Bring Your Walking Shoes to Work on Wednesday

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How many of you use your lunch break to go out to eat with your co-workers, run errands, get your hair done or even catch up on some much needed work?

What if you took a little time away from your desk to lace up your shoes to go on a nice walk with your co-workers?

On Wednesday, April 28th people across the United States and Puerto Rico are being encouraged to use their lunch break to celebrate the 4th Annual National Walk @ Lunch Day by using this time to walk--to just get up and move. In a world where time is a premium, we must learn new ways of integrating activity into our day and this may very well be a start.

It has been reported that as many as 60% of all adults do not participate in any exercise or activity needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This is where using those small pockets of time can help you develop healthy habits which can make a huge difference in your overall well-being.

According to the American College of Sports Medicine and the American Council on Exercise, getting in 10 minutes of exercise several times a day can be just as beneficial to our health as doing a one-time 30 minute session. This can be especially helpful to those whose lives are jam packed full of things that must get done, but just don't feel they have the time or energy at the end of the day to exercise.

And we know that even small amounts of exercise can benefit our weight loss efforts, lift our moods, raise our energy levels, allow us to sleep better, even maintain better blood sugar levels.

With the rising rates of cancer, heart disease and type II diabetes, we must all start taking accountability for our health. Using these small pockets of exercise can be a great start, so bring your walking shoes and encourage your co-workers to do the same.

Do you plan on taking part in the Annual National Walk @ Lunch Day? Would you be willing to talk your co-workers in to joining you? Do you currently use your lunch break to exercise?

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I have the "pleasure" of being required to wear SAFETY SHOES (UNCOMFORTABLE) at work and plus we still have snow. Maybe if it was nice out I could wear my old DOC MARTINS (the only comfortable shoe made BUT deadly in the winter -the pva sole turns to GLASS). Report
"How many of you use your lunch break to go out to eat with your co-workers, run errands, get your hair done or even catch up on some much needed work?"

Actually a pair of my walking shoes stay at work as I walk a mile (rain, snow, or shine) each 15 minute break (up a couple hills for 1/2 and then back down) and then 3.5 to 4 miles each lunch. Report
I'm going to eat my lunch and read and go to the gym after work like I do every day. I'm not gonna give up my food to go for a walk! Report
Yes, I'll be joining you all this Wednesday for a lunch walk, but my walk will be at 4 PM. I just have a half hour so I'll be walking briskly to get a mile in. See you all on the streets! Report
I like to walk on my lunch breaks it helps me stay focused. Report
I do this every day! I find that it's really hard to get a contiguous hour in the day to work out, but if I get in a bit of a walk at lunch and then a bit of a walk before or after work, I can get in all the minutes that I want! Also it's about sunshine and fresh air for me. I need to go outside at least a little bit, so I make it a point to at least stick my head out everyday, no matter what the weather. Report
This is how I started my health and weight loss program three years ago. I weighed over 300 lbs., could only walk up stairs, curbs etc. one leg at a time. I started by walking around the block at lunchtime. Then I added a block. Then I walked around twice.

I have lost over 60 lbs., changed my eating habits, start my mornings with a 10-min. exercise DVD or a 30-45 min. workout in my home gym, go to a professional gym 4-5 times per week for hour-long group fitness classes (Yoga, spinning, body conditioning) and advanced weight workouts, and generally feel active and fit...

... and it all started just by getting myself to walk around the block at lunchtime!!! : ) Report
I have started to walk every at my lunch hour even if it is around the corner. It gives me sometime to myself Report
I walked for my whole lunch break today and I feel wonderful. I am going to make this a daily execise plan! Report
I brought mine in and went for a two mile walk over lunch. Feelin' good!! Report
WooHoo! I took lunch earlier and got my walk in. Feeling good. Report
I started last week walking at least 2 miles during my lunch break and then I mapped out a walk by my house that is 2 miles. Also, I go to the gym. I am tryingt o get at least 60 minutes in everyday or more and doing it during lunch saves time at night. Report
I love to walk on my lunch hour. Taking a walk on my lunch hour relieves the stress. I go back to work refresh and can complete my day. Report
Yes, I will be walking outside tomorrow... to the gym for my 1/2 hour spin class.. Report
I have been working temporary contract jobs for years. I recently had an 18 month contract at a place that was a walker's paradise! There was an indoor atrium (1/3 mile) and several lovely outdoor paths. After I was laid off from that job, I retreated indoors and stopped walking so much. Now I am working again. I was originally at a campus that was not quite as nice but still walkable. Now I have moved to a new area where I can barely walk at all. Even a 10 minute walk is difficult. It definitely adds to the challenge of staying fit. I used to never have a problem logging 10,000 steps a day. Now I do. Report
I would love to walk in my lunch break, unfortunately it's way to hot to be active outside between 11am and 3pm. Otherwise I would have started long time ago. It's a perfect way to get your head clear and to re-energize. Report
This is a great idea. There are several people in our two buildings that walk around the parking lot at lunch and various times during the day and there are several of us (me included) that head to the gym (5 minutes away) and do that much needed workout. Seems our company is trying to be more active. Report
I'm a stay-at-hm mom now but when I was working many of us would walk around the large office space at lunch. I worked for a large medical practice and the layout of the building made an "inside track". We'd do 3-4 laps at lunch every day. It was great to do that inside. I live in a very tropical climate and even 10 min. outside leaves you hot, sticky and sweaty. And lets not talk about the rain. LOL Anyway you can get the exercise is great! Report
I used to walk on my lunch break at least 3 days a week... but somehow I got out of the habit. I brought my sneakers to work with me last week so I could start again but for some reason or another I have not yet. I think tomorrow would be a great day to start again. (I would today but have to run an errand...LOL) So tomorrow is the perfect day!!! Wish me luck... I walk almost 3 miles.... Report
Yes. Report
It's definitely time to stop finding excuses (busy lifestyle, work, kids, etc.) and start finding WAYS that accomodate exercise into our lives around those things that make it difficult to "exercise." I will be participating. I often walk in comfortable shoes to the places where I have to go in the city and pack my fancier shoes in my large purse. Where there's a will, there's a way. Report
I am seriously thinking of walking on Wednesday, even though where I work there are few choices. I work way out in the boondocks and no sidewalks or anything like it. But if I drive a couple of miles, I can walk in the shopping strips and at least I can get some exercise. Report
As part of our organization's wellness program, we get a brief amount of time for exercise during the workday a few days each week. I can add walking at lunch to my regular workout that day for an even better day! Report
I take a 20 minute walk on my lunch hour which leaves me enough time to eat a yogurt and orange. Report
When i was still working, i walked with a colleague after lunch, we packed lunch or ordered really early most days and had about 30 minutes to walk. I was pregnant with my first child then, and it was very good exercise for me. I remember her....and it is definitely something i would do again. Report
Thanks for the good article. I just shared it with my co-workers in hopes that at least some of them will join me for a walk at lunch time this Wednesday! Report
I don't work out side of home. I am retired. I walk everyday but usually by myself or with my dogs. Report
When I worked, there was a huge quad area that we ladies would walk all around every day right after stuffing our lunch in quickly. Back before it was "in" to walk I mean. Now I walk around our neighborhood each day, it helps lift the spirits. Report
I didn't know there was a special awareness day for! I wrote it in my calendar and will get the girls at work to go with me! Report
I use my lunch break to go to the gym. I wouldn't get the much needed exercise if I didn't do that. And now that the weather is getting better, my co-worker and I go for a brisk 10 minute walk once or twice. Report
I just started walking at lunch this month. I get in 15 to 20 minutes, which I just count as bonus fitness minutes. I feel better afterward and am starting to get a little suntan on my arms, which also makes me feel good. I was really shy at first about doing this, but now, I feel like I'm missing out if I don't go! Report
Yes I usually use my lunchbreak to walk, have been walking at lunchtime for years. I am in the health industry and they encourage us to use our lunch time to exercise. I have been trying to get my co-workers to walk with me but they have all these excuses. I still ask though. Maybe one day they will change their minds. I have one co-worker who walks with me and my supervisor walks often. It really does make a difference and if you want to get in some exercise what a great way to take advantage of the opportunity. I will think about everyone who will be walking on Wednesday. God bless each of you as you take the opportunity to make a difference and get started on taking care of your health. :)))))) Report
I will be out and walking on Wednesday. My work is huge in to healh enhancement so we have a big group going out. Report
I will be out and walking on Wednesday. My work is huge in to healh enhancement so we have a big group going out. Report
We have a group of coworkers who try to walk at lunch at least 4 out of 5 days a week. We WILL be walking Wednesday!! Report
staffing and weather permitting I walking during lunch..I'll be out walking Wednesday! Report
I was walking during my lunch break most days for a while, but then the weather started changing - too hot and windy. If I walk at lunch, then I would come back to work desperately needing a shower and new makeup! There's really no place inside to walk without interrupting my co-workers. I'm thinking of asking if I can take a 15 minute lunch break, then take off 45 minutes early so I can walk in the afternoon before I go home. Report
Yes, I'll walk on Wednesday at my lunch break. I live close enough to my office that I actually walk to & from daily, plus I walk home for lunch most days. I don't have a fellow co-worker to ask to participate but will ask my husband to join me - he is currently not working. Report
walking shoes and extra pairs of socks are part of my regular office gear! I keep them in a drawer at work. Luckily I am in a city with a great downtown that has numerous walking routes. My employer even created a "walking map" for us showing distances and routes. Now that spring is here and weather is good, I have no more excuses for not getting out there!

I won't be at work on Weds. but I'll be walking in spirit. Report
Despite the questionable neighborhood my office is in, I usually take two 15 minute breaks and walk around the block. I doubt any of my coworkers would join me! Report
I exercise during by lunch break everyday unless I have an appt. There's a community center down the street from my office with a small evercise room I visit everyday unless I go for a walk. Report
Probably not. I work in an industrial area in a repair shop. There are no sidewalks and the neighborhood is not the best. Otherwise I would definitely be walking on my lunch breaks. When I move I always feel better in the afternoon. I will however walk before work. Report
Im walking - is there someplace we 'log' this? Report
sure why not! it's probably a great middle of the day stress buster too! Report
Yes I will! I am on a 4 week streak of walking during my lunch break. I work at a school, and usually eat at my desk while I continue to work. But have worked out a plan so that I am now able to leave my desk for at least 20 minutes every day, though most days I do spend 30 minutes. Most days I am able to enjoy the outdoors. On wet days, I use the gym between classes.
I agree with others. We should all do this everyday. Report
I walk every day at lunch time for at least 10 minutes since I only have a 1/2 hour for lunch. I love the fact that it has its own day. Keep this going every day not just one day a year!!! Report
Sounds like a very good idea to me. Report
I don't work, but i do walk at lunchtime. count me in. I think the annual walk day is a great idea. Report
Weather permitting I walk every day for lunch so count me in for this Wednesday. I've noticed it helps my energy level and even my knees seem to like it. Report
A colleague and I walk every day when our schedules allow. Report
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