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10 Signs a Fitness Gadget is a Gimmick

Questions to Ask Yourself to Avoid a Scam


8. Do the testimonials come from paid actors?
Although this has changed in the last few years, infomercials are notorious for paying actors and models to provide testimonials. Pay close attention to the small print at the bottom of the screen. By law, it has to tell you if the testimonials come from real people who have used the product or from actors performing a "dramatization."

9. Does it have many negative reviews online?
It's always good to perform an online search for the product's name along with the word "review" to see what comes up. There are a number of sites dedicated to reviewing products in infomercials. Look up your product and see what people like you are saying about it—preferably on a website that is not affiliated with the product (such as Every product will have a few negative reviews, but if you see nothing but bad comments about it, you're probably better off without it.

10. Do you have to have it right now?
If you're ready to act now, this may be an impulse purchase akin to that king-size candy bar, only more expensive. Infomercials are designed to make you want you to buy now. And they always offer special deals, last-minute offers and other incentives to get you to pick up the phone before you miss a "one-time" opportunity. Give it some time and thought. Make yourself wait at least a day to decide if you still really want it and will use it. The answer might surprise you. Some ideas seem better at 3 a.m. than they do in the daylight!

Overall, it's best to use your common sense when purchasing a fitness product from an infomercial. While many of them are a little gimmicky, there are plenty out there that can produce results! However, remember, for any product to truly work, you have to use it. It's not the Bowflex or the ThighMaster that gets you moving, it's YOU!
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