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Exercise Demonstrations

Wall Squats with Dumbbells & Ball

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Wall Squats with Dumbbells & Ball Exercise

Starting Position

Place ball between lower to mid back and wall. Keep your spine in a neutral position. Spread feet shoulder width apart and make sure toes are pointed forward. Grasp dumbbells, palms facing in, at your sides.


INHALE: Slowly (about 3 seconds) bend knees to 90 degrees. Hold for 1-3 counts here.

EXHALE: Slowly straighten legs and return to starting position, making sure to keep knees bent slightly, to complete one rep.

Special Instructions

Make sure to place feet far enough in front so when you bend to 90 degrees, your knees don't go past the plane of your toes.

Muscles Worked: Quads, Glutes, Hamstrings

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