When It Comes To Holiday Gifts, Don't Forget About Yourself!


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If you're like me, you've got a Christmas shopping list that you're slowly chipping away at as the 25th approaches. My planner has a list names with notes next to each one- what I've gotten already, what I still need to get, and a few with question marks (which means I have no clue what to get them.) But one person that's missing from the list is myself. It's easy to get so busy that we forget that we deserve a treat now and then, too.

Consumer Reports has published a list of 12 gifts to give yourself. I love this idea for a few reasons: The items are a wide range of prices, so depending on what you want to spend you can get something for as little as $10 or less. (That's helpful at this time of year when money can be tight.) Personally, I reference Consumer Reports frequently before making big purchases, so I trust their advice. And this list has a health theme, to keep you feeling your best inside and out.

Here are a couple of my favorites from their list:

Some inexpensive home fitness equipment. You don't need expensive gym memberships or fancy equipment to get a workout at home. A stability ball, resistance band and pair of dumbbells can give you enough variety to keep your workouts challenging and interesting. Need ideas for exercises to do? Check out SparkPeople's exercise demos. The majority of them can be done from the comfort of your own home.

Sunglasses. A good pair of shades can make you look stylish at anytime of year, but they also protect your eyes. Sunglasses keep out vision-damaging UV radiation, so take some time to find the right pair for you.

So whether it's a gift you buy for yourself or just a little time you take to relax, make the most of the holidays this year.

Seasons Greeetings!

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  • 69
    theres a few things i wish i could get to take care of myself but any extra money we have goes towards other peoples gifts. including my boyfriends. but i also know im never going to get the things i really want because people keep getting me gifts that are for me as a part of a couple. they get me mixing bowls for the kitchen, pans, cookbooks. all great things and i can really use them but it would be nice if i could get a gift that was specifically for me. something i would love and can use special for me. but i cant say anything to anyone or i sound ungrateful which im not. i just want someone to think of me as a person not a couple. - 11/27/2012   3:10:27 PM
  • 68
    This year I bought myself a new coat and a new pair of boots. It was a good thing too! Two days after purchasing the boots we had over 2' of snow hit my area. I would have been crying if I had to take out my dog in 2' of snow in either ballet flats or my one pair of sneakers. - 1/8/2010   11:50:12 AM
  • 67
    I bought myself Wii fit plus! I have had the best time with it!! Also shared hours of fun with my grandkids! Was worth the money for sure!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR AND YOU EVERYONE!!! - 1/3/2010   12:14:48 PM
  • 66
    Santa always stocks my stuffing with every thing I want. I wonder how he knows??? :) - 12/23/2009   1:13:46 PM
  • 65
  • 64
    I order myself a new calendar every year. I always buy new calendars for my DH and the kids, but I like to pick out my own each year. - 12/21/2009   10:49:40 AM
  • 63
    I bought myself the pedal exerciser so I can get in some extra leg exercise. - 12/21/2009   10:17:56 AM
  • 62
    I bought myself the Sparkpeople Balance Board and it arrived yesterday. It is a lot hard to stand on it than it looks! LOL!
    I also just happened to get new prescription glasses and sunglasses, and spent more time finding a more "designer" pair of sunglasses hoping that that will make me wear them more! And I finally thought to buy myself some nice regular sunglasses to wear when I'm wearing my contacts. - 12/20/2009   5:12:50 PM
  • 61
    Good blog - 12/20/2009   3:51:59 PM
    Oh, Santa's already bringing me a new yoga mat and a new sports bra for Christmas. (I got a treadmill and wireless headphones for my birthday last month.) I've got to take care of myself, because no one else will. - 12/20/2009   3:17:59 PM
  • 59
    Good blog! I think women especially make sure to take care of everyone else and tend to leave themselves off the list. I am getting better at including myself as I get older, but if there is nothing that I really want or need, I gift myself with "Me Time." Getting a new book and allowing myself extra time to read (and maybe even slip in a little nap!) is very decadent and luxurious. If I take the time to throw in a bubble bath, too, I think that I have died and gone to Heaven! I have to remind myself that I am better able to take care of the important people in my life if I have taken care of myself. Thanks for that reminder! - 12/20/2009   2:06:52 PM
  • 58
    I had forgotten about me! Now I'm thinking about what I would use... - 12/20/2009   1:14:04 PM
  • 57
    My husband & I both bought ourselves gifts this year. I have a new camera that I have wanted for a long time. - 12/20/2009   11:54:55 AM
  • 56
    I usually buy myself a little something to put in my stocking from Santa; this year I bought a really cool notebook to write in that has the spiral at the top of the book and the sheets tear off so there's no messy schnivlets. I cannot wait to use it! - 12/20/2009   7:43:02 AM
  • 55
    Mine was some new clothes! Just in time for New Years too! :D - 12/20/2009   2:40:16 AM
    My husband and I went out of town for a couple of days. That was our Christmas to each other. - 12/20/2009   12:19:17 AM
  • 53
    great ideas, but as far as my bod goes I love Golds Gym
    it has all the things i need to keep mt going towards my goal
    as far as munchies are concerned I have seen the smart food popcorn clusters
    and are going to try them soon. - 12/19/2009   8:52:45 PM
  • 52
    Great ideas! - 12/19/2009   5:15:44 PM
  • 51
    Great list! Thanks for the link to that article. - 12/19/2009   4:19:10 PM
  • 50
    i will buy myself something probably the camera i want and some new DVDs to work out with - 12/19/2009   1:12:55 PM
    My gift to me is a long slow soak in the tub, with bubbles and a racy novel on Christmas Eve Day. It carries me through the time until Boxing Day when I repeat as needed. - 12/19/2009   11:52:39 AM
  • 48
    I have a regular schedule that I see a message therapist, but decided to schedule an extra session to celebrate my birthday this week. My therapist said he'd add in extra time for free as a present for me, so I will get a double present for myself! - 12/19/2009   10:30:28 AM
  • 47
    Oh YES I always get myself something for B-day & xmas.. THANKS!! - 12/19/2009   10:12:05 AM
    I always try to get myself something nice both for Christmas and for my birthday. I try to make it not something that is part of the normal budget, but is something special for me. Previous years, it's been a sweater or shirt that I've really wanted. This year, it was an inexpensive netbook and a wireless printer, both items that I really wanted but had trouble justifying as part of the budget. - 12/19/2009   10:06:46 AM
  • 45
    I buy myself something every year.... How can you not with those sales.....lol - 12/19/2009   9:55:51 AM
  • SUNSET09
    I believe in buying myself something as this way, I get what I want and feel better about working, not just to pay bills. Also, I'm working on my life list, not a bucket list as life is too short not to do or get things that make life more enjoyable. I thank God for allowing me to be able to do and to enjoy the life that I have! It is a gift within itself. Enjoy this holiday season and remember the reason! - 12/19/2009   9:35:32 AM
  • 43
    I may buy myself a manicure. It will make me feel so much better and a boost in self esteem. - 12/19/2009   8:40:19 AM
  • 42
    I purchased myself some new exercise DVDs - 12/19/2009   8:35:35 AM
  • 41
    When I get home from shopping and look through my purchases there is usually something for me in there. So many sales!! - 12/19/2009   8:32:44 AM
  • 40
    I don't really want to buy myself anything, but I know for sure I need to "gift" myself with some relaxing ME-time! Yesterday I got a little dose of that, going out snowshoeing with the whole trail to myself in the gorgeous sunshine. Today, I think I'm going to treat my feet after a long day of errands and cleaning and working out. - 12/19/2009   8:01:54 AM
  • 39
    I normally never buy myself gifts. While ordering from Bath and Body Works for one of my daughters for Christmas I ordered some for me too. Looking forward to my extended showers or just relaxing in the garden tub with my favorite scents. A wonderful treat for me after a day of factory work. : ) - 12/19/2009   5:20:07 AM
  • 38
    I am so practical, I am hard to buy for ... even myself. I will definitely take a look at this list. - 12/19/2009   4:16:02 AM
  • 37
    Thanks for the inspiration! - 12/19/2009   4:14:53 AM
  • 36
    I signed up for a Zumba class. Looks like kick-butt fun, was not expensive throught the Dept of Rec and Parks and is only a block or so from my house, so the excuses to not go will be minimized! - 12/19/2009   1:53:28 AM
  • 35
    I buy myself cross stitch goodies - 12/19/2009   1:29:11 AM
  • 34
    it's a good idea to remember self. It's the easiest one to forget - 12/19/2009   12:52:52 AM
  • 33
    Thank you for reminding us all to treat ourselves also at the holidays. My treat to myself is going to be a jump rope. I found a jump rope challenge on the site a few nights ago and decided I was going to give it a try.
    Here's to Happy Jumping ! - 12/18/2009   7:34:28 PM
  • 32
    I splurged and bought vegan candy from VegNews.com! - 12/18/2009   5:35:24 PM
  • 31
    I love buying/giving gifts to others, since I love the joy that my thoughtfulness can bring them (I try really hard to be a good gift-giver). I am, however, definitely a believer in self-gifting.

    While buying items for a Hannukah party raffle and gifts for family on my favorite site to find gifts on the web, I decided that I could purchase a few things on sale that I'd had my eye on. So I got a Hannukah gift (a necklace that I like even more in person than in the picture!), a "karma" bracelet (it's actual name), which for me will function as a reminder of thoughtful living, specifically that I need to focus on not only being a nice, good person (what you send out into the world comes back to you, I hope and believe), but that I need to really focus myself on studying for the state bar (what studying I do will come back to me in the form of a passing score).

    I also bought another necklace. It was more of a just-because gift . . . sometimes people in our lives need those. And sometimes we should be those people! - 12/18/2009   5:12:07 PM
    I usually buy myself something every year. I'm just as important as everybody else on my list. - 12/18/2009   4:11:46 PM
  • 29
    A wonderful idea. No guilt here; just no money. Soooo I had my granddaughter wrap a couple of things I found I hadn't used (and now will) just for me from me!!! LOL - 12/18/2009   3:52:39 PM
  • 28
    I tell myself I don't need anything, but is that really true? I enjoy making jewelry, so I ordered some pretty beads and made a bracelet and pair of earrings to wear with a favorite sweater. I also ordered some nice body oil to put on after my shower to keep my skin soft this winter. - 12/18/2009   2:33:46 PM
  • 27
    I did buy myself a few things this year. I didn't before and I even feel guilty, but for many years I always did without. I really felt bad about the $96.00 pair of sneakers I bought, but I am having so much trouble with my feet and heels that I hope they help. My daughter is a new mom this year and she brought everything to light when she commented " I didn't realize how much you gave up and did without until I had my own baby. This came with a big hug and thank you. It made it all worth it. - 12/18/2009   2:07:31 PM
  • 26
    i bought myself "THE SPARK" on amazon along with a food scale. i can't hardly wait for the january 4th delivery date for them to arive. i am so looking forward to reading THE SPARK and using a food scale will ensure i am really getting the real portions to eat. - 12/18/2009   1:51:35 PM
    I bought myself a couple of books and DVDs for the holiday ! I love treating myself at this time of year.

    PS - there are things I'd like now, but I can wait for them to go on sale. never pay retail. - 12/18/2009   1:41:03 PM
  • 24
    This is something I did this year; as I've been out shopping for others I've picked up a few things for myself. Nothing really expensive, except for one thing that I had a credit that I was able to use and I've been wanting for well over a year. Some of the things I want are so obscure that it would be really difficult to explain to someone else what it is, much less where to get it! - 12/18/2009   1:30:28 PM
  • 23
    I think I will wait a few more weeks and then go and buy myself a new outfit. I am waiting as I know that a few more lbs. will make a big difference in size. I am not a big shopper but I'm looking forward to it. - 12/18/2009   1:28:26 PM
  • 22
    Thanks Jen!
    I was feeling a tad guilty about just having gotten myself a few things ... fantastic sale, a smaller size and now NO guilt!
    I'm worth it, right!?!?!! - 12/18/2009   1:23:18 PM
  • 21
    I don't buy myself Christmas gifts, I would rather give to others. However, my Christmas present to myself is my health. I stay dedicated & focused to my health even during the holiday season & the rest of my year is better because of it. That is the best gift aside from time with family & friends. - 12/18/2009   12:47:04 PM
  • 20

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