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The Natural Benefits of Ginger

Ginger is both delicious and good for you! This post takes a look at the top benefits of Ginger.
Posted 7/28/2015  9:00:00 AM By: SparkPeople Guest Blogger : 14 comments   32,445 views
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Nutrition 101: Is Beet Juice the Next Super Food?

Does beet juice provide any nutritional benefits for you?
Posted 8/20/2009  6:00:00 AM By: Tanya Jolliffe : 121 comments   109,965 views
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Nutrition 101: What Is Crystalline Fructose?

Crystalline fructose has been around for about 20 years and today can be found in many products. Is it a better sweetener choice?
Posted 5/25/2009  7:00:00 AM By: Tanya Jolliffe : 41 comments   82,644 views
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Folic Acid Important for Health

Getting enough folic acid is important and recommended. Can it be harmful to get too much?
Posted 5/14/2009  1:00:09 PM By: Tanya Jolliffe : 48 comments   34,750 views
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Nutrition 101: Are You Overdoing the Zinc?

Zinc is an important nutrient to include in your diet every day. But what if you are getting too much?
Posted 5/7/2009  1:00:00 PM By: Tanya Jolliffe : 64 comments   89,539 views
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Nutrition 101: How Smart is the New 'Smart Choices' Program

There is a new voluntary "front-of-packaging" nutrition labeling program. It is intended to help shoppers make healthier food choices. Will it?
Posted 11/10/2008  6:00:00 AM By: Tanya Jolliffe : 54 comments   16,385 views
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Nutrition 101: There's a New Super Food in Town!

This new super food is pretty to look at, interesting to eat and distinctive in taste. What is it?
Posted 11/5/2008  6:00:00 PM By: Tanya Jolliffe : 98 comments   18,277 views
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Nutrition 101: Cranberries – Full of Health Benefits or Just a Holiday Tradition?

During the holiday season, many people enjoy cranberries as part of their gatherings. Have you ever wondered if cranberries are healthy or just part of the tradition?
Posted 10/27/2008  6:00:00 AM By: Tanya Jolliffe : 61 comments   10,404 views
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How Misleading is the Term 'Processed Food'?

Did you know there was more than one type of processed food? Learn how to select the healthier option.
Posted 10/13/2008  11:00:00 AM By: Tanya Jolliffe : 42 comments   6,939 views
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Nutrition 101: How a Fat-Free Diet is Keeping You from Getting the Most from Your Food

Is a fat-free diet providing you with as many benefits as you thought? As it turns out, you need fat to fully process some nutrients.
Posted 9/22/2008  1:00:00 PM By: Tanya Jolliffe : 48 comments   15,768 views
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What Do the Dates on Food Packages Mean?

Do you pay much attention to the dates on your food packages? Should you?
Posted 9/15/2008  1:00:00 PM By: Tanya Jolliffe : 50 comments   11,667 views
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Nutrition 101: What’s the Shake on Sea Salt?

We hear about sea salt more and more. What makes it different?
Posted 9/1/2008  9:51:39 AM By: Tanya Jolliffe : 108 comments   15,839 views
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Nutrition 101: What are Omega 9's?

What is oleic acid and how does a movie and music relate to it?
Posted 8/18/2008  7:00:00 AM By: Tanya Jolliffe : 41 comments   18,990 views
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