CONTEST CLOSED: 7 Million Pounds Lost! We're Celebrating!

By , SparkPeople Blogger
Thanks for entering! The contest is CLOSED, and winners will be annouced soon!

Congratulations, SparkPeople Members! We've hit another milestone on our road to healthy living.

This weekend, we surpassed the 7 million pound mark! 7,000,000 pounds! That's 3,500 tons of body fat gone forever! Woo-hoo! 7 million pounds equals about 467 elephants, 45 loaded passenger airplanes or 23,333 NFL linebackers. Pat yourselves on the back for that accomplishment.

That's quite a feat.

To celebrate, the dailySpark is giving away four sets of Pilates body bands by Savasa (see below).

It's easy to enter. Just respond in the comments below and tell us what motivates you today.

You can find the official rules here, but remember NOT to comment on the rules! This contest starts now and runs until 9 a.m. EST Friday, March 6, 2009.

Thanks for helping us reach this milestone. We just keep losing! As I write, we're already up to 7,002,276 pounds--make that 7,002,278--and counting.

Don't forget to comment BELOW and tell us what's motivating you today? You could win a set of Savasa Pilates body bands!

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Congratulations Spark People and to all of my fellow sparkers we all deserve a round of applause because we DID IT!!! No, we're DOING IT!! =) that's what keeps me motivated! looking @ the numbers in this blog, the success stories of others, the team forums, nutrition and fitness trackers, and the reality that everyday I am able to push my body a little farther and soon not only be beautiful on the inside but it will be seen on the outside as well. What keeps me positive and motivated is watching me become the woman, the butterfly I always knew I could be.....thanks to you SP I am watching a long awaited dream become my reality. (tear drops) =) thank you!!! Report
my motivation today, and most days, comes from my acknowledgement of my personal ability to change my life for the better, feeling empowered to help shape my own destiny, and knowing that i hold my success in my own hands by my choices, behavior, and attitude. i am motivated to feel comfortable in my own skin again and stay healthy being there. Report
I am motivated by my desire to get off medications. It would save a lot of money I could use for fun things like vacations! Report
What motivates me, Is seeing my progress and that my kids want to join in with me while I'm doing my workouts. and if I'm really not in the mood to do them they always say "but mom you will feel so much better after your workout. You know you will". They are my motivaters and my insperation... thank you spark ! Report
What motivates me is the increase in energy I feel when I'm focused on good healthy food and exercise. I want to do so many things after work and only when I'm on track I have the energy to accomplish them all! Report
My daughter motivates me. Knowing that soon she will be walking and I want to keep up with her and to break the cycle of obesity. I want to be a healthy role model for her! Report
My motivation is not only my desire to be a healthier and more active person but also, my desire to have children. It's next to impossible right now but with weight loss and a healthy diet I can have the family I've always wanted! Report
A few things have kept me motivated, just watching the lab tests improve each visit to the Dr., has been most satisfying. Lately when I put clothing on that I decided to keep and look in the mirror, I looklike I am wearing someone elses clothing. Losing 4 dress sizes I also have been able to change the way I dress, newer styles flatter my changed body. It has been a wonderful healthier and motivating journey. Thank you SP Report
I am so excited about my new adventure to get healthy and loose weight in the process and also have the opportunity to meet some great people. Report
What motivates me today is the fact that you can't please everyone you just have to please yourself. Do what it takes to make you a happier person both inside and out. Believe that you are worth it and good things will come! Report
I am motivated by the fact that I am starting my new life as a single mom and I can be and do whatever I want. This means that I need to be able to do something more than what my body will let me do right now. This site is helping me keep my focus on my girls and where I need to be for them. Report
I love the fact that I can track my nutrients and see areas where I am lacking. I am also thankful for the reminder to drink water-it has really motivated me to get close to my 8 a day. I also really appreciate many of the people I have met here-it is so motivating! Report
It's a Great environment, the people are awesome, and The unlimited info that is availbe it's amazig. love it.... i hope i get some Report
Being able to buy a size 5 dress today! I haven't done that since 1999! Report
Fitting into my old jeans. Report
always enjoy a gift. i haven't lost much yet mut it is coming i know it. Report
What really motivates us here in the office is the money in the pot after 6 months. We started this program 01/02/09. Every monday, everybody in the office gives $5.00 in the pot. Every friday, we all weigh ourselves. And if we gain a pound or less we pay additional $5.00 in the pot. Every last friday of the month, whoever losses the biggest number of pounds in terms of percentage from your original wt from the the first friday of the month wins $40.00. The more the merrier. We encourage anybody to join us. Report
Today I am motivated by my friends here at Spark People. Reading about tips, success stories, struggles, and insights help me to make the choices that will help me attain my goals. Knowing that people are in the same boat and that I'm not alone helps tremendously. But, then I take those lessons learned and carry them into the relationships I have outside of spark people. My relationship with family, friends, my pet, the community and the earth have all benefited from my involvement with Spark People... knowing that it motivates me further. After 30 years of diet struggling, this time it will work. Report
This website and my friends are my greatest motivation. I completed a workout on my elliptical that earlier had been almost impossible to complete. It made me realize what I doing is working! Report
I am motivated today in knowing that so many people have been able to prolong their lives by eating healthier and exercising, myself included. I can't stop talking about this site to family, friends and co-workers! It's as if I have been searching for the answer to so many questions for many years and I have finally found the key! Have a great weekend everyone! Report
My family, my spark family and my improved health all keep me motivated and on target. Report
I am motivated to be a better me by using SP and all the wonderful applications and tools this site has to offer, plus the people aren't so bad :-) Report
I need the exercise but also needs to be geared to a 73 year old. I am pretty active in the summer with yard and garden but when the weather does not permit I am mostly in the home. I try to exercise by riding ex bike and treadmill. I need something different to keep the interest. Report
I'm one pound away from being back in the 170s and my excitement about my accomplishments along with the support I get from SP and my family is keeping me motivated! Report
Better health----my biggest motivation
I so glad to be a part of Spark People!! Report
My motivation is being able to actually run longer with out having to stop and walk. I am ready to run a mile without stopping. Report
I am motivated by my desire to be healthy and to live a long full life. Report
One year ago when I did triceps extensions I could only brace my under arm with my other hand, now I can brace my arm at the elbow. I'm getting more flexable. Report
SparkPeople is what motivates me. I have tried several ways to lose the weight and the only thing that has seemed to work is Spark. I have learned to eat healthy and everyone that I have met on Spark has motivated me to start exercising. I have energy now and I never did before I just feel so much better. Thank you SPARKPEOPLE. Report
Today, I am motived by the strength in my legs as I head out for a run. 2 years ago, I never thought I coulbe be a runner. And now I love it! Report
What motivates me is how much better I feel!! Losing the pounds is great, but the healthy way I've learned to eat and all the fitness tips I've gotten from Spark is what has really made the difference. I feel like a different person than I was before and I know I'll make it to see my grandsons grow up and have families of their own. Spark has totally changed my life for the better. Report
I am motivated by my children's encouragement. They look at me and feel that they too can do anything. My 16 year old told me that she is so proud of me for being so committed and she told me that she feels more inspired that she too can do anything. My youngest daughter, 11 years old, told me that she is stretching herself in PE to do a little bit more so she can lose weight and be healthy like me! What more do I need? :0) Report
Spark People is what motivates me. The fact that I can log on at any time of day or night to get encouragement or stop me from eating that chocolate ice cream I'm craving. The fact that I can see how many people can get out there and exercise, no matter how buys their lives are, means I can do it too. The fact that I now have the tools and can SEE by listing what I eat where the problems lie. BUT the BIGGEST motivator is that it works. I'm healthier now than when I started 6 months ago. Thank you Spark People. You have motivated me!!!!!! Report
what motivates me is fitting into something that I haven't been able to wear
makes me want to work harder Report
What motivates me is getting completely off of my meds. I have gotten off of a high dose of insulin and only take a diabetes pill. I got off of 2 blood pressure pills, one more to go. And cholesteral is normal now. No more meds for that.And now I can sit on floor and be with my handicapped son. Feels so good! Report
What motivates me is an outfit that I bought for myself for when I meet my goal weight/size. An awesome pair of dark skinny jeans with a cream satin tank and pink lacy shell-totally hot and a great motivator. It hangs on display on my bedroom door to keep me going! Report
The idea of teaching my son things that will help him live a healthier life - and I am learning them all here on Spark! Report
What motivates me today is that I'm seeing more sunshine. Spring is coming, and with the better weather, I'll be able to do more things outside. Report
What motivates me today is what motivates me every day... every day I get more energy and more confidence from the results that I see, and how good I feel!
My sparkfriends are an integral part of my success - they motivate and inspire me as well! Report
I find so much motivation from my Sparkfriends, I love reading the different pages, and seeing the many success stories!! My weight loss so far is helping too!! Report
Motivation has been a struggle lately, but the BLC is helping to keep me going! Report
I am Motivated to change my life style for a healthier life for my daughters and grandchildren. I can wait for the next 20 years.. SparkPeople has shown me a better way of life Thank you. Report
I am motivated to get back to work after feeling the negative effects of revisiting my old lifestyle these last few weeks. Report
I am motivated by the wonderful SparkPeople leaders and by Nicole's BootCamp videos. She is great. The workouts are short and specific and doable. There is no way I can say I don't have time for a workout.
Christine Report
All my friends I have met on sparkpeople motivate me. This is really an awesome site. Getting in good health also motivates me and keeping up with my son. Report
I find wonderful motivation from the teams I have joined on SP. They give me challenges that make me think about what I am eating and also make me want to change my habits about getting up and exercising. I also get motivated by reading the replies by other members about how they lost weight and how their lives are changing for the better. Report
The consequences of my obesity have been increasing throughout the years and I finally decided that it was time to take control. I'm thankful that I found SparkPeople. I have really appreciated all the helpful tools, the motivating stories, and the support of other members. And with of price of $Free, how can you go wrong?? Report
SP is awesome not only do we get this wonderful site for free but they are continuosly giving things away!! Report
March 1st was my 1 year anniversary on SparkPeople (using SparkPeople - I don't count the fact that I signed up the year before but never used it) and I've lost a bunch of weight. I'm motivated by how I feel now! Report
I am motivated by the people around me -- my Spark teammates, friends at the gym, and my husband who got off the couch last May and is doing his first triathlon in two weeks! Report
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