14 Memes That Every Runner Will Definitely Appreciate

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You love it, you hate it. Some days it exhilarates you, other days it exhausts you. One morning you can’t wait to lace up and pound the pavement, and the next it practically takes a crowbar to pry you out of bed.

You’re a runner. Sometimes a reluctant runner, but a runner nonetheless.

For those days when motivation is lagging and you’re tempted to trade the track for some tacos, a little humor can go a long way toward reminding you why you started—and why not finishing is simply not an option. We compiled some of our favorite memes created by the only people who truly “get it”—other runners.

Browse, laugh, share—and then get out there!


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What are your favorite running and fitness memes?

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NIKO27 11/29/2019
Awesome Report
ROBBIEY 9/7/2019
Thanks Report
EO4WELLNESS 8/21/2019
unfortunately, the images aren't loading for me. Report
SHEEBAVASU1 7/16/2019
Absolutely awesome...made my day Report
SPINECCO 7/15/2019
COOL!!! Report
Great 😀 Report
thanks for sharing Report
Thanks for sharing. Report
I wanted to leave a comment on the blog about buying presents for people loosing weight, but there wasn't a place on that blog. Why do some blogs not have places for comments? Discrimination. Report
I am not a runner but these are hilarious! Report
funny. Report
Love these. Report
funny. Report
Funny Report
Too funny! I can relate to these. Report
ROFLMAO!!! Report
Hahaha! I can relate Report
It's so satisfying to run, and satisfying to laugh at the nuances of the effort!! Report
After reading these and realizing I have experienced nearly all of them (except that I hate beer), I thought, "Wow...maybe I am a runner!" Report
Love these! Report
Good stuff! Report
These are great. Thanks Report
Absolutely great Report
Appreciate the humor Report
hahahah, these are great! Report
LOL "... slower than a herd of turtles..." that one made me bust out laughing. I'll stick to walking. Report
nice Report
Pretty funny. Report
Love this! Report
funny and mostly true Report
These are great! Report
Love these! Report
I don't run and yes I DID get them. Report
Hilarious! Report
I get this it is funny Report
Funny! Report
These are great Report
very cute and very true Report