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We're hungry… for your input about food and cooking. (I know, I know, lame joke!) Seriously, though, here at SparkPeople, we're constantly working to create new and better content, features, and tools to make healthy living easier and more fun for you--and for us!

Food is an important part of life. It unites, it nourishes, and it fuels. We want to know more about your eating and cooking habits. What's for dinner? What about breakfast?

What are your challenges at the supermarket and in the kitchen? Which meals do you make again and again? Do you fight with the kids to eat their Brussels sprouts, or are your little ones arguing over who gets the last serving of broccoli? (Moms, you can dream, right?)

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Thank you in advance for your assistance!

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    I didn't fill out the survey because it wanted me to login. I am not signing up for something just to fill out a survey. - 5/22/2012   7:08:11 AM
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    I did fill out the survey, very interesting. I agree with Ruth, on any given day, supper may take 45 minutes, up to much more than that..depending on what I cook. - 4/25/2012   6:11:56 PM
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    Filled it out. - 4/23/2012   8:07:01 PM
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    It was hard to answer the question about how long I take to prepare each meal. I do batch cooking for lunches & suppers, so I answered in reference to my weekly cooking, not the quick additions or the time it takes to heat one meal's portion. I certainly wouldn't be able to spend 20-30 minutes on my lunch & 45 minutes on my supper each day! But it's really hard to frame a question in a way that would cover all the options. - 4/23/2012   11:42:26 AM

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