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Our bodies are very similar to our parents, teachers, bosses and coaches. They demand we make responsible choices and work hard to be successful. They expect us to wake up on time, show up when we’re suppose to and hand things in when they’re due. Our bodies are just as demanding. Our bodies expect us to eat balanced meals containing complex carbohydrates, protein, fruit and vegetables, healthy fat, and goodies every now and then. They also thrive on smaller meals throughout the day, the proper amount of calories for our body size and activity, and all the little things such as not eating at all hours of the night, not skipping meals and not loading our bodies with innutritious meals.

There are always consequences to your actions. Your mom yells at you when you don’t wake up on time. Your boss threatens to fire you if you don’t hand in the next assignment on time. Your body does the same thing through extra weight, decreased energy and low self-esteem–all results of irresponsible choices in our nutrition habits.

We are successful in so many other areas of our life–career, parenting, education, relationships and hobbies, but when it comes to eating healthy we are about as successful as that 12th grader who did whatever they wanted in high school. You know, the one who realized way too late you can’t have instant gratification all your life if you want to be successful. After realizing this they hoped to turn things around the last couple months after spending their entire high school career making irresponsible choices. How many times have we tried a fad diet or insisted we were going to eat healthy for a few weeks in hopes of changing all of our bad habits over the years.

It doesn’t work that way in life and it doesn’t work that way with our bodies if we want to be successful. Why don’t we go to the casinos more, sleep in until noon, not do laundry, stay up late at night… because there are consequences. Why do we eat 2,000 calories in one sitting, skip breakfast, eat junk food all day long and neglect the nutrients our bodies crave?

Demand more of yourself when it comes to nutrition. Our parents, teachers, bosses and coaches demand more and hold us accountable. Do the same for yourself. Be tolerant and understanding of your imperfections, but don’t justify and forgive yourself every chance you get. The most important consequences of our lives are staring us in the face – our healthy or unhealthy bodies!

Be creative when it comes to nutrition. If you eat chocolate every day, set a goal to eat it only 6 times a week. Slowly work your way down to a more manageable means. Along the way, set up systems that will help you achieve your goal. For example, the day you don’t eat chocolate, you’re probably going to have cravings. When you do, find something that helps you overcome those cravings. Maybe drink a fruit smoothie to combat the sugar craving or sit down and write out all the reasons why you want to stop eating chocolate. Find a way to help you build positive habits.

Make it fun! Get together with friends and family and figure out ways to help each other. We do this at work, school or for a social club, why shouldn’t we do it for our No. 1 priority – ourselves!

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Member Comments

  • Music makes exercise possible!
  • I disagree. Our bodies are not like our parents - they should be like our lover. You treat your lover with love, kindness and respect. You caress and take care of their needs. Only the finest and best food and savour every moment of the meal. Try to understand your lover and support them through ups and downs- and forgive them when they transgress.
    For years I yo-yo dieted and abused myself with my Binge Eating Disorder. I developed a fatty liver as a result of it. I am now eating a mainly plant based, nutrient dense diet. I avoid all grains and high starch foods. The difference in my well being has been enormous. When I am nourishing my body, I have energy and feel 'normal.' When I go off the wagon and eat sugar or grains, I feel physically awful and sluggish. Food is MEDICINE. Eat the right foods, and your body will love you. Eat too many empty nutrient calories and you will suffer, sooner or later. It isn't just about weight loss, it is about your overall health.
  • I really love dark chocolate too! I'm gonna take this challenge though - I have to limit myself and I find the more I do that, the easier it becomes. I try to avoid sweet treats many times when it's being shared around the office, but yesterday was cheesecake for someone's birthday and when I took a pinch, that was the beginning of the end... I ate the whole slice!! I was sooo upset at myself afterwards. I am going to be stronger next time around.
  • These are really good articles. I wish that I could Pin or Like in FB , every time I try from here it doesn't work. Sorry.
  • 147HEALTH
    Sugar is an addition to me and I am happy to be detoxing from it again. Clearer eyes, head, and skin all come with leaving the sugar alone. My choice before I buy is to read the contents and if Sugar is within the first five ingredients it stays there. Worked before; can work again.
  • LeAnn, go to your room. You're grounded.
  • I loved this article......grea
    t motivation!
  • Chalk me up as another reader who sees no problem with dark chocolate in measured quantities.
  • Awesome article by the way and i do go overboard with chocolate dark or otherwise. Has anyone tried the bars?
  • Help me guys i have a serious situation with fried food and my doctor is not pleased with my weight: ( 50 lbs overweight helppp me
  • CARLENLLOYD, I absolutely agree with you about the chocolate! I eat dark chocolate everyday and have been losing the weight. I build it into what I am going to eat. I always start with a rough draft of my nutrition plan and add and take away what I really do eat. I always stay within my calorie and nutritional needs. If I didn't have the dark chocolate I think it would be a lot harder for me!
  • Great motivation today!

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