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Eco-Exercise: Get Fit & Give Back

Plus 5 Ways to ''Green'' Your Workout


Here are five more ideas to give a green twist to your fitness routine:
  • Do as much as you like. You don’t have to dedicate yourself to litter patrol during every fitness activity to be an eco-exerciser. You could set aside one run per week for eco-running, or even just commit to 15 litter stops per hike, for example.
  • Take it one step further. Put paper, cardboard, plastic bottles, and other recyclables you find into the nearest recycling bin instead of throwing them in the trashcan.
  • Green your gear. Although you don’t need any special equipment to eco-run (and the most eco-friendly thing you can do is use what you have instead of buying new stuff), there will come a time when your running shoes will wear out, or your favorite high-performance sweat-wicking shirt will stop performing. When this time comes, replace it with these eco-friendly threads.
  • Consider your transportation. Are you driving your SUV to the bike trail, park or gym on the other side of town? Get there in an earth-friendly manner, if possible. Carpool with friends, use public transit, or pick a closer destination to decrease your footprint even further.
  • Choose wisely. Consumers want products that are made sustainably, and more companies are heeding to the call. These days, it's getting easier to find eco-friendly fitness and recreational equipment—from snowboards to bikes to water bottles. Do a little research to find out which companies are taking the planet into consideration when choosing materials, manufacturing and shipping methods. Buy their products if feasible. When consumers increase demand, prices will drop and choices will increase.
Eco-running (or eco-anything for that matter) is about taking small steps to improve our world, while improving your body at the same time. Combine your passion with a purpose, and bring your awareness of the environment with you wherever you go.
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