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Exercise Demonstrations

Lying Chest Toss with Medicine Ball

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Lying Chest Toss with Medicine Ball Exercise

Starting Position

Lie on a stability ball (pictured) or bench (not pictured) with your feet flat, knees directly above the ankles, abs tight, and head and neck supported in a neutral position. Grip a medicine ball with both hands and hold it just above your chest, elbows bent and pointed out to the sides.


EXHALE: Like a bench or chest press, push the ball straight up (in line with the chest) and toss it into the air above you. INHALE: Catch the ball and lower it back down to your chest to complete one rep.

Special Instructions

Practice extreme caution with this exercise, which requires good hand-eye coordination. Try it with a light or unweighted ball first and gradually progress to a heavier ball. Try to toss and catch the ball in line with the chest (not overhead or near your abdomen) as much as possible.

Muscles Worked: Chest