'Fit By 40': One Woman's Journey to Health

By , SparkPeople Blogger
At 38 years old, a 330-pound Michelle Jackson read in an article that losing weight becomes more difficult after age 40. That article gave her the motivation she needed to launch her own personal weight-loss challenge: "Fit By 40." Read her full story on CNN.com!

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THINCPL2004 11/13/2020
Awesome sauce Report
Thanks for the great article! :) Report
That is so awesome! Report
Awesome, Congrats! Report
Great news Michelle! It has to be a lot more fun shopping for clothes now than before. Report
I'm over 40 and each year I find it harder to get the weight off. Life keeps getting in the way but like Michelle I need to be more dedicated. Michelle's dirt was very inspirational. Keep up the good work Michelle Report
Amazing, very inspirational. Report
What a great motivating story. You give me the encouragement to start my journey as of today. I need to lose 80-100 lbs. myself for health reasons and because I want to live a long and healthy life. Report
I already turned 40 last year and I had a goal to lose it before I did but was distracted, now I am on a mission to lose this last 30lbs before I turn 41 in April. I already am experiencing having to work harder at it but on week 3 and still pushing. Happy for you Michelle. Good luck to everyone. Report
AWESOME !!! I am on that same journey now. 30lbs down and feeling great! ((-: CONGRATULATIONS !!! Report
Great Accomplishment...you can lose weight even through menopause with a combined routine of healthy eating as well as an active daily living routine....Not only will the pounds come off but you will feel incredible as you gain your years in a happy functioning way. I recovered from a meniscus tear knee surgery at 55, lost 65 pounds & am maintaining my weight since then. I feel fantastic & have more energy than I've ever had...& have begun to train to spread the news about healthy daily living as a volunteer in our community teaching senior adults fitness group classes...I can't wait for my 1st fitness class...you are NEVER too old to change...you just have to want it bad enough to start!

Congratulations & keep going for that healthy GOLD!

Sandi Report
The article acted like after 40, you couldn't lose weight. I am 54 and losing, so it can be done if you find out what works with your body. My thyroid tested bad, and I did not go on medication. So far I lost 35 lbs, and much more to go, but it is doable. Just not as fast as when I was a teenager. And that is okay. Report
Now I'm in my 40's, I realise what a telling age it is...the sins of the past can no longer be hidden.

My fit friends and I all still feel great, look great and act like we're young. We're regularly mistaken for being a decade younger than we actually are...

Our friends who have never worried about their health are starting to look really old, complain about health ailments, aches and pains...

It's REALLY scary! Report
i am 66 years old and i have lost 73lbs so never give up Report
I am going to be 37 and I have reached my 'realty check' as well and this is inspirational! Report
Fantastic story!! I wish I'd been this smart leading up to 40, but I was clueless. So my goal is to be at my healthy BMI weight of 140 (I'm 5'4") by my 50th birthday in July 2014. I have 84 lbs. to lose and you've inspired me to keep going!

Keep on keeping on! Report
I'm so very happy for you I know you are feeling real good about yourself and what you have accomplished but now I am feel bad for myself I have been trying to lose weight for many year I would lose some and then it would all come back with more I did that for many, many , year and now I'm 345 lbs I feel like I will never lose this weight because I am over 50 so I might as well give up if hard over 40 it must be impossible after 50 Help me what can I do Report
Thank you for this story! I am 39 and at this same crossroad. I'm so inspired by this community and the information I am learning. Report
I'll be 40 in exactly six months and this really helped motivate me to do it NOW! Thanks! Report
I didn't read about metabolism changing after 40... So, I didn't have any thoughts howhard it might be. I guess, that is why at the age 46 I have decided to start loosing my extra pounds. And, after 10-day diet my weight moved from 178 to 165. I was grate begining. I made myself go to gim 3 times-a-week and stopped eat or drink after 7PM. Plus - at the morning, 20 min prior to breakfast, I started to drink a glass of water. Yet, I drink water before any meal (and never do both - eat and drink) and 1hour after. Entire amount of water is 2 litters. After 3 months my weight redused to 150. I keep it for over a year now. Report
I needed this to get me started right! Reading your story fit me, I will turn 39 in Feb. Thank you gives me motivation and where to start with my goals. Report
Thanks for sharing your story! Congrats on your success!! I hope to be there some day!! Report
Awesome job... I am 40 now and I am just getting started on my weight loss journey. I would like to lose 50 pounds and stories like yours are the perfect motivation. Keep on going girl!!!
Very inspiring to all. Congratulations! Report
Good for you! I will be 31 in a few months and I need to drop about 90 lbs - no time like the present to be proactive right?

Way to go Michelle! Thank you for being an inspiration to all (especially those just getting started on this journey-like me:-) Report
This is the story that got me started on sparkpeople, thank you Michelle. Report
Atta Woman! Nice story, thanks for sharing with us all. Kudos to you and the best with you and for you. Report
Atta Woman! Nice story, thanks for sharing with us all. Kudos to you and the best with you and for you. Report
Hats off to your efforts, patience and achievement.
Congrats, keep up the good work.
I tried the same two years ago when I was ready to turn 40, but I fell off the wagon and ended up gaining more. Regrets, But your story is very motivating and I wil try to follow sparks people from now onwards. Report
There's nothing like today to plan for tomorrow! Report
I would have loved to read her story, but the link didn't work. Report
Good for you, Michelle!

Thank you so much for sharing your very uplifting story. Report
Good for you Krystl719!! It is amazing how a healthy lifestyle can help keep depression at bay. I have the same battles. Keep it up! Report
I also started my journey at 333lbs, I am 5'7, also had depression for many years. Now that i started Sparkpeople at the end of January of 2012, I have lost 50+ lbs, slacked off on summer break to just gain a few lbs back, and am a loss of 46lbs. I dont battle with such depression when I am taking the right steps for myself to be healthy. I also am motivated to fight through the pain I have in my lower back from herniated discs. 2 young kids, and a sugar addicted boyfriend, I think anyone can do this if you have the willpower. We can do this... Report