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Stop Smoking and Gain Weight? Not Necessarily!

15 Tips to Avoid Weight Gain While Kicking the Habit


Although it may seem like the odds of not gaining weight are stacked against you, there are several things you can do to beat them. The good news is, as a SparkPeople member, you may already have lots of good habits and tools that will help you succeed. You probably know a lot about making healthy, satisfying food choices to help with weight loss. You’re most likely exercising on a regular basis. And you’ve got a Community for support and encouragement.

Let’s take a look at some of the other things you can do to avoid putting on the extra pounds when quitting cigarettes—or at least, keeping them to a minimum.
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    1. Pick a "Quit Day" and pre-plan. Let your friends and family know when you plan to quit, and be specific about how you would like them to help you. —and don't want— them to do. Make a decision about what will work best for you; cutting back slowly over time or going cold turkey. Embark on this journey at a time when your stress level is low, and your schedule is fairly routine. If you are not already exercising, ask your doctor if it's appropriate for you to now, and if so, establish a routine for a few weeks before your quit date.

    2. Track your cigarette triggers for a few days before your quit date. You may notice you always smoke a cigarette after eating, or as soon as you get on the phone with your mom. Begin to brainstorm alternative activities to replace smoking. Perhaps a cup of herbal tea or brushing your teeth after each meal might help. While on the phone, keep a pad and colored pencils nearby and doodle to keep those fingers busy.

    3. Share your plans with your doctor, and have a discussion about smoking cessation tools. The prescription medication Zyban, nicotine replacement therapy patches, and support groups or counseling have all been shown to help smokers quit successfully—with less weight gain.

    4. Do a major cleanup. Take your car to be professionally cleaned. Have carpets and draperies steam cleaned. The smell of cigarettes will increase your urge to smoke, so the less residual scent, the better. Try scented candles, potpourri, or oil-infused room fresheners. Use peppermint scented products; the smell of peppermint has been shown to be an appetite suppressant.
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