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10 Ways to Get Organized for Weight Loss

Great Reasons to Change Your Environment

By Ellen G. Goldman, Health & Wellness Coach         
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Organize Your Time
Whether you keep a strict schedule or not, you are probably more organized about time than you realize. You know when you must be at work, and what time you can leave.  You are aware of what time the kids have to be picked up from school, what days they have sport practice, and when they need to be at the orthodontist. If you’re a sports fan, you know what day and time the next game is on and where you'll be watching it. Now let’s take those same skills of scheduling and fine tune them for weight loss.

1. Schedule your workouts, and treat exercise time like any other appointment. Pick a specific time each week to review your calendar for the days ahead and schedule your workouts accordingly. Don’t forget to factor in transportation time if you travel to and from a gym. Take into consideration as well if you’ll need time to shower and change before the next activity. I ask my clients to anticipate any unexpected obstacles that might arise, and come up with strategies around them, just in case. In other words, always have a plan B.
2. Plan meals, grocery shopping, and time for cooking once a week.  Reviewing your schedule for the upcoming week will help you to figure out where and when you’ll be eating meals, what foods you’ll need to have on hand, and when you’ll have time to cook. Be proactive, not reactive. Don’t find yourself without a bagged lunch on the days you have meetings that usually run late, leaving you no time to go pick something up. If you tend to hit the vending machine in the afternoon, stock your office with healthy snacks for when hunger hits. Plan when you can go to the grocery store to buy what you’ll need and schedule shopping into your calendar. Do not plan elaborate meals for the days you usually get stuck working late. Grilled chicken and frozen veggies will always trump takeout Chinese food or pizza when it comes to weight loss. Learn more about planning meals and creating an easy grocery list.
3. Organize your evening to establish a bedtime routine that keeps you well rested.  There are so many reasons why sleep deprivation interferes with weight loss. Research shows that people who stay up late consume more calories than those who go to sleep at a reasonable and predictable hour each night. Sleep deprivation messes with the hormones that signal hunger and fullness levels. Plus, when you're tired, you're more emotional and your will power wanes. An organized and consistent sleep schedule won't just make you feel better—it'll keep you focused and help you reach your weight-loss goal.
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Ellen Goldman Ellen Goldman
Ellen founded EllenG Coaching, LLC to help individuals struggling with health issues that can be impacted by positive lifestyle change, such as weight loss, stress management, exercise, and life/work balance. As a certified professional wellness coach and certified personal trainer, Ellen holds a BS and Masters in Physical Education and is certified by ACSM, AFAA, and Wellcoaches Corporation. Visit her at Get her complimentary report, 52 Tips, Tools & Tricks to Permanent Weight Loss Without Going on a Diet, at

Member Comments

  • calendar
    I also have fat fingers !! lol - 4/22/2016 11:32:07 AM
  • thank you for the idea !! I just put into my Google calander, 4 x week - a reminder in yellow .. (yellow is warning light )
    but I still HATE cooking !
    :( - 4/22/2016 11:30:50 AM
  • Please read. Clearly the author is not aware of the problem of Executive Function.
    I really go nuts when " authorities" make comments about behavior when it's really a neurological problem. Educate yourself before you judge others

    xecutive functioning issues aren’t considered a disability on their own. They’re weaknesses in a key set of mental skills. And they often appear in kids with learning and attention issues. What are executive functions? How do they impact learning and everyday living?
    • Keep track of time
    • Make plans
    • Make sure work is finished on time
    • Multitask
    • Apply previously learned information to solve problems
    • Analyze ideas
    • Look for help or more information when it is needed
    How Executive Functioning Works
    Another way to understand your child’s difficulties is to see how the process of executive functioning works. Here is an example of how the process works, broken down into six steps:
    1. Analyze a task. Figure out what needs to be done.
    2. Plan how to handle the task.
    3. Get organized. Break down the plan into a series of steps.
    4. Figure out how much time is needed to carry out the plan, and set aside the time.
    5. Make adjustments as needed
    6. Finish the task in the time allotted.
    - 3/20/2016 1:25:43 PM
  • ECB6298
    Having dropped over seventy pounds and regained nearly ninety, I am now working my way back down, net ten pounds down now. I found this article really helpful, and outlined its points in my tracking journal to review as I work my way down. Off to watch TV while working on the stationary bicycle, part of my scheduled exercise for the week. - 2/28/2016 9:11:08 AM
  • I'm going to make this my goal. - 2/22/2016 1:35:59 PM
  • Not to be negative, but this article stressed me out! I love the tips it offers, but I still feel pressure to de-stress (ironic, huh?). My house is anything but quiet (4 cats, 3 dogs, 2 kids, 1 husband). By the time my full-time work day is done, I go home to be a full-time mom. The kids' school is probably my biggest stress, so I wish there was a way to "organize" that away! I don't have weight loss issues though, so I feel blessed for that. - 2/4/2016 11:23:05 AM
  • Loved this article! It really reflects everything going on in my life I need to take charge of! - 1/4/2016 11:37:30 PM
  • This is spot on. Nearly every morning I'm searching the measuring cup/spoon container for a tablespoon and just about tossing the whole cabinet. I can almost never find socks (my husband steals them even though they don't fit him). Etc. Etc. Time to get organized! - 1/4/2016 8:03:34 PM
  • Definitely can relate to this article. - 12/27/2015 3:09:11 PM
  • so true - need to get my life and home organized - 11/27/2015 3:56:15 PM
  • Wonderful article! I am trying to get organized.....tha
    t is one of my goals for November. The article gave great tips. Thanks! - 11/11/2015 8:36:40 PM
  • A great article. I am so blessed that DH does the majority of the cooking (I'm happy to clean up!) and our home is a calm sanctuary. Since I"m retired, most of my time is spent either working at my bench (I fool around with copper wire/metal for jewelry making, etc.) or sitting at the computer doing inventory on jewelry offered for sale at various shops, or managing our neighborhood watch group, or here on SparkPeople.

    My bench and desk are always messy . . . that will be my first goal for this week.

    The second goal is to kick up my activity level..... I have a reminder bell on my computer that goes off at the top of the hour, reminding me to get up and move . . . . well, now I'll get on the treadmill for 5 or 10 minutes in addition to talking a walk around the yard. - 9/22/2015 11:50:02 AM
  • I loved this article, it provided excellent info and offered suggestions on how to organize all aspects of one's life. Clearly we all know that exercising and eating healthy are key components in wellness, but not everyone has oodles of extra time and can magically get everything done and head to the gym. These practical types just might help many find the time to exercise and cook a healthy dinner. Love me some order and organization...I just never considered their significance and the role they play in my journey to healthier living! - 9/15/2015 6:30:55 AM
  • ORGANIZATION IS THE KEY....One of my strong points...I AM BLESSED!!! - 9/15/2015 6:13:03 AM
  • Great article! Hits all the important points and then some! - 9/14/2015 4:24:28 PM

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