Five Solutions for Serious Sweating

By , Fitness Magazine Intern
The last few days of summer are rapidly approaching, and we’re all trying to get in as many warm-weather workouts as possible. But with the rare day of scorching temperatures still popping up, outdoor exercisers can experience dehydration and excessive sweating. We spoke with experts from the International Hyperhydrosis Society to find out how to keep cool, stay dry and recognize when sweating becomes serious. 
Hydration is key. “Drinking water helps cool the body off,” says Kelley Redbord, MD, FAAD, a board-certified dermatologist in private practice in Vienna, Virginia and associate professor at George Washington University. If your body isn’t hydrated it won’t produce sweat, which could lead to heat stroke, says David M. Pariser, MD, founding member and secretary of the International Hyperhidrosis Society and professor of dermatology at Eastern Virginia Medical School in Norfolk. Body temperature is regulated during hot weather by sweat evaporating off your skin.
Apply antiperspirant at night. Both Redboard and Pariser recommend using an antiperspirant (which decrease sweating, while deodorants decrease odor-causing bacteria) in the evening because your skin will, most likely, be drier. “In the morning you’re body is moving and making heat, causing your body to sweat,” says Pariser. Wet skin makes antiperspirants less effective.
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What is your solution for sweat?

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Considering the antiperspirants, Sweat Protect is one which truly helped me, so I can recommend it (I have Hyperhidrosis): Report
I have anhidrosis, meaning I don't sweat/perspire much at all, no matter what. I is is a dangerous condition and makes working out to extreme or even vigorously very hard and scary to do. I wish I did sweat, it is uncomfortable when you feel like you will explode from the heat. If I get to hot my body goes into anaphylaxis. Report
I like to sweat - it tells me how hard my body is working.
Of course I use a good soap and anti-perspirant/deodorant. Report
I am a heavy sweater as well and I guess i was looking for new products that would make sweating more comfortable or tollerable. My head sweats really bad with ANY physical asertion so I always have wet hair(which is not cool to have unless i can go shower LOL....which I CANT do at work LOL) And sweat is always running into my eyes and dripping onto my glasses making it hard to see.......I guess i was looking for maybe better info about quality sweat bands for the head etc.......not a story on staying hydraded and useing antipersperant. Report
I live in a hot place - the best advice I have is wear natural fibers that breathe!!! Synthetics may trap moisture, but they don't let air through - so from your undies and socks to your clothes, go for natural fibers: cotton, linen, even rayon (made from wood fibers). Save the silks and polyesters and micromodals for winter. Report
...after reading this article and then scrolling down to through all the the comments , I was pleasantly struck by the tone.
Thank God some people will stand up and say " No ...I Don't agree"... instead of accepting everything some so called "EXPERT " says . They sure son't know everything , and common sense rules !!!
Sorry, but I really don't agree that basically cutting your delicate underarm skin with aluminum based anti-persperants so that chemicals can get in there and block sweat is a novel idea! Embrace the sweat ladies, your body does it for a reason! Wash when you're done.. problem solved. Report
What a disappointment -- maybe SP should be working on actually WRITING ARTICLES instead of getting a bunch of "guests" to plug their own magazines here.

I'm so glad that I'm not the only one here who sticks to a natural deodorant instead of antiperspirant. Sweating, especially when you're exercising, is how your body cools itself and is totally normal! I certainly don't need to layer on heavy metals so that my body stops doing what it was designed to do.

But, of course, real girls don't smell, right Fitness Magazine? And letting our bodies function normally doesn't get us to buy into your advertisers' messages, which is the worst part of it for you! Report
This got posted twice, sorry! Report
I disagree with this article. Sweating, perspiring, glowing is a normal, healthy body function. What is unhealthy and unnatural is not sweating. However, I don't think smelling is so great so I do use a deodorant. I suppose it's all about different strokes for different folks. I easily sweat from most skin areas except maybe not my ears.
Agree that the article was disappointing. The opening paragraph mentions about when sweating could become serious...and nothing is said.

I start sweating just thinking about sweating!
I'm with MSPAULAK01 - I'm a MAJOR sweater too. I've learned to love sweat though. It's my "proof" of busting my butt! It's like the perfect workout accessory lol! Report
Kind of disappointed in this article! I was hoping to read about product suggestions for helping deal with sweating a lot, but put antiperspirant anywhere? Really? LOL If I'm working to break a sweat, covering myself in antiperspirant really isn't the solution (and is it healthy??) I'm a sweater - I'll be breaking a sweat 5 minutes into class! It's taken me YEARS to get over my fear of people looking at me like "Ewww gross!" because I sweat easily. Report
Sweating is a part of a GREAT work out - and is a healthy part of pushing your limits, to become more fit. Report
If I'm working out or doing chores, I like sweating. Since I stay very hydrated, I'm not worried about pouring sweat when I'm running or doing strength training. I live in Florida, so a light sheen of sweat from even moderate activity is the norm for much of the year. When I lived in San Francisco, I missed the wet heat of Florida and how it made my skin feel. I would sit in a wet sauna and sweat and feel like I was home. Report
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