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There are at least 62 million cases of the common cold every year, but you can avoid it. Barbara Doty, MD, a doctor in Wasilla, AK, and board member of the American Academy of Family Physicians, gives her three surefire ways to stay healthy.
1. Don't Share
It's a no-brainer to keep your lip balm and toothbrush to yourself, but don't feel bad about also saying "no thanks!" to sharing plates of food, drinks, eating utensils and even office equipment (pens, staplers, scissors) to avoid germs this time of year. 
2. Make Sleep a Priority
You need 7 to 8 hours each night year-round, but it's particularly crucial right now because your body needs the time to rejuvenate to fight off any bugs. The more rested you are, the less likely you are to catch a cold.
3. Target Hidden Germ Hot Spots
Yes, you know to wash your hands, but be sure to spend extra time on the areas where germs hide: the backs of your hands, between your fingers and under your nails. Surfaces on and around your thumb and forefinger (the main fingers you use to grasp or touch objects that may be germy) are the most critical areas to scrub.

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  • 10
    Learned some tips yesterday to help prevent viruses. Don,t read magazines in Drs. office, use a paper towel to flush,turn on water tap,open bathroom door. I use my sleeve of sweater or coat to open doors. Use a napkin at resurants to handle items that the public use,menus, including katsup bottles, because then you put fries in your hand to mouth, at least many do. Last if all fails,carry wipes with you.I ALWAYS use the wipes at the store to clean the handle of the cart. wash the hands and keep away from the face.
    Healthy happy day to you all. - 1/17/2013   9:07:37 AM
  • 9
    DACLARK 17
    # 3 covers washing your hands. Did you miss that one? - 12/22/2012   10:38:32 AM
  • 8
    Again we have to click for more from Woman's Day, and it was only one slide...and nothing about washing hands. Really, SP, there has to be a better way to do the blogs....more about the info less about the links - 12/18/2012   8:08:24 AM
  • 7
    I periodically wipe all surfaces with Clorox wipes - doorknobs, appliance handles and even the mailbox. Don't forget your car as well, especially if you have passengers. - 12/18/2012   7:38:28 AM
  • 6
    Ever since I increase my Vitamin D3 for my bones, I have not had a cold. YEARS now. Still have allergies, but no colds, and NO flu shots either. - 12/17/2012   10:43:14 PM
  • 5
    I stopped drinking from public water fountains - and stopped getting colds. (And I taught public school for 25 years!) - 12/17/2012   4:04:59 PM
  • 4
    Left out the most important three:
    Wash your hands. Wash.Your.Hands. WASH YOUR HANDS! - 12/17/2012   11:58:28 AM
  • 3
    Now i just need an article telling me how to reduce sinus swelling--blowing my nose doesn't help at all, and I get this every time the weather gets warmer or colder, no matter what I do to prevent colds! - 12/17/2012   11:51:56 AM
  • 2
    Its too late for me, as i have already have, a Cold/Flu it, has already been going on, for 3.5 weeks & was, made worse when i went, out on Friday morning &, it 'Pissed Down' with Rain, & that has made it, me feel worse !!!! !!!!. - 12/17/2012   8:48:58 AM
  • 1
    I did get a flu shot and i wipe everything down with a germ killer wipe. I wash my hands and try not to touch my face...
    - 12/17/2012   7:47:16 AM

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