6 Weeks In, How Are Your Resolutions Going?

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It's easy to start the New Year with lots of momentum and enthusiasm for the coming year. You probably set some goals related to improving your health or becoming a better person. It's been about 6 weeks since the New Year started, and now is the time when motivation can start to wane. Before the excitement of 2010 begins to wear off, let's revisit those goals. Are you staying focused? Do you need to make some changes to your game plan? Do you even remember what your New Year's Resolutions were?

I thought I'd start off by sharing my goals, along with an update of how I'm doing. Some are going well, and others, well, I have yet to begin.

1. Slow down. I find myself living life at a very frantic pace, always busy and stressed out about something. This year I'm trying to slow down and enjoy things a little more- especially where my kids are concerned. And so far, this one is going okay. I'm doing better at prioritizing. For example, what things can wait so that I have plenty of time to read to the kids before bed? What things am I doing that I just need to stop altogether? At the very least, I'm more aware of the extra tasks I add to my day to make it more chaotic.

2. Lose some fat and get stronger. Running is my primary form of exercise (and probably always will be.) But I know that if I want to see results, I have to mix things up. So I've started incorporating some new strength training workouts into my routine, and I'm already noticing a difference.

3. Read at least 5 books this year. So far I've read 1 ½. (Of course the one that's completed is The Spark.) I'm already ahead of schedule on this one.

4. Focus on the positives and stop worrying so much about everything. I don't have the worrying in check yet. Step one will be to develop a plan for how to go about that. The plan is on my "to-do" list.

How are your resolutions going? What are you doing to keep yourself on track all year long? Any tips you'd like to share?

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Had a plan. God said, "Ha!" Hit with snow, sub-zero temperatures, frozen water pipes, extra hours at work. On to plan B. It's all good! Report
I'm reading "THE BECK SOLUTION" and it has lots of helpful ideas for staying motivated. Report
I didn't want the whammy of a failed New Year's Resolution so didn't get started on this till late in January. Just wanted to start small steps with a big goal (for me) of 25 pounds gone by September. I'm on my way - 7 pounds off and feel a lot better already! Report
Every couple weeks I get really discouraged that the weight isn't coming off (went from couch potato to exercising 5 days per week). The scales initially showed an increase, and I've still only lost a couple pounds, but I have stayed consistent with my workouts (major goal independent of weight loss), am no longer pre-hypertensive, and becoming more toned.
(I need to toss the scales since I can't stay off them and just concentrate on the positive changes). Report
On track....17 lbs and 3% body fat gone...that's like 68 quarter pound burger patties off my body...yuk!!! Report
It's been six weeks for me, and I'm down 10lbs! Report
Didn't get started until the end of January. Have lost 10 pounds/3 weeks. Report
I didn't put the extra stress on myself to start my resolutions on January 1st this year. I let myself ease into the year and really began making the changes starting in February, after I read The Spark! This program has been just the motivation I needed to begin some slow and steady lifestyle changes which will turn into a long term healthy body and weight change. Report
Well I must say coming back to spark people has been a good thing for me. Every year I say I am going to do something good and this place is the only place that has kept me consistent this year. I am glad I found this place cause it is motivating me to eat more healthier and its working. I get more support and motivation from Spark people than I do my own family LOL! That's why I am here and will be til I can see some results before I venture out on my own. Spark people has proved to me that I can do it. I just needed the motivation. Good luck to all. Report
I'm very encouraged by everyone's posts. I'm doing okay. My weight loss is slow, but I am losing. My exercise is consistently four times/week and I'm heading into five times per week. The time and intensity have definitely gone up. Report
This wasn't a New Year's Resolution as much as a wake up call. I am doing good, I've lost 20 lbs, exercise 5-6 days a week and log my food daily. Last weekend I rummaged through my closet finding things that did not fit for a long time and now they do. I still have a long way to goal, but everyday I am making progress. Report
My main resolution was to try to cut back on things so I'm not spread so thin. I've done that a little, but i still have to fight the urge to fill up my calendar & do every little thing that people suggest that sounds kinda interesting. One thing I've purposely added to my schedule is walking at least one evening a week. I used to walk two mornings a week, but stopped when I started my job in June. So my schedule is still fairly full for now, but I'm consciously making more of an effort to use my unscheduled time to spend quality time with my hubby. He was getting lost in the shuffle, but I'm learning to stop saying 'yes' to every little thing that pops up. I didn't realize how much of a habit that was & it's hard to break. Report
! lost 20lbs so far! Report
I am doing well because I am being deliberate and focused but not in an antagonistic way towards myself but in a gentle way. I am listening to myself more, asking myself what I want to do/need to do, taking the time to finally practice self-care in the form of bringing healthy snacks with me to work, writing in my journal, preparing what I need to eat and not feeling as if I have to eat what my son and husband are eating. The lesson for me this time around is patience (sometime during the day I find myself inevitably doing some self-talk in the form of reminding myself that "slow but steady wins the race." Reading about others on SparkPeople who are on this same journey is both supportive and inspiring. Report
I am proud of my continuing exercise commitment, because that is the key for my weight loss and healthy lifestyle overall. I wish the weight came off faster, but the loss has been steady so I can't complain. Today is Day 63 of exercise and I did 100 minutes today!!! WOOHOO!!! Report
I'm doing pretty good. I just wish the weight would come off faster but, at least it's coming off. I've lost 4 pounds so far and tomorrow I weigh in so let's hope another pound comes off.
Colette Report
So far i am doing pretty good slowly but surely.
I do have some lazynes left, but i am going to
stick to it and become the skinny friend somehow. Report
I didn't start on January 1. I am making a Lifestyle change and I didn't want it to be seen (by myself, or anyone else) as another possibly empty resolution. On January 6, I quit smoking. That pushed me into overdrive with my need to change things! I was (and still am) terrified of gaining weight because I have quit smoking. I was already obese. I have had a lot of ups and downs since then. I'm learning how to eat, (I actually thought I knew this already, but I was so wrong!) I'm working my body almost every day (and loving it), and I've decided to weight myself only once per month. I am monitoring my progress with the way my clothes feel (throwing out all of my 2XL t-shirts today. They are too big and though I was using them to cover up my body when working out, I realize now that they actually make me look bigger because they are so big on me. Add to that, the fact that the size of them is annoying when I'm working out! Especially on my arms, I have learned that my arms sweat!) So many people have responded to this post! And everyone sounds encouraged and positive and they are being good to themselves! Way to go, everyone!!!!! Report
I didn't start at the beginning of the year but, I am starting now. I'm not making a resolution but a back off plan. Each week I back off one negative thing and increase one positive thing. So far, it was going well until I had a burger today. Report
I didn't start right in the beginning of the new year.. started a few weeks ago!! I'm starting to feel better my diet has changed and hopefully soon i'll start to see a change in the way I look!! :-) Report
I didn't start right in the beginning of the new year.. started a few weeks ago!! I'm starting to feel better my diet has changed and hopefully soon i'll start to see a change in the way I look!! :-) Report
My first goal of course was to lose weight, which to me its been going up and down. So I just keep changing things until I start loosing again and it has been working. Every time I get frustrated I just think next year at this time I will be so exited to know I did it! I have a reward trip planned as well which has definitely helped on the encouragement. Report
Lost 15 lbs. Thanks for asking. Report
I no longer make new year's resolutions. I find them self-fulfilling failures. I am quite successful depending on myself to make it or break it, not putting faith or blame on anything else. I'm finally feeling some confidence in myself, on my own strength, what there is of it so far. Why weaken your chances by giving up control, etc. to something outside of yourself, especially a calendar. Report
I'm still on track with mine. I'm steadily losing and I am still exercising everyday. Report
So far this year it's up and down up and down and I haven't got much energy but my goal of 40 lbs by my daughter's wedding in late June still stands and every time i think about it I get this overwhelming energy so I hope the downs go up and stay there. Report
I didn't make a new year's resolution, but I did make some challenges for me...so far it has been working! Report
Well, I've noticed a definite pattern in my fitness endeavors. It seems about every third week I hit a low point where I feel like I'm not gaining anything (or rather loosing). I am working so hard at getting my fitness in and tracking my meals. I have tried to give myself a break one out of seven days, to just do an easier workout or at least shorter. I know I've lost inches but the weight is coming off extremely slowly - 1 lb only in six weeks. I know I'm working harder at fitness than I ever have, doing strength training in addition to cardio. In the last five years I have attempted to loose weight but used the more drastic dieting and mostly running as fitness. So, I'm hoping the way I'm approaching it through Spark People's suggestions I will have long lasting success. I nearly didn't go to the gym this morning but decided a 20 minute workout would be better than not at all. I did have more energy throughout the day, so I'm glad I went. Report
I began my resolution late January, around the 20th. I'm a college student and I found the 10-minute cardio kickboxing work out on youtube. When I went home Feb 6, I weighed myself and I had already lost 8lbs. Because I don't own a scale here, it's going to be difficult to track my weight until I get home again, but I feel good about the choices I'm making in the cafeteria and doing my workouts every day or every other day. So far so good. :) Report
this was very timely... I needed to remind myself of what I wrote in my blog.. so far I'm moderately happy with my progress. But I've reviewed the goals and still believe they are good... so I've printed them out and posted them to provide me with a constant reminder. Thanks. Report
I'm OK with where I'm at. I've dropped 11 pounds, 9 more to go. It's dropping off at around a pound a week, with no loss every third week. I've lost this weight before - but this time I'm working on changing life style, and what kinds of carbs I eat. Less sugar and refined carbs, more veggies. It's been a steadier loss this time. Report
Still going strong, down 10.5 lbs! Without exercising! Only because I can't due to a recent knee surgery that is taking forever to heal. I promised myself that I would eat healthy and track EVERYTHING! In the past if I couldn't exercise I didn't care what I ate. So I am soo happy that I broke that cycle and vow to keep on track!! Report
Still going strong. Losing bwt 1-2 pounds a week. Eating much better. Report
So far so good. Exercising consistently and eating much healthier. Down 7 lbs so far. I am making sure I have various exercise options so I do not get bored. Report
For the 1st time in my life I am still on track with my healthy resolutions! I owe a lot of it to "The Spark". The book and this site are helping me to find my own strength and desire to accomplish the goals I set up for myself! I really feel like I'm on my way!! It feels great! Report
I'm doing good. I wanted to lose 10 pounds by my birthday and I have lost 10 and my birthday isn't until next week. Report
I'm still on track! Report
Going strong for me still! 16lbs down, 25inches smaller, and still counting! Report
So far I'm doing good. One goal was to clean my desk and keep it clean. I did get it clean last week, and am determined to keep it that way. I've been working out five days a week, lost one pound (goal for now is to lose four more by May 1). Report
Doing great, improving tiny bits at a time. Working on cutting out soft drinks and fast food, and cooking for myself more often. I'm also being much nicer to myself and actually getting more done as a result. PS 5 books?! Total? You must live a crazy life lady because I can't imagine reading less than a book a week! Report
My goal is to reach my 50th birthday fit, trim and healthy. I hope to learn to manage stress better this year and to play more with my kids! I'm off to a pretty good start so far! Report
I'm happy that I'm doing well so far. This is going to be a tough year for me, but I'm going to keep on doing my best. Report
One of my goals is to read the Spark book. which I am doing now. Next goal, make better choices, doing well there. Report
My goals are still going well. My resolution was to become more dedicated to all aspects of health, and not just say "I"m going on a diet". I really love how all different aspects of health work together to make me a better ME. Report
I was doing quite well until just this last weekend. Vertigo returned so that has me in a quandry over exercising. Also, we were gone two days & traveling etc. so that messed up my schedule. I'm trying to get back on track ---- we'll have to wait & see if the vertigo issue gets any better. I just saw the Dr. about it this morning. Report
I'm doing ok. Could be better. January wasn't too good for me. February was better. My plans were to start going to the gym after work (the best time for me) and work cardio for about 20 to 30 mins then doing a little strength training (about 5 - 10 mins). Well the first week, things came up and I wasn't able to go but a few times that week. The next week went alittle more and actually did really good. Then my children got sick and that set me back. I'm hoping that I can get started again tomorrow night and continue on with my goals. Report
January was a success, but I started losing steam at the beginning of February. I've been reading the Spark and it is getting me motivated all over again and showing me ways to not get burned out by setting smaller goals and basically not being an all or nothing person (so guilty of that). Report
I think I'm pretty much on track, had to make up for the weight gain over the holidays, and am now back to early December weight. I now have an obsession at searching for healthy low fat/cal TASTY recipes and spend too much time searching, however enjoying the search. And it's all good Report
I'm not doing so well and then when I finally was back in the mindset to get going, I got sick. Next week I should be completely better again to try starting up again. I can do this. =) Report
I am continuing along my "quest for health", but my major NYResolution, was to not drink when at home alone. May not sound like a biggie, but with my husbands schedule I find I am home alone a lot more these days.
I was finding too many calories wasted on alcohol... as well as my moods, and depression were so out of control!! I have not lost a lot of weight due to this, but my mental health seems much better, so I will continue along!!

So YES I am proud to say I am on track with my resolution!

Jen... Good job... hang in htere, and I wish you continued success! Report
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