Three High-Protein Breakfasts to Boost Weight Loss

By , SparkPeople Blogger
You have most likely heard it said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Some research suggests breakfast is an important part of a healthy eating plan that can help you achieve and maintain your best weight. A new study suggests that a protein-rich breakfast could also be a key to appetite control.

The study, conducted by assistant professor from the MU Department of Nutrition and Exercise and Physiology Heather Leidy and colleagues and funded by the National Pork Board and the American Egg Board—Egg Nutrition Center, found that a higher protein breakfast results in "improved daily satiety and evening appetite control."

The study examined the effects of both dietary protein and eating frequency and the influence on appetite and satiety during weight loss. Surprisingly, in the overweight/obese men in this study, eating six times a day did not significantly influence hunger, fullness, or overall desire to eat compared to eating only three times during the day. However, starting the day with a higher protein breakfast provided a decrease in desire for late night eating and preoccupation with food, which provided better appetite control and satiety when following controlled calorie intake for weight loss.

In the study, the normal protein breakfast contained 14 percent protein, 60 percent carbohydrate, and 26 percent fat compared to a high protein meal of 25 percent protein, 49 percent carbohydrate, and 26 percent fat. A combination of the reduction in carbohydrates along with the higher protein intake from high biological value sources (pork and eggs) could have contributed to the increased feelings of satiety and appetite control. Regardless of the reason, this study supports our belief that meals balanced in macronutrients are beneficial to manage hunger while trying to lose weight.

Here are three higher protein, lower carbohydrate breakfast ideas to help you start and finish your day strong while on your weight loss journey.

Egg, Ham, and Cheese Whole Wheat English Muffin and Grapes
Scramble two-thirds cup of egg substitute and place on toasted whole-wheat English muffin. Top with a one ounce slice of extra lean ham and American cheese. Enjoy with a side of grapes.
Calories – 392
Carbohydrates – 44 grams / 45 %
Protein – 34 grams / 35 %
Fat – 12 grams / 28 %

Mexican Egg and Shrimp Pita with Peach
Scramble one-third cup of egg substitute, mix in two ounces of prepared shrimp, and place in a whole-wheat pita. Top with two ounces of low fat shredded cheese, two tablespoons each of salsa and low fat sour cream. Enjoy with a large, fresh peach.
Calories – 396
Carbohydrates – 40 grams / 40 %
Protein – 39 grams / 39 %
Fat – 9 grams / 21 %

Sausage and Rice Scramble with Greek Yogurt and Kiwi
Scramble two-thirds a cup of egg substitute with a half cup of prepared brown rice and an ounce of pork sausage. Serve with plain Greek-style yogurt and a fresh Kiwi fruit.
Calories – 373
Carbohydrates – 43 grams / 46 %
Protein – 37 grams / 39 %
Fat – 5 grams / 13 %

What is your favorite higher protein, lower carbohydrate breakfast?