7 Ways to Find a Fitness Buddy

By , Alexa Cortese, Fitness Magazine
A recent study conducted at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine proved that exercising with a partner improves weight-loss results. Whether you're trying to shed a few pounds or simply want to maintain a healthy lifestyle, here are some great strategies to find a fitness friend.


As the world's largest network for special-interest groups, it's tough not to be inspired by the fun things people are signing up for on this site. You can find anything from a local hiking group to meet-ups for exercising with your pets!



With a focus on young professionals, this organization is a great way to sign up for intramural teams, classes, clinics, and social events. Part of the proceeds go to charity, making this a worthwhile way to meet an exercise buddy.


LivingSocial/Groupon Deals
Thanks to the deeply discounted prices for fitness-related classes, it's easier than ever to sign up for anything from yoga classes to rock-climbing lessons. The dopamine rush from trying something new (like trapeze, perhaps?!) can create a bond between people, so strike up a convo with someone else in your class...she could be the workout buddy you've been searching for!



Find more ways to meet fitness buddies.

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Where have you met your fitness buddies? How do your workout partners motivate you?

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I like knowing I will see the same people in certain classes at the gym and have noticed we depend on each other to be there and comment when one of us is a no show. I guess there is strength in numbers. When I agree to meet friends that I call on the phone and email often not only to they flake but the excuses arent really good, I go alone and tell myself they will wish they didnt give up so easily if I continue and be an example of our commitment. LOL - Report
I'm looking for a weekly workout buddy in the Issaquah WA area. I ride a stationary bike most days but that gets so boring. I need a weekly hike to keep me inspired. Report
I'm looking for a weekly workout buddy in the Issaquah WA area. I ride a stationary bike most days but that gets so boring. I need a weekly hike to keep me inspired. Report
Looking for a fittness buddy in the BOWIE/GLENDALE AREA !! Report
I met my Saturday morning fitness buddy at the gym. We worked out together for a while, then she bailed on me. LOL !! She didn't quit per se. She wanted to try other things. We still get together occasionally to workout.

In general, I prefer working out alone, but if I do decide to workout with a buddy, I've usually found my buddies at the gym. Report
I met my workout buddy right here on spark people Report
Found that I was not walking daily by myself - always found excuses to postpone or not walk. So... I typed "Walking Mississauga" and found a Meetup group that walks four mornings a week. Also identified a Nordic Pole Walking group and meet with them Saturday morning. Having others to walk with requires a committment. It also challenges one to keep improving.

Would like to find someone to go to the fitness club with. Report
hmm will have to try livingsocial.com Report
Looking for a workout partner in the Chicago area or Calumet City Il. Report
Buddies are always so helpful! Report
I use meetup too. Zogsports sounds cool. Still sometimes hard to find someone to work out with though Report
I work2nd shift so it is difficult to find a walking buddy, Anyone on the N side of Indy? Report
I found group fitness classes at my local Y have been great for finding workout buddies. Just the social interaction alone after the classes keeps me motivated and coming back. Give group fitness classes a try! Report
Wow, I'm surprised how good these sites are! I thought there was no way there would be a fitness related group near me in Essex, UK but there are some! They are mostly in London, so when I move back there one day, I will definitely join a running group or something. Thanks for this great article! Report
I meet one of my fitness buddies right here on SP.......we walk together at least 2-3 times a week. We go much further because we don't realize we are working out! Report
I have a few friends I meet at the gym & we push each other to do our best. I also walk in the evenings with my best friend. Report
Love the 7 am mall walks. Report