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You Asked: ''Why Do My Hands and Feet Swell When I Exercise?''

It is normal for your feet to swell a little bit during exercise--enough to make a difference of about one shoe size, but some people may experience even more swelling than that. Others also experience noticeable hand swelling while running or walking. When this swelling is "normal" (not the result of a medical condition), it will usually disappear fairly soon after the exercise stops, and won't involve other symptoms.
Posted 5/11/2012  6:00:00 AM By: Dean Anderson : 1 comments   27,081 views
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You Asked: As a Beginner, How Often (and How Far) Should I Walk?

Walking is an excellent way to start getting fit because it costs little to nothing and can be done almost anywhere and by just about anyone. (Learn more about the health and fitness benefits of walking.) So how do you begin with a walking program? Here are a few do's and don'ts to get you started.
Posted 5/1/2012  5:00:00 AM By: Nicole Nichols : 6 comments   136,934 views
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Stuff We Love: The LifeSpan Treadmill Desk

Here at dailySpark, we've talked a lot about the pitfalls of sitting. Whether you have a sedentary job, sit through lectures as a student, or do your share of commuting or couch surfing, the research is clear about spending too much time on your rear: It’s bad for your health, your back and your waistline. And while it may be surprising (even a little depressing), these facts hold true even if you are a consistent exerciser. (Boo!) After all, even an hour or two in the gym can still mean 22-23 hours a day that you're not active at all, and it's those long periods of inactivity that can increase your cholesterol, contribute to weight gain and contribute to chronic pain for many people.
I've previously blogged about my own attempts to counter the effects of my desk job, from creating a standing workstation to sitting on a ball to trying more back-friendly chairs. So when our friends at Best Buy offered to send us a treadmill desk to test, we jumped—er, walked—at the chance.
Best Buy sent us the LifeSpan TR 1200DT Desktop Treadmill, which we set up in an empty cube at the office so that all employees who wanted to try working from their feet instead of their butts would have an equal chance to use it. So what's it like to work while you walk? Check out our video review, then hear from our other testers and get more details on this walking station.
Posted 3/28/2012  6:00:00 AM By: Nicole Nichols : 57 comments   27,227 views
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4 Good Reasons to Sign Up for a Race

Whether you’re a runner, walker, cyclist or participate in other sports, you might have thought about signing up for a race.  Maybe you’re not sure how to find one in your area, which one would be right for you, or if it’s really worth the effort.  Why would I pay to walk or run with a bunch of strangers when I can do it for free in my own neighborhood?  Well, there are lots of great reasons to try a race.  You might be surprised at how much you enjoy it!
Posted 3/13/2012  10:00:00 AM By: Jen Mueller : 23 comments   14,327 views
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If I Can Do a 5K, So Can You

I’m not a 5K kind of girl.  In fact, I use a walker and a wheelchair.  I’m in severe pain most days and not what you would call "sporty."  I do, however like a good challenge.  When I was walking to strengthen my legs, my friend Mccourtt challenged me to walk a 5K.  Well, it was on!  So I set out to walk one.
Cindholm talked to me about pedometers on our first mall walk.  I bought a good one with what I thought was a sturdy bull clip by Omron.  It works very well but does have a tendency to fall off, so I recommend buying the safety strap with clip for it.
I knew I needed help, so my nephew Josh and I would take walks over the summer for training, walker in tow.  He is quite the taskmaster!  I would do anything for him, so when he says he wants to go, I go!  That’s good inspiration.  I would count steps at first--miles were far away.  We rested frequently, as my walker has a seat and I drank a lot of water.
Vettechinhippie helped me train three times a week, walking with my walker through shops and malls.  We did errands, walked all of the aisles of some stores, and took rest breaks frequently.  Eventually my pace got quicker and my legs stronger. Vettechinhippie is a very sweet friend who worked out with me through thick and thin, whether I had a painful day or she had many errands.  We adjusted.
BB_4_ME helped me train in the water and on recumbent machines at the gym to strengthen my muscles.  She is a great source of positive energy.  She is full of ideas and has been through chronic pain herself, so she is familiar with modifying exercise to fit individual needs.
Kind_heart101, my husband, then set up my iPod to do very accurate step, distance, and calorie counting for me.  After seeing how much pain I was being caused by my training, and how tired he got trying to train with me ONE day, he declared I couldn’t do a 5K.  I declared if I did, I got a Tiffany bracelet! 
Posted 11/4/2011  6:00:00 AM By: Beth Donovan : 112 comments   16,681 views
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6 Secrets to Take the Dread Out of the Treadmill

There are two kinds of people in life: those who love the treadmill and those who can't stand it. In case it wasn't already obvious from this blog's title, I'm in the latter group! I will run outdoors in a foot snow, below freezing temperatures, 90-degree heat, and even torrential rain before I will run on the treadmill. But I do draw the line somewhere: ice. When conditions are icy (OK, also if temps hit single digits), I'm not willing to risk injuring myself by running outside. Luckily, this winter has only forced me inside (count 'em) three times, and with spring on the way, I have my fingers crossed that I won't have to use the treadmill again until next year.

Usually, I can only muster about 10 or 15 minutes on the treadmill before boredom wins and I leave the gym feeling frustrated with myself. So I had to come up with some new ways to make the most of the treadmill. And to my surprise: These tactics really worked. I'm not talking about listening to music or watching TV either. If you really want to have fun on the treadmill—or at least pass the time more easily—this is how you do it.
Posted 3/2/2011  6:00:00 AM By: Nicole Nichols : 136 comments   139,860 views
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Walking Speed Could Indicate Life Expectancy

I've never been someone who likes to walk for exercise, mostly because I'm so slow. I'm amazed at people who race walk, since I'm convinced I'd have to break into a jog before I could ever walk that fast. I hope that's not a bad indication of my life expectancy according to new research, which claims the walking speed of older adults could determine how long they live.
Posted 1/28/2011  6:30:33 AM By: Jen Mueller : 77 comments   26,793 views
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5 Miles a Week Protects Brain for 10 Years

Walking is a great form of cardiovascular exercise. It doesn't require any equipment and can be done anywhere, anytime. Walking can help strengthen your heart, but might also sharpen your mind. New research shows that walking could help slow the progression of Alzheimer's or even help prevent onset of the disease in healthy individuals.
Posted 12/31/2010  10:31:56 AM By: Jen Mueller : 50 comments   14,236 views
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Americans Walk Less and Gain More

My daughterís preschool is less than Ĺ mile from our house, so most days (weather permitting), I push my son up in our double stroller to get her. I feel bad enough driving her to school (my kids donít get up early enough to walk in the morning), but I usually try to combine it with other errands so that our environmental impact isnít quite as terrible.
Posted 10/29/2010  10:05:21 AM By: Jen Mueller : 80 comments   15,575 views
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10 Strength Training Exercises for Walkers

Strength training exercises are important for all of us to do, but they can be extremely helpful for walkers since they allow for greater muscle balance, flexibility and range of motion.

Upper body strength training exercises are just as important to incorporate into your workout routine as lower body exercises as they help to build stronger muscles needed to maintain good form and posture when walking, especially when fatigue begins to set in. A strong core also allows for better posture which allows for greater lung expansion so that your body can receive more oxygen with each breath.

Posted 10/27/2010  2:00:00 PM By: Nancy Howard : 25 comments   29,759 views
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Capitol Hill Takes on a Walking Challenge

So who doesn't like a challenge? We, here at SparkPeople, find that challenges are actually a great motivational tool in helping our members reach their goals. So if SparkPeople members are motivated by the challenges, could this work for our politicians and their staff members in our country's capital? After all, many of us our motivated by the mere thought competing against others which isn't always a bad thing.

Seven weeks ago a competition like no other in Washington, D.C. went out to members of Congress, their staff, as well as the Capitol Police. This friendly competition had nothing to do with political affiliations in the least. The competition you may ask--to see which Capitol Hill team could cover the greatest distance walking over a six week time period commencing on June 16th and ending on July 28th. The reward--the honor of being named the 'Top Walkers on the Hill' and receiving one of two highly sought after Blue Shoe trophies.

Posted 8/4/2010  8:40:43 AM By: Nancy Howard : 38 comments   13,023 views
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8 Ways to Step-Up Your Walking Workouts

Walking is a great form of exercise, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned athlete. It’s cheap. It’s accessible. It doesn’t require any fancy equipment. And it’s something that nearly everyone can do.

Walking is a big part of my own fitness program. In addition to higher-intensity workouts that include running and Spinning, I get out and walk about 4 times per week to shake things up and get a little active recovery. Bonus: In addition to elevating your heart rate and increasing circulation, walking at a brisk pace can burn up to 300 calories per hour!

When you’re new to fitness, walking is a great way to start. But as you get fitter, can you still make walking work for you without turning into a runner? You bet! Here are some of my top recommendations to step-up the intensity of your walks.
Posted 7/28/2010  6:00:00 AM By: Nicole Nichols : 69 comments   31,558 views
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Please Put the Cell Phone Down When Driving

Earlier this week I was out for a morning run in my neighborhood--a route I have been running for almost 4 1/2 years now. While many people talk about being a defensive driver, I am proud to say I am a defensive runner. I understand that many drivers do not pay attention to things around them, but this issue becomes more problematic when drivers are too busy talking on their cell phones.

As a runner, I run on against the flow of traffic. I am always aware of my surroundings, especially the traffic running through the neighborhood. I run with only one ear piece so that I can hear sounds around me. I always stop at cross walks, being sure to look both ways before proceeding. And I make sure that I can be seen by others by donning a neon yellow hat and many times a neon tech shirt with reflectors on the sleeves.

Posted 6/19/2010  3:36:56 PM By: Nancy Howard : 181 comments   15,243 views
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Bring Your Walking Shoes to Work on Wednesday

How many of you use your lunch break to go out to eat with your co-workers, run errands, get your hair done or even catch up on some much needed work?

What if you took a little time away from your desk to lace up your shoes to go on a nice walk with your co-workers?

On Wednesday, April 28th people across the United States and Puerto Rico are being encouraged to use their lunch break to celebrate the 4th Annual National Walk @ Lunch Day by using this time to walk--to just get up and move. In a world where time is a premium, we must learn new ways of integrating activity into our day and this may very well be a start.

Posted 4/24/2010  12:03:58 PM By: Nancy Howard : 182 comments   18,493 views
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For Exercise Buddies, Four Legs are Better than Two

I have been a lover of animals ever since I was a tiny tot. We grew up with cats, a bird and a handful of goldfish for pets, but I never experienced the joy of dog ownership until I was in college and my roommate got a miniature daschund that I helped care for. I would feed her, play with her, take her out in the middle of the night, and take her on long walks each day when my roommate was away at work or class. It took dedication, work, and an adjustment to my schedule, but I loved that dog, and the benefits of her companionship made it all worth it. When my roommate and I went our separate ways, I knew I would have a dog of my own someday, but not until I was ready to adjust my routine and lifestyle to best accommodate the dog's needs.

However, things don't always go according to plan. Just a few weeks ago, my fiancé, Evan, found a stray dog near our home. It's not uncommon for us to chase down stray dogs, check for tags, or keep them in our fenced-in backyard until we can find their owners, so I didn't think much of it. But no one was looking for this dog that was very underweight and seemingly untrained, and by the time he had moved her from the backyard to our basement, I had a feeling she was here to stay. I wasn't sure that we had the time to care for a dog. I had always envisioned getting one in the future, maybe if I stayed at home or worked part time—not while we each worked full-time and part-time jobs that keep us away from home for long hours. After much planning, research and discussion, we adopted Ginger. My how our lives have changed over the last few weeks…
Posted 3/24/2010  6:00:00 AM By: Nicole Nichols : 171 comments   24,648 views
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