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9 Ways to Avoid Heartburn while Traveling

Leave the Burn at Home!


Wear Loose Clothing
You might be tempted to wear tight-fitting bathing suits and other body-hugging apparel on vacation, but do so with caution. Restrictive clothing can press on your gut and cause a heartburn episode. Instead, skip the belts, tight pants and shirts and restrictive tights and pantyhose, and be sure to pack plenty of loose-fitting clothes for ultimate comfort on your trip.

Pace Your Alcohol Consumption
Vacations and alcohol often go hand-in-hand, but you might want to keep your drinking in check if you suffer from heartburn. Not only does alcohol increase the production of stomach acid, but it also lowers your inhibitions. This might make you more likely to indulge in heartburn-inducing greasy foods. After every alcoholic beverage you consume, drink a glass of water to help pace yourself and dilute the acid in your stomach. Additionally, skip the fruity umbrella cocktails, which tend to contain a lot of acid-rich juices.

Don't Skip Meals
It can be easy to skip meals when you're running around seeing and doing different things while traveling. But don't let time get away from you. If you get overly hungry, it will be much easier to overeat at your next meal—especially if you're in a part of the world where the food is particularly delicious! Bring healthy snacks with you wherever you go to ensure you never get caught empty-handed when hunger strikes.

Make Sure to Pack Your Meds
This might seem pretty obvious, but it's worth the reminder: Make sure you plan ahead and remember to take all of your medications with you on your trip. You don't want to get stuck in an unfamiliar place without access to heartburn relief! Carry your prescription medications and antacids with you wherever you go in case of an attack. And always pack more medication than you think you'll need—it's better to have too much than not enough, especially since travel can bring about unexpected delays and other situations.

Avoid Other Heartburn-Causing Drugs
There are many common medications that can cause or exacerbate heartburn symptoms. While traveling, do your best to avoid taking seasickness drugs, Ibuprofin, aspirin and sleeping pills in order to avoid a heartburn episode. Check with your doctor to determine if there are any other medications you should avoid to keep your heartburn at bay.

Here's to happy, safe and heartburn-free travels!
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