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Kids Need Exercise Too!

Discover Your Child's Fitness Needs


Adolescents (13+ years old)
Developmentally, adolescents are experiencing puberty and bodily changes as they mature into young adults. You'll likely notice them grow much taller and stronger.

Experts recommend 30-60 minutes of physical activity for adolescents. By this age, allow your teen to choose their own activities, based on their interests—but make sure they're age-appropriate. Some ideas include jogging and running, competitive sports, fitness classes, gymnastics, bicycling, and exercise videos.

As a parent, be a resource and support your child's activity choices. Try to provide her with the equipment and transportation necessary to reach her goals. Ensure that your teen exercises vigorously at least 3 days per week.

Now that you know how much activity your child needs, the following articles will help you get started:

Exercising with Your Pet
Fun Family Fitness
Geocaching: A Family-Friendly Activity
Help Your Loved Ones Stay Healthy
Workout Tips for Stay-at-Home Parents
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  • NJ_HOU
    When my children were babies, I was given by the docs a series of exercises for them to do from like 6 weeks on..... helping them stretch their arms, doing the bicycle with their legs, etc. That was 35 years ago I wonder what happened. I even taught my children to swim as I had done in my Y class I taught for Mommies & Babies. - 5/3/2010 2:17:12 PM
  • When I was a child I was always outside playing. - 6/4/2008 12:34:40 AM
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