9 Bizarre Things Our Bodies Can Do

By , Amanda Montell, Woman's Day
Have you ever felt your joints throb before a thunderstorm? Experienced a sudden migraine during a cold front? Had the scent of cologne catapult you to a distant memory? Our bodies can do some spectacular and seemingly inexplicable things. Here, experts decode nine of the body’s oddest abilities—some of which you may not even know you have. 

1. Your achy joints can predict the weather.

Stories of people’s creaky joints before rainfall aren’t old wives' tales, says orthopedic surgeon Robert Tait, MD. "When a storm front moves in, the atmospheric pressure drops. Major joints’ sensory nerve endings register a relative increase in joint fluid pressure, resulting in increased pain." Frequent aches sound unpleasant, but at least those with psychic joints know when to bring an umbrella!

2. Your eyes can warn you when your body's too cold.

Everyone shivers when they’re chilly, but how can we tell if temperatures are verging on dangerous? According to Rupe Hansra, OD, senior director of eye care at LensCrafters, the eyes are the windows to signs of extreme cold. "When hypothermia becomes severe, blood vessels in the eyes constrict to conserve energy," says Dr. Hansra. And that can result in temporary blindness, which model Kate Upton experienced firsthand during her Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover shoot in Antarctica. Temperatures reportedly dipped as low as -20°F while she was there.

3.  Your heart rate can foretell the future.

Your heart doesn't know when you'll get married or how much you'll receive in tax returns, but findings from a recent study show that people's tickers can anticipate certain events without any cues. Researchers from Northwestern University in Evanston, IL, the University of California, Irvine, and the Università di Padova in Italy showed subjects a series of images in an unpredictable order and studied their reactions. Some images were neutral; others were meant to elicit an excited response. The scientists discovered a quickened heart rate as much as 10 seconds before the presentation of a stimulating image, suggesting that hearts can sense when something thrilling or disturbing is about to happen. So listen to your heart!

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illicit= naughty.
i think what you're looking for is "elicit" (to bring forth) Report
Interesting. Report
I'm not sure what happened to the rest of the list, but I did find the heart study very interesting! Maybe I will find the rest on Women's Day? Report
Amazing things our bodies are able to do Report
I had a doctor explain once that scar tissue is another reason our bodies can tell when the weather is going to change. It is also sensitive to barometric changes like joints are. Report
why the headline of 9 things when only 3 are explored????? This happens with almost every article like this........very frustrating since I don't want to run around a bunch of other sites just so they can flood my box with email... Report
My sister has a multi-part series on our company blog about how memory, classical (Pavlovian) conditioning, and stimuli such as music. It can be a time machine of sorts, as the article says, and it's good to know how it can affect you (or your students)!. caninesinaction.com/2013/04/music-a
-real-life-part-1/ Report
@ROZZIEOZZIE: You have to click on the link "Check out more things your body can do from Woman's Day." The rest are there. Report
I thought there were NINE things, not THREE! What happened to the rest? Report
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