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Welcome to the All-Year Resolutions

Don't Overwhelm Yourself at the Beginning

-- By Joe Downie, Certified Physical Fitness Instructor
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Systems that help you drink more water are: carrying a water bottle with you most of the time, buying flavored water until you adjust to regular water, writing post-its in places that will remind you, etc. Systems to help you get to sleep earlier are: setting an alarm for when it’s time for you to start preparing for bed, having a ritual that relaxes you, reading a favorite book each night, etc. Systems are the key to achieving goals when life gets a little hectic, as they always do.

As you consistently achieve these two goals, you’ll start having success and seeing results. Once these things start to become habits and you feel comfortable with them, add a couple other goals from your list. Slowly as the year progresses, you’ll have more and more goals incorporated into your everyday lifestyle, not causing you stress and leaving you overwhelmed.

On January 1, you’ll wake up excited and happy to achieve even more. Have fun!

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