How Many Calories are in Your Easter Basket?

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How Many Calories Did the Easter Bunny Leave in Your Basket?

Next to Halloween, Easter is the second-largest candy-giving holiday, according to the National Confectioners Association. With overflowing baskets of the sweet stuff lurking in your household, it's important to know what kind of caloric damage you're in for. Check out the nutrition info for some of the more popular Easter candies before you dig in to your basket.

Cadbury eggs

1 egg
170 calories
6 g fat

Chocolate bunny (solid)

1.75 ounces
298 calories
18 g fat

Dove chocolate eggs

Dark chocolate: 4 eggs
148 calories
9.2 g fat

Milk chocolate: 4 eggs
160 calories
9.2 g fat

Hershey candy-coated chocolate eggs

4 eggs
92 calories
4 g fat

Jelly beans

20 candies
160 calories
0 g fat

Jelly Bellys

20 candies
80 calories
0 g fat

Jordan almonds

13 almonds
140 calories
5 g fat

Peanut M&Ms

0.7 oz
110 calories
5 g fat


5 peeps
160 calories
0 g fat
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Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs

1 egg
180 calories
11 g fat

Robins' eggs (malted milk candy)

4 pieces
90 calories
2.5 g fat

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4/23/2011 10:40:10 AM

Hey it's Easter! But everything in moderation.


4/23/2011 10:14:06 AM

Thanks for letting me have Jelly beans and I already at the chocolate bunny. I love chocolate. I guest I will go for the small bag of Jelly Beans and enjoy my sweet cravings,


4/23/2011 9:46:59 AM

It's so funny, all of those years I avoided a Cadbury cream egg and muched down on a dozen little robin's eggs or little chocolate eggs. It would have been better calorie wise (and satisfaction wise) to let myself have it!


4/23/2011 9:13:48 AM

My usual Easter treat is a bag of jelly beans when they go on sale after Easter - this year I have a *tiny* bag of Jelly Bellys that will have to do.


4/23/2011 9:08:30 AM

KOBYLIA's SparkPage
I really do hope the Easter bunny is supportive of my efforts this year!


4/23/2011 8:43:59 AM

I make baskets for my girls every year. I don't fill them full of candy, just maybe one small chocolate bunny and a few other things that they like. My youngest thinks chocolate is a major food group so I have to make sure we have limits. I'm not a big candy or sweets person which is a good thing.


4/23/2011 8:31:20 AM

DIJENRY's SparkPage
I agree with ERINLOUSIE222. I also binge eat. When I am good, I am really good but once I start there is no stopping. I will no longer ban myself from a treat. However, I am glad to know all the info on the candy. It will make my decisions on what treat to have a better one. Thanks for the info!! Happy Easter!!


4/23/2011 6:59:18 AM

4A-HEALTHY-BMI's SparkPage
I believe the figure you quote for the Jelly Belly beans is for the SUGAR FREE ones, not the standard ones. You might want to mention that because otherwise this is misleading.


4/23/2011 6:44:11 AM

TOMNJERI's SparkPage
I make a HUGE basket of candy every year for my DH who has absolutely no weight problem. I might pick at a few M&M's, but I leave most or all for him and anybody who wants it. It's more fun making the basket than eating it!


4/23/2011 3:24:38 AM

RACING4ME's SparkPage
ayayayayaya!! I raid the kidlets baskets every I have to run a marathon to burn those off? Thinking I may change my outlook:)


4/23/2011 2:49:46 AM

1MANKNEY's SparkPage
The Easter Bunny will be leaving flowers at our house this year. I love candy so can't have any around!


4/23/2011 12:23:43 AM

Me myself I don't have an easter basket. after my surgery, I just don't have a tast for sweets. Ill stick with grounded nuts with pritzels. Sounds good to me. Higher protien and less fat. the nuts are grounded only no surger or perserves. just nuts.


4/23/2011 12:14:52 AM

I am thrilled about the Peeps. At most I will eat five in a day... Generally it is only one or two (my now not-so-guilty pleasure! woohoo!!)


4/4/2010 2:33:06 PM

i may have had a Reese's peanut butter egg but I'm trying to be a good girl :p


4/2/2010 10:48:16 AM

ERINLOUISE222's SparkPage
We don't get Easter for another 2 sleeps yet! :( (I'm from Australia) But I'm really looking forward to it. My kids are 2 and 3 this year, so they're old enough for an Easter Egg hunt - yay! And I must have a completely different approach to you guys because I plan on eating all my White Chocolate Bunny and my Easter Bilby (standard order every year lol) But I will do what i do all the time and only eat about 35g each day (that's the same amount as a freddo frog) The way I see it - if I stop myself from eating "bad foods" then I will only binge, then feel guilty, so I make it a point to have one "bad food" every day. It keeps me happy and it's nowhere near as bad a diet as I used to have. Happy Easter everyone xxoo

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