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Overwhelmed by Starfish

Editor's Note: At the Spark Your Life Convention in Cincinnati this fall, we were lucky enough to hear from a panel of talented, inspiring and successful members. One member in particular stole our hearts. The video of her story, along with some of her best one-liners can be found here. She wanted to share this essay.

by Beth Donovan (~INDYGIRL)

So many times Iíve started the new year with hope and aspirations to really change my life for good this year. All it is going to take is some willpower and a can-do attitude until Iím on top of the world. Itís maybe a few weeks or months until I realize that a life overhaul is very strenuous and takes more energy than I can afford with the rest of life banging on the door. Family and job take priority and soon I find myself slacking on exercise and recharging my batteries on vending machine fare. Career, family, dealing with life and emotions all take over my best laid plans. I know I have to do something. So, sometimesÖ most times, Iíve done nothing.

What if it were hot and dry, and water were scarce? If I set a bowl outside, it would collect water from eventual rain. That bowl would be filled--it would be filled by lots of tiny raindrops. Raindrops are pretty small things, but they could make a big impact on someoneís thirst if collected.

The question is: ďDo I want to set my bowl outside?Ē
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An Uphill Battle to Cross the Finish Line, But I Wasn't Alone

If you've been following my blogs for awhile, then you know that I started running about seven months ago. I began by running a mile just to see whether I could, which, for someone who formerly ran only when chased (and how often do you think I was chased? Um, never!), this was quite a feat.

I kept running not so much because I liked it, but because it was an effective form of cardio that, on weekends, allowed me to work out without driving to the gym. (My gym is convenient because it's close to work, but it's 12 miles from home, and I prefer to walk and bike on the weekends.)

So on Saturday mornings, I would wake up at 7, run around downtown Cincinnati for about 2 miles, then run to the farmers market. I'd arrive, sweaty and red-faced, buy my fruits and vegetables and walk home (getting a strength workout in as well--I buy A LOT of produce each week!). I covered about 4 miles, 3 of which were spent running. I am usually busy from Friday night through Sunday night, so any time I can multitask, I do.

Then, I had a change in plans one week and needed to miss my favorite Spinning class. Instead of skipping cardio for the day, I rose early and ran. I had so much energy that day, and I decided to keep running a couple of times a week.

I had no intention of running hills (painful and no fun, I thought), and though I had vaguely set a goal to run a 5K "sometime," I wasn't training for one.

Enter, our resident running coach, Nancy, who could sell milk to a dairy farmer. And now read the story of how I ran my first 5K, with the company and support of SparkPeople to guide me!
Posted 9/30/2009  3:21:22 PM By: Stepfanie Romine : 117 comments   15,067 views
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