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How to Report an Inappropriate Ad

What to Do if You Encounter a Bad Ad
Thanks for your interest in helping us improve the quality of our advertising. We review all reports from our members and add all advertisements that do not meet our standards to multiple "block lists" to remove them from our site. (Please keep in mind that it can take several hours to several days for ads to come down once they have been reported and blocked.) Next time you see an ad, there are three things you can do to help us track it down more quickly.
  1. Take a screenshot of the inappropriate ad. For PC users, this is as simple as clicking on the "Print Screen"  (Prnt Scrn) button on your keyboard and then "pasting" (CTRL + V) that image into a word document or graphics program. For instructions on how to take a screenshot, please watch this YouTube video. (Remember that you can also paste this shot directly into Microsoft Word if you don't have graphics software on your computer.) Simply save your screenshot after following those instructions and then email it to us as an attachment (step 3 below).
  2. Click on the ad and copy the web address (URL). Just highlight the web address at the top of your browser and copy and paste that URL into an email to send it to us (step 3 below). For some instructions on how to do this, please watch this YouTube video.
  3. Send an email to Attach your screenshot (if you took one), and paste the URL of the ad (if you clicked on it) and send it to us in an email. These screenshots and URLs are especially helpful in getting these ads blocked.
Advertising is an important source of revenue that keeps free, and we will do our best to block and remove inappropriate ads. We need your help to make that possible, and we really appreciate it when members take the time to report these ads to us. Thanks again for your support and for helping make SparkPeople such a positive and helpful place for so many people!

The SparkPeople Advertising Team
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