3 Water Bottles with Built-in Filters

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You’ve heard it before: Ditch the plastic water bottles for a reusable version. But with so many options out there it can be hard to choose. We did some research and came up with three dependable—and good looking—favorites, which are all BPA-free and contain built-in filters, which means that you can have drinkable tap water on hand anywhere you go!

Twist off the cap and let water stream through the filter of this 24-oz bottle that contains a natural bacteria-killing product (replace the filter every three months or after 150 uses). $29.99; Hydros Bottle

Camelbak Groove
This bottle has a filter built right into the straw. It’s reusable and drip-proof, thanks to the big bite valve. $25; CamelBak

These stylish bottles contain a carbon filter (replace it every two months) that removes contaminants from tap water. $9.95; Water Bobble

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Do you drink from a water bottle? What kind? How much water do you drink daily?

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I have a coupleof bottles and refill from the filtered water at the office or my own filtered water at home. I try not to buy water in a bottle when I'm out. I try to keep a bottle in my bag, for when I need a drink.the 600ml size is perfect and I know if I have a couple of those a day, that's 1.2litres already!! Report
I use a double wall water bottle, I bought it at Walmart. I think a filtered water bottle is a good idea Report
At the moment, I struggle to drink enough water. I drink about 3 to 4 glasses a day. I have a 20oz Katadyn water bottle purchased from Campmor. This bottle is designed to be used while hiking. So, you can pick up dirty lake water and it will filter out all bacteria but I use it for tap water. I purchased it because I wanted the filter to last longer. Report
I've been thinking about getting one of these, thanks for the quick review on three options! Report
I use a Camel Bak and I'm thinking about getting an insulated Camel Bak because when you add ice to the water, the water will still be cold the next day. I drink 64 oz per day more if I am really being active or exercising a lot. Report
Great information, now maybe I can get my husband to stop spending so much money on bottled water when we're out. Report
Great information thax Report
I love the Camelbak! If you haven't tried it yet - do!

The amount of water depends upon the workout I have for that day, but ALWAYS a minimum of eight 8 oz glasses per day. Ususally, around 10 to 12 glasses a day. Report
I drink from a Nalgene screw top water bottle while I'm working out. The rest of the day it's a 22 oz glass. Report
i like this idea...i might have to get one Report
I drink from a 32 oz Nalgene screw top bottle. I fill it up twice to get my daily 64 oz fix.
The bottles are BPA free and made in the USA.

I like that hydros bottle, the water at work is pretty disgusting tasting, so I may have to get one of those for work. Also liked that it is BPA free and made in the USA. Report
I have a water bottle that my fiance bought me it's from www.coolgearinc.com it has a filter and an icepack that twist off and a flip top so no spills in the car. The one I have holds your daily amount of water you are supose to drink so I know how much I have had through the day. They also come in smaller ones too. Mine was about $20 and well worth every penny. I have gotten 4 people where I work to buy them too. I bought my fiance a bobble small one that also has filter because he doesn't like tap water and we don't have to pay outrageous amount to buy bottles at the store. Report
I do drink from a water bottle. I have one I bought from a tupperware party, and I do drink form the individual bottles you buy. I sure could drink more than I do. I would love one of these bottles with the filter. they look awesome. thanks Report
I love my reusable bottles from Tupperware ....they come in 3 sizes so I have the liter ones for my regular water drinking, then I use the little 16 oz for gym and going out cause they fit inside my purse! Report
I have two 32-oz Rubbermaid plastic bottles that I use daily. I have one that can be in the dishwasher getting clean, while I use the second one, and then swap them out every few days (I only drink water in them). I drink 3-4 of these bottles every day. I don't like the bottles with straws b/c I find them hard to keep clean, and I get too much air in my "pouch" (I am a gastric bypass patient) when I use a straw, which makes me uncomfortably gassy. I fill my water bottle with our well water, which gets filtered through our refrigerator's water filter and our house's water-softening system. When I am at work, I fill up at the filtered water tank. Report
I do have a very nifty SIIG bottle that Santa brought me one Christmas. However, I'm very guilty of reusing a Poland Springs bottle ! I know... guilty... guilty... guilty... Report
I drink from a reusuable one throughout the day, every day. :) Report
I've yet to discipline myself to eat enough fruits and veggies to supplement (in part of course) my water intake so I drink 12 eight ounce glasses a day. FYI I'm 5' 10" and 189 pounds so it works well for me. I use a Brita Pitcher at home and transport water via pre-used store bought water bottles. Report
I drink water from a bottle I picked up at a drugstore. I love that it's BPA free, has a little filer in it and has markings on the side to show how much it holds/I've drunk. I picked it up because I'd dropped and broken my favorite. This one has turned out to be fantastic - much better than I anticipated. Report
I fill a 24 ozThermos brand (no BPA) bottle with water from my Brita pitcher usually 3 times/day. More in warm weather (of which we've had very little here in the Kansas City area). Report
I have a metal water bottle from Dunkin' Donuts. I don't bother with filters, just drink our tap water. Report
I felt guilty drinking water from plastic bottles, and besides, our well water tastes much better. It took me a while, but I finally found some glass bottles with screw on caps (Perrier) so I can fill them up and take them with me when I am away from home. I don't like drinking out of metal bottles or plastic and at home I use one of those pint jars with a handle on the side. Report
I have no problem drinking water but I have a problem of wanting food with it. I am trying to eliminate the food with the water. Report
Why are you all drinking from plastic water bottles?
We have 6 or 7 stainless steel of various sizes.
No chemicals from plastics, no recyables.
No waste.
We invested in a large bench top water filter and now we just drink from glasses or fill & go.
This review is blatent advertising for consumer waste. Report
I have a filter on my fridge and fill a huge bottle with it and fresh squeezed lemon about twice a day. Staying hydrated makes my skin look good (for my age...lol). MaryAnn Report
I have the thermos intake and I love it because it has a ring around the inside that you can move for each bottle you drink. It also doesn't leak!

Several years ago, we invested in a water cooler from Lowes. The 5 gallon bottles are $6.50 (new with exchange) or we can refill ours for $.35/gallon, $1.75 for 5 gallons. We use glasses or refillable bottles.
I usually use a water bottle in the summer or if I'm going to be away from the house all day. I've been thinking about getting a better one. The water bobble sounds good because of the low price. Report
I have 2 nalgene BPa free (I use the small one the most) and also a one liter (wish it was a QUART) Sigg aluminum bottle (made n switserland -too bad it dents SO easily!!). I never drink bottled water. My wife always does. Why I dont know - I even get after her about it. Report
LOVE my bobble! Kids and husband got one for Valentines Day, everyone a diff color

Only issue, maybe it's just mine, but the suction, I have to really suck, and starts to make the bottle collapse a bit. Maybe I'm still used to my nalgene Report
I drink tap water from a nalgene bottle- try to drink 3 bottles per day Report
I have a 24 oz water bottle I got from Target. It is called intak by Thermos. I love it! My fridge has a water filter and my work has filtered water. I usually fill it about 3 times a day. Report
I don't drink from a water bottle but I do use a filtered water pitcher and drink 8 or more glasses daily and always have bottled water on hand to take with me when I am out and about. Report
I have been wanting to try Bobble for so long now, only right now I can't justify it because my tap water is great unfiltered & we have a filtered water station at work. Last year they had them BOGO for Earth Day, hopefully they'll run a promotion this year too & I'll grab some. They also have a Bobble for children too which is a wonderful idea! Report
I have a Camelbak. I'm glad Woman's World listed these three safe reusable bottles. Report
I love my Bobble! Report
I am drinking a lot of water and refill the plastic, guess I will have to consider a change of bottle choice. Report
I'm of two minds on this,

One view says,
yes there is long term leaching of contaminants from bottles when you first buy them, i.e. water has been in the bottle from new and over a longish period of time (more than a couple of days at least).

But if the problem is leaching from plastic as it ages, then this would be the time in which it is least likely to pick it up as it will probably leach the least new.
Even though it will be in the bottle for the longest time as apposed to refills after the retailers water is consumed.

However as the bottle ages and leaching starts to increase due to the plastic degradation. The duration in which water stays in the bottle will be relatively very short if it is simply filled (possible cooled in fridge) and then consumed within a day or so.

Even if leaching is consistent over time then there is no grace period at the start and the retailers water would have to be the most effected due to leaching O:

However the other view says, (apart from the first drink when opened) no matter how long or short the water is stored in a bottle, if you drink all the water that goes through the bottle you consume all the leached chemicals.

In summation, if you must drink from a bottle that leaches chemical, don't drink water that's been stored in it for long duration, and one or two short term refills wont kill you, but don't make a habit of it. Report
I finally got myself two Nalgene bottles, spring green and half of the daily requirement in one. I try to drink two of them per day. Report
Bobble sounds EPIC i love it, id buy just for the name of it Report
Great information. I am anxious to try the Bobble! Report
i have 600ml SIGG bottle. it's metal with a porcelain inside so the water stays pretty fresh and it's not plastic - so no seeping chemicals from re-using plastic bottles. i keep a britta jug in the fridge so i fill up from there (or at work we have a filter off the mains). i love it. and being 600ml, each time i drink it i count it as 2 glasses, but it's really almost 2.5 ^_^ Report
I don't bother with special bottles. I just keep filling up the ones I have. I have a filter on my faucet at home, so I just fill it from there, and keep them in the fridge. When I am at work, I bring my water bottles with me, and keep them in the fridge. Report
I love my water Bobble! It comes in a 34oz size too! I got mine at Target! & it's pink! Win-Win! Report
I'm horrible at drinking water and worse than that I buy bottle water just for the convenience
of it. I do recycle so hopefully that heps. I drink a lot of water on my workout days...64 oz.
Or more. Report
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