10 Easy Tricks to Avoid Vacation Weight Gain

By , Karen Asp, Woman's Day
Hello, vacation! You’re ready to kick back and relax, maybe sip a few margaritas by the pool. Heaven, right? Until you step on a scale and realize you’ve toted home more than just kitschy souvenirs. About two-thirds of frequent travelers say that exercising and eating healthy while on the road is stressful, according to a TripIt survey. So what’s a weight-conscious jetsetter to do? Follow these 10 simple strategies when you’re planning your next getaway.
Book accommodations with a kitchen.
Rent a condo or hotel room with a kitchen, mini-kitchen or at least a mini-fridge (which may cost a small fee), so you can stock healthy foods. “Then, you can eat some of your meals in, which can be healthier since restaurant meals tend to be larger and higher in calories," says Molly Morgan, a sports specialist dietitian in Vestal, NY, and author of The Skinny Rules. Since dining out’s part of the fun, Morgan suggests eating breakfasts and lunches in your room and heading out for an occasional dinner. 
Do some restaurant research.
If you know where to get good-for-you eats before you go, you won’t be stuck with the first (inevitably unhealthy) place you see when hunger strikes. “Often, you can review nutrition data and determine if a particular restaurant offers menu items that fit your healthy intentions,” Morgan says. Check airport restaurants too, and if you’re traveling by car, guesstimate where you’ll be stopping for gas and search online for nearby restaurants with healthy options, like Subway and Panera. To find other healthy eateries, download apps like HealthyOut and Restaurant Nutrition to your smartphone; they're free on iTunes. 

Pack resistance bands.
A treadmill in your suitcase isn’t going to fly, so carry these lightweight and easy-to-pack items. They allow you to strengthen your whole body from the convenience of your hotel room or condo. Need help figuring out what moves to do? Find free resistance band workouts on SparkPeople.com or YouTube. 

Treat yourself to new sounds.

Getting motivated to move may be your biggest travel challenge. So give yourself something to look forward to, like new music and audiobooks you can listen to as you sweat, says Nikki Glor, personal trainer in New York City and creator of the Fit Travel Workout DVD. And if you’re torn between exercising or reading that book you haven’t had time to open, listening to an audiobook while moving can address both desires. Check out Last.fm for free music downloads and BooksShouldBeFree.com for audiobooks. 
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What do you do to stay on track with your health on a vacation?

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Great info. Report
This is great advice. On my last business trip I got a room with a fridge and it made a huge difference. I had my breakfast in my room and was able to keep my favorite yogurt and string cheese snacks in the fridge. I had some protein bars to get me through long afternoon meetings. I had looked up info about meals at nearby restaurants so I was prepared for my lunches and dinners. I also got an app on my iPhone called ModMobile that let's me buy and play workout videos on the go and also airplays them to my apple TV at home. This allowed me to do my regular workouts in my hotel room. I was out of the country and not able to use my SparkPeople app to record my calories but I still lost two pounds that week. I used everything I had learned from SparkPeople already. I even had a couple of treats but remained reasonable with them. Report
Hi Ryanjack... I am just saying there might be a chance to gain an unwanted weight after vacation. As you said we need to have concern about our health but sometimes I am unable to control my appetite when I have seen mouthwatering foods. That is the reason I got unwanted weight. Report
Hello Valancia.. I can understand your intension. Vacation or party doesn’t mean that we should carry extra weight in return. We should have lot of fun but at the same we need to take care about our health too. Try to adjust our schedule for physical workouts when we are in vacation or party. Of course every time it won’t possible but we have to make it for our health.
yea , we fully enjoy vacations but forget to keep things in mind that we are on diet. While in vacations we eat uncontrolled and put on weight very easily, but thats the time to keep everything in control.Family values are a little like family vacations -— subject to changeable weather and remembered more fondly with the passage of time. Though it rained all week at the beach, it’s often the momentary rainbows that we remember. Report
Hello RyanJack… I would like to say one thing to you that is business trip is differ from vacation. In business trip our schedule totally filled with full of works and stress. We used to go to gym and we will go to swim to get relief from work. But when we are going to any vacation, our total intention is to get lot of fun. We will attend parties, because of these parties we are getting so many calories and sometimes we may skip work outs. By the result, at the end of vacation, we are returning back to home with extra pounds. Report
I don’t think people gain weight because of vacation or business trips. I used to go business trip twice in a month but didn’t observe any extra weight during vacation. I follow a perfect diet and workouts regularly and even in business trip also I will maintain. If you have a strong desire you can do anything and everything. Being healthy that is in our hand.
great advice Report
Some people do go on a lot of vacations and/or business trips... I've already been on 4 this year... Report
Unless a person goes on vacation a whole bunch of times a year, eating some good tasting food for a few days doesn't ruin anything! You go back to the healthy, blah food when you get back home and live your life. Period. Report
Well I, for one, am not sitting around a hotel all day when I'm on vacation ( Morgan suggests eating breakfasts and lunches in your room??)

I pack a cooler or backpack depending on if we'll be on our feet (sightseeing/hiking), or on the beach or in a car. Lots of healthy foods including fruit and vegetables, sandwiches, hummus, yogurt, etc. I like to make sure my daughter eats healthy, and that keeps me on the right track as well. When we go out to eat, I order healthy options or only eat half of it.
It's not that hard to stay fit while on vacation. It usually involves swimming, and I seem to always be able to find a place to take a nice run. As far as I'm concerned the hotel room is where I lay my head at night and I never spend very much time there. Report
My friends booked a suite on the second floor of a hotel without elevators. They apologized but it was the best thing for me. I lost 4 pounds that week! Report
While we do eat out some when traveling, I also try to carry healthy snacks with me if at all possible - if we have a room with a frig I can get yogurt, and I also carry fruit cups and nuts, fresh fruit sometimes. If there is a microwave I can get the Quaker Real Medleys for breakfast. If we do eat out, I try to pick things like grilled salmon and I only eat half or less of the serving. Report
Last year on my vacation I was with two dear loved ones who never stopped snacking. Watching them with their hands always in a box or a bag really struck a nerve and kept me from snacking at all. It was a visual that had a lot of power. and yes, alas, both of those women are overweight. Report
In last summer I had a bad experience with cruise vacation trip. I had gone to this trip along with my family for 10 days. In that cruise all gym and swimming facilities are provided, but we hadn’t have a single step in gym. In the entire trip we have lot of fun, after this trip I found 12 pounds of weight gain. Now the season is coming, so it would be fine to have an idea regarding weight issues after vacation. Thank you so much for providing these tips, it would be helpful to so many people. Report
Buy a big jug of water for the hotel room. Its cheaper than the bottled water in the room and you can keep your water bottle filled all day. Report