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How to Use the Leg Curl Machine

Build Strong Hamstrings

Proper form is important for any exercise. When using machines, where weight targets specific muscles in specific ways, it’s even more important. This gym staple is a machine that many people use improperly. Avoid injury by making sure you’re doing it correctly.

In this exercise, movement will come from your knees.

The Setup
The machine should have one or two leg pads. Adjust the pad so it rests just above your Achilles tendon when in starting position.

The Weight
Start small. If you use too much weight too soon, you risk pulling a hamstring, a very pull-able muscle.

The Position
Lie on your stomach so your knees are just off of the bench and aligned with the machine’s rotation arm. Grasp handles for leverage if the machine has them.

The Move
With your heel against the leg pad, slowly curl the pad upward toward your buttocks, hold, and return to the starting position.

Body Benefit
Strong legs to carry you through the day

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