Get a Sneak Peek of Our Updated Challenges Feature!

By , SparkPeople Blogger
Hey, SparkPeople Members!
We've gotten a lot of great feedback from you about our member challenges--they are a great way to focus on a specific goal or topic for a set period of time. We're very excited to announce that we will be releasing a brand new format for this feature! We wanted to give you a sneak peek of the newer challenges while we're still in development. (Note that our existing challenges will still be available at Challenge Central for now.) 
Our new format takes a lot of what you all loved from the old format, and added in new features and options. Among other things, there is a stronger community element with the new challenges.
As of now, we have two challenges you can try in this updated format. You can click below to visit or join:Note that since these are in a testing or "beta" period, we have not yet made these challenges readily available around the site. To access the new challenges after you join, you can bookmark this blog to return to later or get to it through the daily email you will receive as part of the challenge. In the future, we will link to these challenges from the Start page and other places.
While you are trying out these two new challenges, we will be developing more challenge topics in this updated format that we think you will love! In the meantime, please post any feedback on the challenges in the comments below.

Thanks for testing. SparkCheers!

The SparkPeople Team

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AACELESTIN 12/14/2019
I tried clinking on the links for the new challenge. Neither one of them worked. Report
BOOKNUT52 12/14/2019
I was disappointed because I thought spark ppl would actually have some new challenges--but this is a very old post! sigh... Report
Challenging! Report
I do not like the boring look to the monthly calendar....looks unprofessional, like something I could have done. I like the calendars of the old challenges...the old calendars looked professional, interesting, bright Report
I love these two challenges and I hope you have at least one for every month in the future. They are very helpful. Thanks for the hard work. They look great and are very functional, too. Report
While I applaud SP for listening to members' feedback, I'm unsure as to exactly what is "new" about the new format. Can someone clarify? Report
I am a problem getting the challenges notices to post to my email for daily check in. I worked at first but now I'm signed up for 3 and don't get any notices. Help!!!! Report
Thank you for the e-mail option. So handy! And especially, thank you for making the challenges user-friendly to the non-Facebook Sparkers. Report
I start the home workout tomorrow. So far, I really like the new format! Report
These sound awesome. I may give the plateau one a try, maybe both of them! :D Thanks so much! Report
Thank you for making challenges on SparkPeople and not just on Facebook! Report
Re not being able to open the links. I always just send it to myself via email under "more" option above. I can then open links.Looking forward to trying these when done my current challenge. Report
Thank-you! A great challenge here on Spark is just what I needed! Report
Love SP challenges!!! Thank you for developing and offering more (non-FB.) Report
The SP app will not let me open either challenge link. Report
These look great!! Thanks for listening to those of us who didn't like the facebook challenges! Report
Awesome! SparkPeople just keeps getting better!

I just joined one of the challenges, and I already love the new Challenge Settings ("Change current day" and "Receive daily email"). Report
They both look really good, I will have to have a go at them both.
These look fantastic! Report
These look like they might be fun to try! Report