Healthy Easter Recipes


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Looking forward to celebrating Easter, but not sure what to serve? We've rounded up a variety of healthy and delicious recipes that will be a welcome addition to the table for Easter dinner (or anytime).

Pineapple and Brown Sugar Glazed Ham

Mustard Glazed Ham

Light and Spicy Scalloped Sweet Potatoes

Cauliflower "Mashed Potatoes"

Glazed Carrots and Sugar Snap Peas

Chef Meg's Deviled Eggs

Stepf's Carrot Cake

If you prefer lamb instead of ham on Easter, then you may want to try one of these lamb recipes.

If you need more vegetable ideas for what to serve with your Easter dinner, then click here to find a variety of ways to make asparagus.

Which of these recipes will you be trying? What is your favorite Easter recipe? What do you typically eat for Easter dinner?

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  • 12
    Cant wait to try these recipes - 4/21/2011   10:17:05 PM
  • 11
    I changed my mind on making Ham got some in freezer already, so I got a large turkey breast and I decided to make it easy on myself and i am using a honey glaze pack from the last ham i bought to put on the turkey breast, and i will slice it thin and we are having Turkey sandwiches, with deviled eggs, salad, chips, and homemade one wants to get too full so thats what we are doing this year. - 4/21/2011   7:36:56 PM
    I will be cooking a ham but I make sure to get the low sodium hams... - 4/21/2011   3:00:34 PM
    I will be cooking a ham but I make sure to get the low sodium hams... - 4/21/2011   3:00:22 PM
  • 8
    the ham with the pineapple and brown sugar has really caught my eye first off - 4/21/2011   2:14:23 PM
  • 7
    I will be trying all of them for sure, I like changing it up sometimes. Thank you for sharing. - 4/21/2011   1:12:03 PM
  • 6
    Just what I was looking for! Thanks - 4/21/2011   12:58:59 PM
  • 5
    I'm doing both a ham and turkey, I am hosting for the whole family. I am going to try the scallop sweet potatoes..sounds good! Happy Easter everyone! - 4/21/2011   7:38:06 AM
  • 4
    Decided to forgo the the ham this year and do turkey breast. - 4/21/2011   5:15:16 AM
  • 3
    We eat spiral cut honey baked ham. Delicious!! - 4/21/2011   2:47:21 AM
  • 2
    We will have ham, and I will try Stepf's Carrot Cake recipe. It looks delicious! Thank you. - 4/20/2011   11:20:31 PM
    I've been tempted to try Chef Megs Deviled Eggs on many a spark "adventures".
    Easter seems to be a good occasion. - 4/20/2011   9:41:43 PM

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