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Expert Solutions: Overweight Kids

SparkPeople Experts and Coaches Weigh-In on Issues with Overweight Children


Nicole (SparkPeople Fitness Expert)
Children do adopt the habits of their parents. So, it's only natural that when two-thirds of the adult population is overweigh or obese, kids are copying those same habits and following the same trend. I don't think video games, too much TV or junk food is to blame—but when a child's example is a parent who is sedentary and a poor eater, then he'll likely mirror that behavior and end up in the same state of health as the parent.

When I was a kid, my parents always sent us a consistent message about eating healthy. We hardly ever had junk food in the house, and our parents were active. My mom went to the Y for aerobics classes, and my Dad who loves sports, was always playing baseball, basketball, and tennis with my brother and me. As very young kids, they placed a lot of emphasis on foods that will make us "big and strong", and kids want that--they want to grow and be like adults, so it worked a lot of the time!

For children who are already overweight, I think that a weight maintenance program is the best. When they are growing, parents should not restrict their calories or put them on fad diets. If parents can stop their kids from gaining more weight, they'll be in a better position to lose it once puberty finally ends.

But, even if only one person (parent or child) is overweight in a family, the entire family should be eating and exercising the same. Don't single out a child or parent, making her eat salad when everyone else gets pizza. They should all be striving to be their best selves, and supporting the other members of the family who may have further to go.

Becky (SparkPeople Dietitian)
"TV Turn-Off Week" fits perfectly into this topic. Just to let you know, when we moved into our new house four years ago, we had no TV. After 2 weeks NO ONE complained about missing the TV, but the kids did miss the bus one morning because they were playing cards while eating their was GREAT!!!

Then spring came (7 months later), and my husband wanted to be able to watch the REDS on TV... and the rest is history. When my kids start picking on each other, etc., I know I need to limit TV time to only 30 minutes daily. Then we all get our buns outside—cold, snow, rain, or shine—to play for a while and we all get along better.may solve a lot of the worlds problems...maybe we would all play together better.
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