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Poll: How Do You Eat on Thanksgiving?

What's your eating style on the big day? Do you eat with restraint or overboard? Do you have seconds or stick with one helping? Do you skip dessert or sample a bit of everything?
Posted 11/23/2011  6:00:00 PM By: Stepfanie Romine : 28 comments   12,733 views
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Poll: Will You Make Time for Fitness before You Feast?

Do you plan to move your feet before you eat on Thanksgiving? Share your holiday exercise goal to stay accountable!
Posted 11/23/2011  8:00:00 AM By: Nicole Nichols : 141 comments   17,408 views
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Poll: When Did You Last Change Your Workout Routine?

Just how ''routine'' should your workout routine be? When was the last time you tried a new workout or mixed things up?
Posted 9/28/2011  6:00:00 AM By: Nicole Nichols : 45 comments   12,741 views
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Poll: Why Do You Really Want to Lose Weight?

If you're struggling to stick with your healthy lifestyle, you could be focusing on the wrong kind of goals...
Posted 8/31/2011  2:00:00 PM By: Nicole Nichols : 98 comments   22,853 views
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Poll: Would You Exercise if You Didn't Think You Had To?

I'm one of those crazy people who likes to exercise, but I know that not everyone shares my same feelings. If you didn't think you had to exercise, would you?
Posted 6/23/2011  2:07:59 PM By: Jen Mueller : 125 comments   26,739 views
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Poll: Do You Judge Other People's Grocery Carts?

Be honest: Do you ever look at other people's food purchases and judge them--or feel superior about your own?
Posted 5/6/2011  6:00:02 AM By: Nicole Nichols : 152 comments   26,133 views
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Poll: 5 Footwear Trends for 2011, Which One(s) Have You Tried?

Last month the American College of Sports Medicine released its top five list of footwear trends for 2011. Which one have you tried or would be willing to try?
Posted 5/3/2011  6:00:37 AM By: Nancy Howard : 46 comments   17,590 views
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Poll: Do You Buy More Casual or Dressy Clothes?

This former clotheshorse now loathes shopping and wears workout gear any chance she gets. How about you?
Posted 4/25/2011  6:00:57 PM By: Stepfanie Romine : 76 comments   18,980 views
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Poll: Are You a Picky Eater?

Coach Denise considers herself a picky eater, but is trying to be more adventurous. Do you consider yourself to be a picky eater or do you have any foods that you just won't eat?
Posted 4/1/2011  12:00:43 PM By: Denise Tausig : 110 comments   25,051 views
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Poll: How Do You Splurge on a Budget?

Is your life becoming too frugal and not enough fun? Here are some ways to indulge on the cheap!
Posted 3/11/2011  10:00:00 AM By: Nicole Nichols : 175 comments   27,609 views
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Poll: Would You Support an Employer Ban on Smokers?

Hospitals and medical businesses in a number of states are adopting policies to turn away applicants who smoke. Is that going too far?
Posted 3/1/2011  11:12:06 AM By: Jen Mueller : 233 comments   24,768 views
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Poll: Are You Gym-o-Phobic?

Have you ever felt like you need to lose weight before you join a gym, but that you need to join the gym in order to lose weight?
Posted 2/11/2011  10:14:06 AM By: Nicole Nichols : 76 comments   20,186 views
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Poll: Does the Weather Affect Your Motivation to Exercise?

I can't say I love running in a sauna or a blizzard, but those things never kept me from activity- until this year.
Posted 2/1/2011  10:34:14 AM By: Jen Mueller : 75 comments   27,446 views
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Jillian Michaels to Leave ‘Biggest Loser’; Will You Still Watch?

Last week, Jillian Michaels revealed that the next season of "The Biggest Loser" will be her last. Will you still tune in?
Posted 12/14/2010  9:28:18 AM By: Jen Mueller : 149 comments   25,340 views
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Poll: Do You Count Calories on Thanksgiving?

Do you bend the rules on Thanksgiving, or do you continue to track your calories?
Posted 11/25/2010  5:01:55 AM By: Stepfanie Romine : 40 comments   13,315 views
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