9 Healing Foods for Every Ailment

By , Jessica Girdwain, Woman's Day
Straight from your pantry—up energy, get glowing skin, sleep better and more. Keep clicking to find out what to snack and sip on when your body needs a boost.

Ease Achy Muscles

Drizzle on extra-virgin olive oil

It's rich in a component called oleocanthal that speeds muscle repair. In fact, research shows that consuming about 3 1/2 Tbsp oil throughout the day is the anti-inflammatory equivalent of approximately 10% of the standard ibuprofen dose. Add some to a post-workout salad or on top of mixed steamed vegetables.

Feel Perky in the Afternoon

Snack on cheese and crackers

The crackers pack energizing vitamins B6 and B12 (look for those that list 100% whole grain as the first ingredient), while lowfat cheese has protein. That combo stimulates the production of the feel-good chemical serotonin in your brain, which gives you energy to power through the P.M. Cap snacks at 200 calories (about 1 oz lowfat cheese and 8 crackers).

Fall Asleep Faster

Drink cherry juice

Tart cherries contain melatonin—a sleep-promoting compound that's a rare find in food (other sources include walnuts and bananas). In one study, people who drank this juice daily had better-quality zzzs compared with those who didn't sip. Cherry juice won't knock you out, but it may help you fall asleep easier. Drink it any time of day, or try adding 6 oz to a smoothie.

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What do you think? What foods help you feel better?

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I've heard that cherry juice also helps alleviate edema--though I'm not sure if it works with lymphedema. Report
I love to juice my fruits as well as eat them. Report
Very interesting read, didn't think of chamomile for bloating! I love chamomile tea, so now I have an excuse to drink it more regularly before bedtime! Soothing bedtime routine, too! Report
Whoa, 3 1/2 Tbls of evoo = a whole lot of calories! I don't think 400 calories of oil is worth the "benefits" of pain relief! Report
I think cherry juice is recommended for all season use. If you can get fresh cherries, great. If not - the 100% juice would be a good substitute and still has the specific benefits promoted here. Report
Eat your fruits...not drink your fruits Report
Great blog full of surprises. I use lemon juice or vinegar for a funny tummy(upset). Surprised about the Extra Virgin Olive Oil for aches. Will use that! Will start back using my cumin more often. Spices are always good for a healthy remedy. I use cinnamon daily and it has blood sugar lowering power. So much in the food we eat are healthy remedys. That's what I like. Thank you for sharing this information! Blessings! :) Report
For me Coconut Oil ( organic ) Lemon , pure honey , garlic (fresh) and cayenne pepper are just a few of healing foods that I absorb everyday ! Food is medicine if consumed correctly in moderation. Report
Wouldn't it be best to just eat cherries instead of cherry juice? Report
My super feel-good food: COFFEE!
I have been on a turmeric kick lately since I heard about its anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory effects. Truly, unless you use a lot, you can't taste it, but that's no problem for me because I like spicy foods. I sprinkle it on all meats, add it to all soups and stews, and even put a tiny shake into my smoothie (it disappears.) Report
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