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Leading in the SparkPeople Community

How helping others can create your own personal successes

Success Spreads to Other Areas of Life
Community leadership will also help you build skills that carry over to all other areas of your life.  We’ve heard from countless members who say their experience on the site has prompted them to start a new career, develop financial stability, improve relationships with family and friends, and more.  Don’t underestimate the power of a healthy mind and body, and the goal-setting skills you’re developing along the path to this healthier lifestyle.  Your journey doesn’t end when you reach a weight loss milestone or complete the 10K you’ve always dreamed of finishing.  Use that momentum, along with the leadership skills you’re cultivating, to aim for even bigger objectives in your life.  
Healthy Leader Movement
As you probably know by now, SparkPeople is not simply a diet site.  In fact, our underlying program involves a strong combination of topics related to both health (nutrition, fitness, etc.) and leadership (goal setting, motivation, etc.).  We have done this intentionally from the beginning to help people improve in all areas of life.  What this effectively does is create healthy leaders one at a time.  One of our real goals as a company is to have a major impact on the world by helping to build an international movement of healthy leaders reaching their goals, supporting and motivating each other, and then spreading the spark to help even more people.  Imagine being part of tens of thousands of healthy leaders taking one small step to make a major impact on the world.
Start Today!
If you’re interested in becoming a leader within the SparkPeople Community, there are many different ways to get started.  Ask a leader of one of your SparkTeams if they need extra help, or take over a team that is leaderless.  Consider starting a new SparkTeam if the topic you’re interested in doesn’t currently exist.  Join the Community Team or become active on the Message Boards, offering support and advice to those who need it most. 
Whether you’re an established leader or just looking to take your program to the next level, SparkPeople’s Fuel for Improvement System can help with goal-setting strategies in all areas of your life.  
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