be sure I will be wearing red tomorrow. My mother died at 66 yrs. of age with heart disease and my Grandmother at 74; the age I am now.
They have made great strides in treating heart disease and we are blessed to be living now. Report
My red sweater is coming out of the drawer! Report
Ugh! I wore my favorite red sweater today (Thursday) but will find something else to wear to call attention to this cause. My father has had open heart surgery and I am on blood pressure meds (a couple of risk factors). I'm hoping my weight loss will bring the BP back in control and lower my risk. Report
I'll be wearing red! I have a strong family history of heart disease. I have been eating better and exercising regularly for over a year but still have to take hypertension meds . Report
I am in the RED with all of you! Heart disease is even more of a deadly one over breast cancer...so glad that this important information is gaining more attention. Report
We've been wearing red on fridays for years already in" Support of the troops". Report
Have not had heart problems to date. My dad lived to 86 was overweight died of congestive heart failure. My mother lived to 95 suffered a stroke and heart attack in the same day and died five days later. My DH has had two heart attacks and he is 75 there is a history in his family his father, mother, 8 brothers and 2 sisters all had or have heart problems. I learned early on in our marriage to cook without salt and not put the salt shaker on the table except when we had guests. We do some exercise each day and eat healthy. Yes will wear red on Fridays. Report
Thank for the reminder, I will definately wear my red proudly! Report
I have my red clothes ready to go. Report
Wearing Red Tomorrow, even though I will most likely be snowed in. Report
I'll be wearing my red. Report
I'll absolutely be wearing red! Report
I'll be wearing my red sweater on Friday! I have a strong family history of heart disease and do everything in my power (eating clean and exercising ) to not end up as another statistic. Report
My father had heart disease, so I also have it "in the family." I'll wear my red tomorrow too, and thanks for the reminder! Report
I will be wearing red for sure dear friend. ~ ;o) Report
I have red hair and rather florid skin, so I don't own a stitch of red clothing! I'll proudly sport my red purse, though, and be with everyone in spirit. Report
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