Special Deal: 15% Off Gnu Bars for dailySpark Readers


By: , SparkPeople Blogger

Last month we reviewed Gnu Bars, the snack bars with 50% of your daily fiber.

The folks at Gnu read our review--and your comments--and they decided to extend a special offer to dailySpark readers!

From now through June 30, 2009, get 15% OFF when you purchase any Gnu Bar 5-packs, 16-packs and single bars online at www.GnuFoods.com.

Just enter the SPARKPEOPLE in the Coupon Code box on the Review and Submit Your Order Page during checkout.

Gnu says that the SPARKPEOPLE offer cannot be combined with any other offer and cannot be used towards the Joy of Fiber Program or the Five Bar Flavor Sampler orders.

Will you be ordering Gnu bars?

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    I just ordered the sample package. I suffer from IBS and they were recommended to help. I ordered directly from the website and I believe I saw a link for customers in Canada too. - 10/14/2010   9:04:50 PM
    I can't eat these... my doctor has me on too stick of a carb intake. They would be a whole meal... and I can't see eating just a fiber bar for a whole meal. I'd rather have my full plate of good stuff... Too bad they aren't lower in carbs... Oh well. - 5/4/2009   11:08:51 AM
  • 50
    I'd try them because they are healthier than the 100 calorie bars I'm eating now. Unfortunately this offer isn't available to us in Canada. Anyone in Canada happen to know if we can find them elsewhere? - 4/17/2009   2:06:05 PM
  • 49
    I received the bars today and tried one of them, taste pretty good and they seem to be working very well. I will have to ponder on the problem, if there is any. - 4/17/2009   12:51:18 AM
  • 48
    I ordered the 5 bar sampler and tried the Orange Cranberry and Chocolate Brownie so far. Loved the Orange Cranberry (although it is super orangey), was kind of meh on the Chocolate Brownie (if I want chocolate I will just eat chocolate! LOL...just tasted like a cocoa flavored health bar and nothing special). I was consdering signing up for their delivery program since I could see using these as an afternoon snack at work but with shipping it came out to over $3 a bar that way!!! Holy Crapola!! I shop at Trader Joe's weekly so I think I will just start picking them up there now that I know I enjoy them. Thanks for the heads up though, wouldn't have tried them if I didn't see it on here :) - 4/15/2009   11:19:54 AM
  • 47
    A very thoughtful offer. I bought some Chocolate, Raisin and Peanut Butter Bars. I'm always on the lookout for new ways to get my fiber. - 4/14/2009   2:45:57 PM
  • 46
    "Gnu says that the SPARKPEOPLE offer cannot be combined with any other offer and cannot be used towards the Joy of Fiber Program or the Five Bar Flavor Sampler orders."

    I'll try the bars sure.. the sampler is a little much for 5 bars and free ground shipping.. my TJ's is a bit further than I'm willing to go for just these bars.. I will probably get the banana or one of the other flavors so I can use the 15% off.

    - 4/11/2009   2:57:51 PM
  • 45
    nope, I can't eat products with that much added fiber! I'm already getting about 45-55 grams a day, just eating healthier! - 4/11/2009   1:02:41 PM
  • 44
    I buy a VERY large container of Psyllium Husks at the Health Food Store. I mix 4 teaspoons in a cup of no-salt broth, and I drink it down, and I get 28 grams of fiber for a total of 80 calories, since 1 tsp of fiber has 15 calories. That makes sure I get my fiber each day. I use the broth because I don't like mixing it in plain water. - 4/11/2009   12:19:33 AM
  • 43
    Why pay so much for a chew granola bar that has 12g of fiber when you can get 10g of fiber in a granola bar available under the Kellog All bran label?

    Or how about the Fiber One chewy granola bar that has 9g of fiber?

    For a package of five or six I pay $4 (sometimes less than that) whereas I have seen this GNU bars in the Trader Joe's store for $1.69 each. - 4/10/2009   11:54:23 PM
  • 42
    I ordered a sampler set, it sounds interesting. Jolette - 4/10/2009   11:12:35 PM
  • 41
    Thanks for the info, I will be ordering some. - 4/10/2009   8:23:43 PM
  • CYND59
    I already order these so knowing I get 15% off is a bonus for me. Thanks! - 4/10/2009   6:38:02 PM
  • 39
    We have Trader Joe's too. But, 15% off comes to the same $1.69 with free shipping on sample 5 bars which I wanted to try. I want to be loyal to spark since sparkpeople is free, I wanted to order....however, despite entering sparkpeople, I did not get any discouts:( So, I will pick it up on my next trip to Trader joe's! - 4/10/2009   3:57:40 PM
    Thanks Brutus. I'll be swinging by a Trader Joe's in Masison Wisconsin on Monday. - 4/10/2009   2:30:04 PM
  • 37
    Just to let everyone know, they are only $1.69 a bar at Trader Joe's. - 4/10/2009   1:57:53 PM
  • 36
    I've been wanting to try these anyway, but have been moving - so today (now that we're semi-settled!) I did order 2 5-packs - one of the oatmeal raisin and one of the peanut butter. Usually I eat Odwalla Bars, but I wanted to give these a try. Can't wait to see how they taste! - 4/10/2009   12:27:03 PM
  • 35
    Yes, I'm going to order today. I have been looking for them since your story and have not found them in my local stores. - 4/10/2009   12:09:55 PM
  • 34
    Not sure if i will try them or not - 4/10/2009   10:46:21 AM
  • 33
    I really wanted to participate in this opportunity. I went to the website, saw all the flavors, knew which ones I wanted. I added them to my cart and proceeded to fill in all the information and password, as their drop down menus included Canada and my province. Yay...I'll be able to order online. Hit continue and what pops up? A screen that tells me that they can not ship to my country! How absolutely disappointing. Why would they have a choice of countries and provinces in their drop down menus if they can't ship here. I'm so disappointed. Once again, we are excluded from participating in these opportunities that Sparkpeople issues. Sigggghhhhhh. - 4/10/2009   10:18:45 AM
    Good marketing. I will give them a try. - 4/10/2009   10:17:04 AM
    Sounds Good I think I will try them. I am so glad I am a part of Spark People! - 4/10/2009   9:49:23 AM
    I may try them - 4/10/2009   9:38:03 AM
  • 29
    I've been buying these at Trader Joes for a little over a year???? My 13 yr old son loves these things..chocolate brownie one. I actually haven't had one yet. I buy them for the kids because sometimes their diet is less than pleasing. The kids love them though. I'll have to check out the deal from SP!
    thankyou!! - 4/10/2009   9:27:17 AM
  • 28
    I just checked the website, and I was pleasantly surprised that they're not too pricey (a little less than $2 a bar). I was thinking of getting the 5-pack sampler, but I probably won't since we have some medical bills to pay. But even without the discount, I'd buy these bars as a treat to myself. - 4/10/2009   9:02:46 AM
  • 27
    Sounds interesting! I may check them out! :) - 4/10/2009   8:58:44 AM
  • 26
    I will have to check them out. I am going to see if my health food store carries them. - 4/10/2009   8:42:06 AM
  • 25
    Not sure if I'll try them or not. - 4/10/2009   8:34:25 AM
  • 24
    Thanks to your review, I heard about these great bars (vegan too!). Terrific source of fiber and relatively low fat. But too bad it doesn't apply to their "joy of fiber" program. I'm a subscriber! :o) - 4/10/2009   1:21:37 AM
  • 23
    Hey, I'm willing to give it a try. LOVE a bargain and it's healthy! Yeah! - 4/10/2009   1:20:52 AM
  • 22
    I've already been buying gnu bars from my local grocery store and will definitely take advantage of this offer. - 4/10/2009   1:14:40 AM
  • 21
    Will you be ordering Gnu bars? nope - 4/9/2009   11:22:45 PM
    - 4/9/2009   11:12:18 PM
  • 19
    wouldn't buy them !! - 4/9/2009   8:57:05 PM
  • 18
    Good info but nah... not gonna to buy any. - 4/9/2009   8:22:10 PM
    Unfortunately they don't ship to Canada so I am out of luck as far as trying them unless they have them in the stores here. - 4/9/2009   7:17:29 PM
  • 16
    I will try and order it if I get my finances strightened out in time. - 4/9/2009   6:32:57 PM
    It works on the five packs but not the samplers. The blog explains that. :) - 4/9/2009   6:24:50 PM
  • 14
    Yep, I was just going to order some also, but the "sparkpeople" did not work. I always like to try different bars, especially when there is a discount or sale. :) - 4/9/2009   6:07:53 PM
  • 13
    Yay - I eat one of these bars every single day - this will help! - 4/9/2009   4:57:59 PM
  • 12
    I have just attempted to apply this discount code to my order for a 5-bar sampler. I got a message that this code does not apply to this product. I've sent an e-mail asking for clarification because that's directly contradictory to what is quoted in this blog. I ordered the sampler pack anyway because I've been wanting to try them and the free shipping is nice. - 4/9/2009   4:45:02 PM
    I just tried these bars at Whole Foods and they are awesome. They're sweet enough that I feel like I'm eating dessert but they're high in fiber and they don't have a ton of sugar or fat! So far we tried the Cinnamon Raisin and the Chocolate Brownie Bar and they were both good (but the Cinnamon Raisin was better, huge surprise!). I'll be interested to see their website. - 4/9/2009   4:04:59 PM
  • BREN0412
    I'll have to check out the prices first but sounds like a good offer. - 4/9/2009   3:55:31 PM
  • 9
    I tried them and didn't like them so even with 15%off, I will not be buying them!!! - 4/9/2009   3:53:52 PM
  • 8
    Will need to check these out more before I would consider buying them. - 4/9/2009   3:48:56 PM
  • 7
    I may or I may not! - 4/9/2009   3:45:03 PM
  • 6
    That's nice of them. I've met one of the proprietors at a tasting, and all that I've read on them seems like they're reasonable people. Thumbs up! - 4/9/2009   2:43:03 PM
  • 5
    That's nice of them. I've met one of the proprietors at a tasting, and all that I've read on them seems like they're reasonable people. Thumbs up! - 4/9/2009   2:43:03 PM
  • EDEN30
    Maybe some time in the future but not right now. They sound interesting - 4/9/2009   2:35:29 PM
  • 3
    Very generous offer - after the holiday. - 4/9/2009   2:29:36 PM

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