'Diabetes was My Wake-Up Call to Lose 100 Pounds'*

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If you're a fan of the Dr. Oz show, you might recognize this SparkPeople member. Jill Knapp, aka Bluesky97. Though she's a very private SparkPeople member, Jill's amazing story is a secret no more. Now 42, she was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes a few years ago. That was her wake-up call. She lost 100 pounds, no longer takes medication for her diabetes and placed in the top six of the "Mrs. Idaho" beauty pageant.

In an episode that will air Thursday, March 4, Jill shares her secrets to weight loss and becomes a mentor to three other women trying to lose weight. In the mean time, we asked her to answer a few questions for the dailySpark.

dailySpark: Why did you decide to lose weight?

Jill Knapp: Unfortunately I had to hear "You have type 2 diabetes." I am hoping others will lose weight before they have to hear those words.

dailySpark: What were your biggest challenges throughout your weight loss?

Jill Knapp: I broke my ankle after slipping on black ice and thought "How will I ever get the weight off now?" I was so determined that I indeed got it off. No, I could not exercise, but I kept eating 6 small meals a day and reached my goal.

dailySpark: What is a typical day like in terms of eating? What are your menu staples?

Jill Knapp: Breakfast: eggs or egg whites, whole-wheat bread with peanut butter

Snacks: Apple and almonds; protein shake; handful of carrots and string cheese

Lunch: Salad with plenty of vegetables, grilled chicken and reduced-calorie dressing

Dinner: Chicken breast with whole wheat pasta, a salad

dailySpark: How has your life changed since losing the weight?

Jill Knapp: I am 42, and I have more energy to keep up with my kids--especially my 5-year-old. I have MORE energy, more drive to live and am happier with myself. I also feel that I was meant to share my story with others. I remember how it felt to have 100 extra pounds on. I remember being depressed about my weight and life. I want to let others know that losing weight can be done. No matter what the age, or circumstances.

dailySpark: What role does fitness play in your life? How often do you work out?

Jill Knapp: I love to work out. When I don't, my family will know it because I become grumpy. Working out is now just a part of my life--I work out four to five days a week. I have to share that my 11-year-old son got me a Wii Fit plus for Christmas. He mowed lawns all summer to save the money. I tried to talk him out of it, but he would not take NO for an answer. It means the world to me that my son knows how important that it is that I exercise that he would spend his own money to see that I have the convenience of not even leaving home to get a good workout in.

dailySpark: What advice would you have for someone who is just starting his or her healthy journey?

Jill Knapp: Make a plan. Stick to it. Be consistent on your journey and you will meet your goals. When you have reached your goal, Share your story with others and pass on what you have learned along the way. Most of all, be patient. Results don't come over night. It is hard work and will take a lot of effort. In the end the way you feel will all be worth everything you went through.

Thanks for sharing your story, Jill.

Do you think that sharing your story is an important part of your weight loss?

*Weight loss results will vary from person to person. No individual result should be seen as a typical result of following the SparkPeople program. 

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SNUZYQ2 12/11/2019
Such an inspiring story. Thanks for sharing it! Report
NASFKAB 11/22/2019
Thank you very inspirational. Report
Well done! My sister & my brother both brought their diabetes under control with weight loss too. Your story is inspirational & your son is amazing! Report
Very Inspiring. I too was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, but through nutritional choices and exercise we can control it with no medication, I did it. Report
Very inspirational story! Spark... you did it again!!! Thank you for sharing! Report
Your story is so inspiring and you have a wonderful son. Family involvement is so important. I slipped over the winter and gained 20 pounds due to fact my husband was very ill and I let the stress get to me and my Lupus flared up. Diabetes scares me too! Your story makes me want to work harder. Thank you! Report
... enjoyed this article... have been diabetic over 18yrs...diabetes is my 'family' disease... thanks to SparkPeople and people like Jill, i am spreading the word that it's possible to prevent this disease through diet & exercise...thank you for the inspiration and the information... Report
WOW! You definitely look like a queen in your after photo! Absolutely FABULOUS! Congratulations on your continued success and thank you so much for sharing your story! Report
What an inspiration!! Congratulations!!


Nola Report
OMG amazing and inspiring. Report
Thanks for the information this site is good and i suggest my friend to visit this site.
Glad you turned your life around. Most people quit and never get the weight off. Bless your heart. Report
Way to go. Thanks for sharing. Report
Way to go!!! You motivate us! Report
Thanks for the inspiration! Great story. We love Dr. Oz! Report
Jill congratulation! You have encourage me the most, keep it up. Report
Stories like this makes all people Living With Diabetes inspired to do more for themselves. But, you have to remember that the loved ones need to step up and educate themselves because it takes the will power of these loved ones to make dealing with something this serious be more at ease. My other half is a type 2 diabetic and I support her by making sure she eats right, works out regularly and sticks to her daily routine. That's why I am doing my part in putting on a diabetes expo. This is my way of showing my support for anyone Living With Diabetes. Report
thank you for sharing, it truely is inspirational !! Report
Thank you so much for sharing your story! I saw you on Dr. Oz and am tickled that your a Spark Person!! You are truly sharing the spark! I'm trying very hard to NOT let that be my wakeup call, but it's a struggle. Report
Great story. And you have a very special son to spend his money on something for you. Keep up you journey.. Report
Jill..........Just yesterday I heard those dreaded words...you have diabetes...I have been
on the computer ever since, looking for information. I have found quite a bit and I am
already starting some of the food changes. I am 76 years old, and, I plan to live
to at least 100. I knew as I put the weight on I might be sorry some day. Well....that day
is here. My goal now is to fight the battle I brought on myself..I AM gonna win...
Thank you for your story. It makes me feel better about the situation. Report
Thank you so much for all of these wonderful comments. I am truly blessed. So many of inspired me through the years. I am glad I could help inspire others. I would have left a thank you message sooner but my father was in a car accident on Tue and has a broken neck. No surgery need thank goodness.

Thank you all!! It was so much fun doing the Dr. OZ show. He is one of a kind and is as nice as he looks on the show. Really down to earth.
http://getupandgetmoving.net Report
Thanks so much for sharing your story...you have been a "Blessing" to me, and you look great. Report
Type 2 Diabetes is my biggest fear. Not only is she healthy but looks lovely to boot! Very inspiring! Report
One of the reasons I started my journey and started taking it seriously is that my oldest sister who is 37 just found out she is diabetic. I also just lost a cousin to diabetes, he didn't know he had it until he was in the hospital on life support after suffering two strokes. He was only 48. I'm only 28 and I want to start taking better care of myself and my children.
Your story is truly an inspiration to us all. Thank you for sharing. Report
yours is an amazing story thanks for sharing Report
WOW! What a role model, thank you for the hope and encouragement! Report
Congratulations. I tape Dr. Oz so will be sure to catch this episode and cheer on a another Spark member.
I fear that I will hear those dreaded words of type 2 diabetes so trying my best to avoid that. I know the complications well so to all of us who are trying-keep Sparkin and good luck everyone and good health to all! Report
Thank you for sharing!! It is important to share with others because you never know who you may inspire!! Report
Very inspiring! I will tune in to Dr.Oz tonight. Report
What an inspiration...thanks for sharing your story Jill! Report
What a wonderful story ! Congratulations on your amazing journey to good health !!

Personally, I think it's important for folks to tell their weight loss and journey to good health stories. So many people feel they don't have what it takes to lose that amount, but that's not true. You don't have to be extraordinary to be healthy. Real people like you, me and Jill Knapp are all proof that ANYONE can make a change !!

So, I applaud Jill for telling her story ! I think it's very inspiring. I hope that more Spark members will tell their stories so that other members will be inspired too.

I loved reading this. Nothing better then success to make me Move IT! Report
I LOVE sharing my story. I have ladies who "knew me when" come up to me and ask for advice all the time. I inspired some parents in our boy scout troop to loose weight, they told me and then began checking in with me each mtg, for progress updates. I LOVE knowing that I have inspired others, they can see with their own eyes, if I could do it, they can do it! Report
amazing! It gives me hope and makes me want to continue on. Thanks sooo much Report
I don't know what it was, but your story went right to my heart. Maybe it was the diabetes diagnosis. I saw your love for your family reflected back to you in he love of your son when he worked so hard to get the Wii for you. Thank you so much for sharing your story. Report
I think it's important to share your story. Everyone is so different, and we all ended up here from different places and for different reasons. Understanding our motivation, decision-making patterns and weaknesses will help us get where we want to be! (AND STAY THERE YO!) Report
Congratulations, Jill! I recently heard the words "Pre-Diabetes" and am working hard to avoid that path in my life. Your story has given me determination and filled me with inspiration. I truly appreciate the fact you shared your son's part in your success. How wonderful, and so very important to see how the support of others can positively affect our own successful outcomes. Thank you! Report
I think sharing your story is a very important part of weight loss! It not only helps others looking to lose weight by giving them advice, inspiration, and the feeling that they can do it too and are not alone, but it helps you also...I find by talking to others it keeps me motivated and it helps me keep perspective when I am having an off week. Thank you to all of the people who shared their stories and all of the people who listened to/asked me about mine! Report
Wow! Amazing! I'm motivated now! Report
Way to go!! What an inspirational story and I will be sure to tune into Dr. Oz... and a big HIGH FIVE to your son!! Report
Thanks for sharing your story. Report
This is an amazing story thanks for sharing! Report
Your story is extremely inspirational. Thank you for sharing. Report
Thanks for sharing, that was very inspirational, Dr Oz, wow, what a great way to spread the spark. Report
Jill, you are an inspiration. Kept up the great job you are doing. Your story has helped me stay motivated. Report
This is such an encouraging and inspirational story. Congratulations Jill!!! Report
Thanks to Jill and all the Sparkers who have reached their goals! They continue to inspire us all. I think it is crucial for all of us to share our journey, not just when we reach our goal. We need to celebrate the more exercise minutes this week than last week, even if it is only 5 minutes! The half pounds lost -- WOOO HOOO! We all have struggles, too, and it's helpful to share those as well.

Part of my journey is sharing Spark, what I'm doing and my goals with absolutely anyone who will stand still for 5 minutes --- even my slender friends, after all they may have family who could use the information. My doctor did not know about Spark, now she does. My coworkers did not know, now they do. I'm always sharing the inspiring stories. The sharing helps me stay on that "one small step at a time" path. Report
Thanks so much for telling your story. I think you are just the inspiration that my mother-in-law needs right now. She was just told that she has Diabetes. I'm hoping your story will show her that all can be erased with dedication to good eating and good exercise. Report