How Many Calories are in Your Easter Basket?

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How Many Calories Did the Easter Bunny Leave in Your Basket?

Next to Halloween, Easter is the second-largest candy-giving holiday, according to the National Confectioners Association. With overflowing baskets of the sweet stuff lurking in your household, it's important to know what kind of caloric damage you're in for. Check out the nutrition info for some of the more popular Easter candies before you dig in to your basket.

Cadbury eggs

1 egg
170 calories
6 g fat

Chocolate bunny (solid)

1.75 ounces
298 calories
18 g fat

Dove chocolate eggs

Dark chocolate: 4 eggs
148 calories
9.2 g fat

Milk chocolate: 4 eggs
160 calories
9.2 g fat

Hershey candy-coated chocolate eggs

4 eggs
92 calories
4 g fat

Jelly beans

20 candies
160 calories
0 g fat

Jelly Bellys

20 candies
80 calories
0 g fat

Jordan almonds

13 almonds
140 calories
5 g fat

Peanut M&Ms

0.7 oz
110 calories
5 g fat


5 peeps
160 calories
0 g fat
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Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs

1 egg
180 calories
11 g fat

Robins' eggs (malted milk candy)

4 pieces
90 calories
2.5 g fat

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4/22/2009 10:49:29 AM

Thank goodness for this article. I was given some robin's eggs, peanut M&Ms and little milk chocolate eggs and had no idea what the nutritional info was for these so I wasn't eating them because I didn't know how much was too much. Thanks to this slideshow, I know now.


4/17/2009 7:09:50 PM

LCEATON's SparkPage
I am pleased to say I don't have Easter baskets. I gave up candy over a year ago.


4/16/2009 2:57:13 PM

GARDEE43's SparkPage
no basket here..dd gave me a wonderful mom candle and some hand lotion.


4/15/2009 3:32:07 PM

NAKJOHNS's SparkPage
I was blessed not to endulge in the sweet section of Easter, so none of those nasty calories for me.


4/14/2009 6:52:45 PM

Sugar makes me hungry so I don't eat any if I can....


4/14/2009 10:19:56 AM

WOLFK2's SparkPage
Did good with the NO chocolate but did have some very yummy starburst jelly beans UGH


4/13/2009 11:01:13 PM

ICANDI4U's SparkPage
I'm happy to say no Easter treats for me!! :o) I did extreamly well with eating as well as possible without having to bring my own food to our Easter


4/13/2009 3:42:57 PM

LIBRA5310's SparkPage
None...I didn't have one! :)


4/13/2009 1:27:25 PM

MONAB17's SparkPage
Wow, I made one basket for our family -- mainly because the 'kids' are 12 and 14. I thought that they would be upset if there was no easter basket with candy and stuff. I also made a basket for my older daugher (23) and her son (2). In our baskets there was a little of these sweet treats but mainly things like garden seeds and flower seeds, new gardening gloves, of course for my grandson a stuffed animal and a couple of toys. Maybe if we eat our candy then go our and garden it would help with us eating so much extra candy. Of course we set a limit each day to only what fits into one of those regular size plastic easter eggs. Good luck to everyone with all that Easter candy


4/13/2009 10:32:27 AM

NANCY48IL's SparkPage
Wow! So proud of all you for getting through the day w/out candy! Me on the other hand, I have a 2 year old grandson and of course I had to make a real yummy basket from the "Easter Bunny". Which, of course him being so polite kept giving me one to eat! With my head hanging this morning, I can tell you I didn't say no... Time to start over..


4/13/2009 10:14:22 AM

Thank goodness that we didn't have any candy around. There are no young kids to entertain around us (just moved into a new subdivision with 2 occupied houses) so it was even better on the candy regulation for our household. :D


4/13/2009 9:35:29 AM

TAMMYS40's SparkPage
No candy for me. My kids gave me 2 small chocolate eggs. No peeps for me. Splurged on desserts though. More exercise for me.


4/13/2009 6:59:49 AM

NOT TO BE A SMUCK, However I am so proud of myself I didn't eat one piece of candy, chocolate, pie any type of sweet yesterday and for me that is amazing! I am a chocolate lover! I am so happy this morning, lots of hard work and will power, I made it through an entire holiday without killing myself with food or junk. I think it was the first holiday in family history that I didn't lay down after dinner so miserable that I couldn't breath from eating too much food. Thanks be to GOD. We had a beautiful turn out at the church with the youth ministries... You rock Mt. Zion.


4/13/2009 3:01:31 AM

MAGNETIC70's SparkPage
i had one robin's egg yesterday (coz i'm from Vietnam, we got to celebrate Easter first :P) but said no to the cakes (a friend's kid's birthday too). i survived!


4/13/2009 12:06:50 AM

MOMNITZ's SparkPage
Well from what I have read a good number of you did great. Not so for me. I had 7 grandkid baskets, plus I do baskets for each of my kids and their spouse, and hubby. So that entails a lot of candy. When filling the baskets I stuck to the gum eggs, but today I succumed to the call of Reeses mini cups and of course a slice of my birthday cake with ice cream. Tomorrow..... back on track!!!

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