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Mother-Daughter Weight Loss Buddies

We More Than Family, We're Fitness Buddies, Too!

Weight-loss and fitness buddies can be a great source of support as you work toward your goals. They can provide encouragement and motivation, and be there for you when you need a kick in the pants to get to the gym or bypass dessert. Maybe your buddy is a friend, co-worker or someone you met at SparkPeople. But have you ever thought about asking your mother or daughter to be your buddy? In honor of Mother's Day, we found a number of mother-daughter "buddies" who are using SparkPeople together to become healthier. Some have been surprised by the relationship they've developed and how key it's been to their success so far. Here are their stories!

Sandee and Cindy

Sandee (SANDEEKAY02) and her daughter Cindy (SINGLEMOMMO) have been members of SparkPeople since October 2007. Sandee has lost 32 pounds and Cindy has lost 40 pounds since joining the site. Both say it was a natural decision to buddy up because they are best friends and support each other in all aspects of their lives. They are on a number of the same SparkTeams and interact regularly on the site. Sandee and Cindy exercise together at Curves and also cook and share recipes they find on Plus, Cindy's daughter is a member of, so now the whole family is living healthy!

When asked about pairing up to lose weight, Sandee said, "As far as Cindy and I are concerned, it's natural and helpful to do this together because as we do everything together and share our lives together."

"Having a support system is the only way to change your lifestyle," says Cindy. "I don't think of this as a diet, but in fact a lifestyle change. If I am faced with a temptation and my mom is with me, I think twice about it. We have a loving competition between us. It helps to keep us on track!"

Deb and Jennie

Jennie (JENNIFER8998) has been a member of SparkPeople for more than 3 years. After her mom Deb (DEB2448) saw her successfully lose 40 pounds, she decided to join the SparkPeople herself. They live in different states, so teaming up online was a great solution for them to stay in touch and keep each other on track. They started their own SparkTeam a few months ago (Creative Challenges and Saintly Souls) and already have more than 50 members. When Jennie is home visiting her mom, she and Deb cook, track their food and go grocery shopping together.
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