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This Friday, February 6, marks the National Wear Red Day, when everyone across the country is asked to wear red in support of raising awareness of the number one killer of American women: heart disease. Held the first Friday in February since 2002, the Wear Red Day campaign has been gaining momentum and helping educate women on cardiovascular disease awareness.

Each year, more than 500,000, or roughly 1 in 4 women, or one woman every minute, will succumb to heart disease. And of that number, more than half will die from heart attacks. While heart disease afflicts six times the number of women diagnosed every year with breast cancer, surveys have shown that women fear breast cancer far more so than heart disease. This is one reason why the National Wear Red Day is paramount if we want to change the path on which we, as women, are headed. Sadly, many times a woman’s first experience with heart disease is often her last as many women tend to ignore the signs and symptoms of a heart attack and/or heart disease until it is too late.

So what can do in order to bring this extremely important issue to the forefront of your own community?

  • First of all, please visit The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute's (NHLBI) website for more information on their The Heart Truth campaign. This is one of many organizations sponsoring events not just on Friday, but for the entire month of February, to help better educate not only women, but everyone, as to the importance in raising awareness of this often deadly but very treatable disease.
  • Consider becoming The Heart Truth coordinator for your company by asking your fellow employees to wear red this Friday. Nothing sends a more impacting and powerful message then to walk in an office with all the employees wearing a common color. And if you can, take time to discuss the importance for all women to talk with their health care providers on the importance regarding their heart health, especially if these women have been diagnosed with high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, or diabetes.
  • Consider bringing The Heart Truth Campaign to your women’s groups. Book clubs, garden clubs, and church groups all share a common bond, and when we share the need to keep healthy and the need to follow up with our doctors, we just may save a friend’s life.
  • Teachers may want to share with their students the risk factors for heart disease by discussing with them the importance of not smoking, maintaining a healthy weight, getting in some good exercise every day, and following a healthy, nutritious diet.

  • Education, by far is one of the most important steps we can take to turn the tide on this disease. By educating one person, and then another, and then another, it is only a matter of time for us to push heart disease out of the number one slot so that we can all see our grandmothers, mothers, daughters, granddaughters, aunts, nieces, friends, and yes, even ourselves, live well into the golden years without the threat of heart disease looming over our heads.

    How do you plan on celebrating National Wear Red Day this Friday? Would you consider leading a campaign for your workplace, school, or woman’s groups?

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I attended an event that the American Heart Association had here in Miami. It was a spa day and it GREAT! It was also great that Macy's gave an additional 20% off your purchase if you were wearing RED. Report
I wore Red on Friday along with others to help celebrate Women Health Day. This is a good idea that I hope will spread and catch a Spark! Report
I wore red and shopped at Macy's, and with the generous 20% discount they gave me on top of the sale prices, I was able to get a $200 designer outfit for $40! And in a smaller size than I would have needed a few months ago. It was a great way to reward myself for focusing on my own health. Report
I wore red on Friday. I also am wearing red today. It is for Go red for Women. I did an interview on why I am concerned about heart disease in women (I am a survivor). Also did an interview for NBC15 tv news at 10 pm tonite. I had a triple bypass a little over 21 years ago and am still going strong. The lady sitting next to me had a heart transplant 8 yrs ago when she was only 38. WOW!! Now that is a story!!! Report
Darn. Wish I'd see this earlier. I know it was sometime soon, but I didn't know when and didn't see or hear anything about it until now. :( Guess I'll have to wait until next year.

- Josie Report
It was inspiring to see the number of people that showed up to work wearing red. Our office made a big deal out of the day and people responded. Report
I wore red yesterday and on Thursday I had gone through the whole clinic and told everyone, all but 2 people in the clinic wore red yesterday.
I totally wore red yesterday! Report
Today I went to the doctor for mu annual checkup and I did wear a red blouse
and every thing was ok only my memogram to do next week, Report
Well... I am too late to consider 'leading' anything, but it looks like we've got a lot of leaders right HERE, sooo... maybe I can contribute towards this education for the community next year- or even possibly through out every year! Coming from a long line of mostly women in my family, and bringing 5 daughters into this world, does make THIS an important personal issue too.

I did make sure my 15 year old daughter knew exactly why I asked her to wear red today... and she wore it proudly! I don't wear red often, but I am wearing red today. Report
Hello and Happy Friday! I'm wearing my red, not just for women but for anyone who has heart problems. I work in a facility (Medical Center),where Heart
transplants are performed and they come through my department for tests before and after the transplant ( if they are blessed to recieve a new heart). And I see first hand how important it is to take care of ourselves and our hearts. Report
While wearing red this Friday in recognition of this cause is a wonderful thing, let's not forget our service men and women for whom many, many of us have been wearing red every Friday for the past months. Let's keep both in mind as we do this. Report
Something else about this... Campbell's (you know, the soup company) will donate $1 for each vote to the American Heart Association Go Red Campaign.

vote here: http://www.goredwithcampbells.com/d
Yes, where RED today, let's find a cure!!!! Report
I blogged it, focusing on the importance of becoming a non-smoker ... the result of that blog is I'm being a "smoke-ender" buddy for a friend who emailed me about the blog. Report
I all! I changed my profile image to a girl wearing a RED headwrap!
I have Congestive Heart Failure...as of January 2008, due to complications from another surgury, so his hits home even more now. I was in support before, but now it's personal.

If I go out of the house today I will be wearing red and sharing the reason with others. If not, then my SparkPeople profile image will be my wearing red!

Much love to all!!! Report
At our community health center, I organized the Wear Red Day and at least 20 of the employees wore red. Everyone put on the "Red Dress" pin I gave them. I told everyone at the January staff meeting and gave a written reminder at the beginnins of the week. I also put up a bulletin board reminding patients about heart health, things they should know and do, and placed handouts in the waiting rooms. Report
RED ROCKS! So does your heart - keep it healthy! Report
Dude,..I wear red every chance I get! Especially today. Report
I'm wearing red today! Report
I have heart problems in my family.. my dad and one of my sisters have heart problems.. so it's red all l the way for me thanks Report
I realized that I'm wearing more of a dark pink shirt than a red one but oh well I'm wearing it! :D Happy Go for Red Day, everyone! Report
National Wear Red Day in short CNN video "about National Wear Red Day"
Ready ! I'm been wearing my red winter jacket. Report
I have my Red Sparkpeople t-shirt laid out and ready to put on! I figured I can spread the spark and the awareness of heart desease all at the same time. WooHoo! Report
I have mine on! Report
I work in the health care industry and we are all wearing RED today!! YEAH, Go RED!!!! Report
My whole department at work (minus one who forgot) is wearing red. I think that is about 30 people. Report
I AM wearing my red this morning! Report
I have on my red and put a red shirt on my grandson this morning! Report
I am wearing red! Report
Yea...go RED!! The color of life Report
I am a former Cardiac Care nurse and a certified CPR instructor, so this is dear to my HEART. Several of my teams are running a GO Red thread. One team has made a contest out of turning our Spark Pages Red from today through Valentines Day. Today in honor of our mothers, sisters, and daughters with diseases of the heart or the circulatory system.

Some communities are also observing GO RED Sunday. As a Parish Nurse, I am handing out Red Dress Pins at my church.
I'm wearing red today to celebrate National Heart Month Report
I am 42 and Had a heart attack and a stent put in my right artery Dec. 23, 2008. I will be wearing my red Both my parents have heart problems too. Thanks for posting this. Report
Phamm13 - so sorry to hear about your mother's early death. We'll keep everyone who's lost someone dear, or faces this illness themselves, in our thoughts Friday as we wear red. Maura Report
I will try to remember to wear red!!! Report
This is such a great cause! I got my pin yesterday at Macy's department store for only $2.00 and they will donate the money plus they give you 20% off your entire purchase. I will be wearing my RED TOP with RED Lipstick. Report
I will be wearing red. Report
I will be wearing red and the red pin. I don't work but I have pulmonary rehab which helps my heart also. Report
At my job, something has already been organized for tomorrow. They will be handing out red dress pins, so I'll definitely wear one. Report
At my job, something has already been organized for tomorrow. They will be handing out red dress pins, so I'll definitely wear one. Report
I've posted it on our board at the Y and will wear red tomorrow as well. Report
I'll be wearing red and I have been ever since the first Wear Red Day in 2002. Heart disease runs in my and my husband's family and I participate each year in the AHA Heart Walk, raising funds and awareness. I also encourage/remind my co-workers to wear red. Report
I will wear red, and encourage my friends and family to do the same. Heart disease runs in both sides of my family and my husbands. Report
As an alumni of the American Heart Association's, Team Train To End Stroke, I will definitely be wearing read and talking to as many people as I can. I lost my both my mom and paternal grandmother to heart disease in 2007. I lost my maternal grandmother while I was still in high school to heart disease. This issue means a LOT to me! Report
Thanks for the great article! I will be wearing red tonight to support the UW Badgers and wearing red tomorrow to support awareness of this important issue! Report
Ouuh I will wear red, and put on a red shirt on my preschooler too :) Report
I heard about this from a friend and now I'm getting everyone at work to wear red tomorrow. It's a good cause and we're supporting it! Report
I can't wear red, I have red hair and ruddy complexion add red clothes and I look like a giant beet.
BUT I have a red dress pin I'll wear in honor of the day. 3 of my grandparents had heart conditions and knock on wood since so far my parents don't have any.
Let's us all get the word out!! Report
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