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7 Exercises to Work Your Whole Body

The Ready-to-Order Workout


Ever gone through a workout and afterwards said, "That was great, except I forgot to work my triceps," or "I should have done a set of leg lifts"? Here’s a workout that will have you thinking, "Why haven't I done this routine before?" The following 7-exercise workout will target every major muscle group.


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1. Wall Squats with a Ball is an awesome workout for your quads and can also help with posture.

2. Dumbbell Lateral Raises will work your shoulders and arms.

3. Dumbbell Reverse Flys on a Swiss Ball is a great workout for the shoulders and upper back, areas that are often neglected.

4. Crunches on a Ball add a kick to regular crunches and work your abs. 

5. Pushups on a Ball is the classic chest exercise, with a little bit of a twist.

6. Hamstring Flexion with Ball is a great exercise to strengthen your hamstrings and calves, and improve your stability in your core.

7. Swimming is a great workout for your lower back. It requires no equipment so you can do it anywhere.

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